Funny Food

I tried a new recipe today.  The picture of it looked so good and cheesy that I could hardly wait.  It sounded like a sure winner to me.  After all, I am a big fan of the cauliflower mashed potatoes, right?

So right after church I rushed home to make my cauliflower pizza.  Wait.  Before you scoff, go over to Lyn’s blog and look at that picture.  Deliciousness, right?  And that Lyn is one who KNOWS good food.  I have tried quite a few of her recipes, and they have all been good.

So here’s my version of the cauliflower pizza.  I put mushrooms and onions and fresh tomatoes on top and used fresh mozarella cheese (because that’s all I had.)  I grated some mild cheddar for the crust (because that’s all I had.)

Looks good, huh?  Okay, all I’m saying is this.  Sometimes (okay, most of the time) when we make substitutions to make food healthier or less calories, its not gonna taste like the original.  There’s nothing wrong with that.  You just have to suspend your expectations when you try this new food, or you might be disappointed and reject it before you actually realize that Hey, it tastes pretty good. So after I took the first bite, and I rethought the ingredients list for the ‘crust,’ (cauliflower,  egg whites, and cheese,) I realized it tasted just like what I should have expected it to taste like:  a pizza omelette.  It was pretty darn good!  Just not what I was expecting.

Think about some of the other things we (I) eat.  ‘Custard’ oats.  C’mon, its OATMEAL.  Its not that cool smooth creamy concoction that we all know as custard.  Hey, I’m not being critical.  I LOVE my custard oats.  I’m just saying that if someone new goes to try our custard oats, and is thinking CUSTARD, they are likely to be disappointed.

Another example:  spackle.  Well actually, that one has a pretty descriptive name.  But I seem to recall that I compared it to cookie dough.  I actually think it is as good as cookie dough.  But if someone new decides to try my spackle, and is expecting that sugary-buttery-salty concoction commonly known as cookie crack dough, they might not like my spackle.

Anyway, I think this might be an important concept for  anyone intent on changing their diet to healthier food choices.   SUSPEND YOUR EXPECTATIONS.  Like with the cauliflower pizza.  Who said pizza always had to be served on a bread crust?  (Oh, I can hear the comments already.)

I’m feeling pretty chipper after my victorious hike yesterday.  Followed up by a strong workout at the gym before going to church this morning!  Yes indeedy.  And my weight is heading in the right direction, thank you very much.  I’ll let you know the minute I hit 168 again.


12 thoughts on “Funny Food

  1. You make a really good point about “diet” foods. After I saw a bunch of bloggers rave about “green monsters” (fruit smoothies with spinach), I made one and guess what I tasted? Spinach. Blech. I had not idea you could actually TASTE it, lol! So yeah, having lowered expectations would make a difference. I made cauliflower mashed potatoes once…decided that I don’t eat mashed potatoes often enough to substitute, you know?

    For pizza, I go through phases where I eat it quite often, and I usually make it on a flatout wrap. Your topping looked really good!

    • That’s funny–I swear I can’t taste the spinach in my green smoothies! And yeah, I don’t need pizza often enough to keep this on a regular rotation. Not sure I made it clear–after I got over the fact that it didn’t taste like pizza dough, I really liked it. In fact, I ate a third piece. And then was starting on the fourth, so I threw it away…

      • It’s entirely possible that I added way too much spinach to the smoothie – I belong to the “more is better” school of thought, and sometimes get it wrong – shocking, I know! 😉

  2. What a great post – you said this concept, that I’ve been thinking about, so well! I experienced this EXACT thing with two items. First, with the “brownie” recipe made with black beans. My expectations were way too high based on comments on other blogs (both cooking and weight loss blogs) who raved that you couldn’t tell the difference. Well, DUH! Yes, you can tell the difference, but having realized that, I also realized that I really do LIKE the brownies, they are just a bit different. I experienced the exact same thing with kale chips. They are not, nor will they ever be, a substitute for potato chips, but once I got the hang of making them correctly, they have a good taste, quality and “crunch” factor all on their own.

    So your point is so valid and rather than raving about perfect substitutes, we’d probably be more accurate in suggesting we enjoy things on their own merit. I so appreciate those who love to cook and be creative in the kitchen (certainly not ME) coming up with things to try, but they might do the rest of us a better service by always saying “this is good, but it’s NOT the exact same thing and don’t expect it to be.”

    P.S. I’d like to try your pizza!!!

  3. And you’ve hit on the EXACT reason I refuse to make substitutions to some things. If I was to make this I wouldn’t even call it pizza because it isn’t (IMO). I’d probably call it a vegetable torte and enjoy it for what it really is!

  4. Your pizza looks really good, so even if it didn’t taste like a pizza, I’d probably still eat it!! Anything with eggs, cheese, and mozzarella sounds like a winner in my book!! :0)

  5. I have been really wondering about this crust as well after seeing it on the original site last year some time. That is the same woman who did the ooopsie rolls, which are sort of like egg puffs for bread. Not really like bread, but an interesting substitute nonetheless. Which reminds me that I should make some more of those.

    Funny, I actually think custard oats are very custardy with pumpkin or banana in them. The texture is like pudding that way. Different than if I make the oats with the pumpkin or banana and just put in the egg.

    • Oh I agree, Lori–you know I LOOOOVVE my custard oats. I’m just saying if someone took a big bite and was expecting traditional ‘egg custard’ they would be very surprised.

      Oh, that’s interesting about that pizza. Lyn credited an article in the S.F. Examiner, I think. I remember I really liked those oopsie rolls when you mentioned them.

  6. *drooling on keyboard* I’ve always been curious to try that pizza recipe! I had no idea that the egg would make it more like an omelette, but that’s good to know. I will probably try it someday, but I think the Mr. would still prefer our “meatza,” which is more like a casserole than a pizza, but it does have the flavors of pizza without the bread.

    I know what you mean. Some things aren’t quite the same, but I do enjoy the quest for foods that I enjoy as much as or more than (and that give me the same flavors as) the old favorites. I think Georgie gets really close on many of her items – love her coffee cake, for example. And Lori’s protein pancakes/waffles made with peanut flour? Hea-ven-ly!

  7. Oh blimey you’ve put me on your blog roll and now I have no camera to take foodie pics. Sorry. I will get it fixed soon. 😦

    Yes to suspending expectations and yes to enjoying food for what it is.

    An egg white omelette is never going to reach the lofty heights of a three (whole) egg, cheesy omelette, no matter what you throw at it. But I’ve learnt to appreciate the pale version – just never tell me to close my eyes and pretend it’s a real omelette or to embrace it as the real thing. 🙂

    Having said that, there ARE some things that are just as delicious without all the extra hidden calories -eg. something I make often is creamed spinach, but without the cream. It’s ace.

    The downside is that great tasting healthy food usually takes time and effort – it’s far easier to get great flavour with oils, cheeses, creams, butter, sugar….*sigh*

  8. It *looks* tasty (very!), but I learned from the mashed cauliflower that I really don’t like cooked cauliflower. 🙂 I often use tortillas for homemade pizza rolls. I call them pizzaritos. Visually, I expect a Mexican flavor, but the taste satisfies my pizza needs. Yes, “needs”. 🙂

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