Sometimes My Life is not ALL about the Food

Yeah.  Can you believe it?  I’m sure some of you are willing to go back and survey all my posts from the past year, and by percentages prove that yes, indeed, my life does seem to be all about the food.

Well, today is the last day of a whole week of continuous days off.  (Not a vacation, just the way the schedule was made.)  Its been wonderful.  I purposely did not over-commit  this week.  Wanted to try and see if I could be creative.  So look what I did:

NO.  I did not create this whole quilt top in a week.  The central portion* has actually been finished for a couple of years.  Then I got tired of working on it (recurring theme…)  Then I didn’t want to do the original border that was planned.  Then I thought of some alternate borders I could do.   Then I started thirty other projects and I forgot about it for a while.  Periodically I would think about it, come up with various borders that might work.  It is one of the prettiest (and most difficult) quilts I have ever made, so I really did not want to leave it unfinished.

ANYWAY, I got a new tool on my most recent quilt shopping trip.  I thought I might use it to make little stars to go around the border.  First day off this past week I spent cutting up little pieces of fabric.  I made one star with the tool, and knew immediately that it was NOT the look I wanted.  I remembered a different way to make little stars (that I had thought about two years ago) and tried that.  Yes, that was the look I wanted!

Those are the little 'liberated stars' that I chose to do in the border.

Long story short, I have laughingly told myself this week that quilting is no way to make money.  Pretty much it took 4 days to completely finish the border.  We won’t talk about how long the center took.  And now it is only partly through.  Still have to make the quilt sandwich, machine quilt it, and put the binding on.  No mind.  This one’s for me.

This is actually one block of the central part of the quilt.

Also this week I’ve been looking at a book called “The Artist’s Way” which encourages you to journal three pages every morning.  So I’ve dutifully been journaling three pages every morning.  Then I started a new book that I am loving, called “Journey with Jesus.” This book is a workbook on prayer and meditation and yes, JOURNALING is included.  The first week is all about understanding how much I am loved by God.  Quite wonderful.  Then I’ve been blogging quite a bit.  Which is, yes, another form of journaling!

Hey, did everyone see that I won one of the prizes on Lori’s challenge? Did everyone get a big laugh out of the 56 YEAR OLD WOMAN getting the jumping rope?  Never you mind, I am up for the challenge!  You probably won’t see a video of it any time soon…

Honestly, doing that challenge was one of the most fun, most fulfilling things I did this week.  Along with hitting the gym pretty hard a couple of days, I am feeling…well, besides feeling really sore, I FEEL GOOD!

Last night and tonight was the annual neighbor’s get together for the Westminster Dog Show.  Those of you who are long-time readers might remember that it is quite the food extravaganza, which has caused me quite a bit of angst in past years.  This year I just decided to go with it.  And while I was sitting there eating too much, I thought about how this was the sixth year since I started losing weight that I have had to deal with this event.  And yeah, I’ve managed to lose or maintain all those years just fine.

Back to work tomorrow.  The countdown has begun:  35 shifts left!!!

*Forgot to give credit to the pattern-maker of the center of the quilt.  It is a Karen Stone design–all paper-pieced.  I did not create it, but I did choose every fabric for every piece (which is my favorite part of quilting.)  It is called a New York Beauties quilt.


13 thoughts on “Sometimes My Life is not ALL about the Food

  1. When I see quilts like that I am in awe of the creator. How much work is in there!?! Too much to think about – my mind boggles. It’s amazing Debby – you have more patience and creativity than I could dream of.

    I made a patchwork quilt last year – it makes me laugh when I look at it. Only because it is the funniest, most ridiculous quilt ever. Lots of random, multicoloured squares – it’s BRIGHT and so in your face. And basic. Terribly so. I got bored and rushed through it and ended up backing it with an old sheet – not even padding it. Never again will I attempt to make a quilt. Looks like a 10 year old did it at school, under sufferance. 🙂

    I like doing (very) small patchwork projects though. Those I can manage. Just.

  2. Wow Debby, beautiful quilt. What a gift you have to create such beautiful pieces of art. I fear quilting is becoming a lost art and I hope there are enough folks like you who will keep the heritage alive. Both my grandmothers quilted and I have “treasures” from both that were given to me as wedding gifts.

    No, it isn’t all about the food!! Right now, for me it’s all about being outside. I jump out of bed each morning thinking “what trail can I hit today?” The food question becomes “what will give me energy and take up the least amount of space?” Sure wish I could capture those feelings all the time!

  3. I am trying to remember the quilter who might have inspired your quilt. I loved her work, but can’t think of the name. The quilt is BEAUTIFUL. I love ‘art’ quilts very much. I love the colors you used (very rich) and also the off center setting.

    I wondered if you were still working, haven’t heard you mention it in a while.

    I will not be going back to calculate your food topic percentages, but I have often wondered about that idea in my own writing. I tend to go through stages where I ‘explore’ a topic for a while, from many angles, and it would be interesting to know what the percentages are over the course of the year. (I would guess that food is one of my lowest percentage topics.)

    • Definitely, Vickie, you don’t talk very much at all about what you specifically eat. You talk about your guidelines a little more.

      And yes, I forgot to give credit to the creator of the pattern of the center-will edit the entry.

  4. I don’t think you talk about food all the time at all! And I’m so glad you showed us another of your gorgeous quilts.

    It’s nice to see that you decided to just live and let live for the dog show and that you realized it hasn’t killed YOU yet!

    I saw that you won and I can’t wait for the video!!

  5. 35 shifts left?! Yay Retirement!!! Then you will all kinds of time to travel to exotic locations like, say…Oklahoma! 😉

    Love the stars on the border of the quilt – what fun-looking quilt, even though it doesn’t sound like it was fun to make (mostly). So pretty though!

  6. I don’t think you talk about food all the time. I, however, do talk about food all the time – so I look at it from a different relative perspective.

    I am so glad you enjoyed the challenge! I responded to it in a different way than I expected. I did not realize how much joy it would bring, and what a bonus that is, you know?

    Love the quilt. I especially love that fabric border with the interlocking circles (with the greed and red ‘dots’).

  7. That is a lovely quilt. I think the neat part of quilting is that you can leave one and go onto another, then go back…seems to keep it fresh, you know?

    Let me tell you, as long as you’re wearing a good ::whispers:: bra, you can jump rope. It’s fun, challenging, and will probably drive your dogs crazy when they see you doing it. Paco barks and lunges at the rope – usually I have to lock him up, but it’s funny to see his reaction – he definitely does not think it’s a normal thing for me to do, lol. Great cardio burst, though!

  8. Awesome quilt top! I must remember to print a copy of the photo and show it to my grandmother.

    I loved The Artist’s Way, but I never seemed to build a pattern of doing my morning pages when I was working. Haven’t even thought about doing it while I’m not working. Thanks for the reminder! 🙂

  9. Wowsers, Debby! Another gorgeous quilt – thanks for sharing it with us! At first I though the stars were part of the fabric print, but no, they are individual pieces themselves. I think you’ve got a great eye for design and for choosing very harmonious colors and patterns in your fabrics.

    And no, you don’t talk about food ALL the time. I like all the stuff you write about: dogs, walks, observations, quilts, life in general, exercise…well, and the food too. 🙂

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