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I was so excited about this last night.  I made walnut butter! Whee!  What took me so long?

Yesterday was a work day.  I was completely out of any kind of nut butter, and I knew I wanted to have spackle for breakfast this morning. Because of the ‘no dairy’ challenge this week.  So I thought about going to Whole Foods to get some of that wonderful Justin’s Chocolate Almond Butter.  But I knew a trip to Whole Foods after work, when I am so tired and have no reserves, would result in me buying some foods that I really didn’t need to have around.  Including a chocolate chip bar.  Which I am not banning from my life forever, but I am choosing not to eat at the present moment when I am trying to take a few pounds off.  Besides, I am unbelievably tired after work and this would make me get home even later.  Well, I could try to find the almond butter at Raley’s or at the local health food store the next morning.  And then it dawned on me: I could make walnut butter!! If you can believe it, all these thoughts went through my head in about five minutes as I left the parking lot and had to decide which direction to head in.

So it only took a few minutes to turn some walnuts into walnut butter.  Who knew?!  Dumped them in the mini-food processor and turned it on.  How wonderful.  I will probably never buy nut butter again!  Now I can make my own and know exactly what is in it.  I tasted this halfway through the blending, and thought it was pretty bland, so I added just a sprinkle of sea salt and a drizzle of agave nectar.  Perfection!

Ever since I had the goal to eat more vegetables, I have been eating a lot more salads than usual!  I figure one big salad is at least three servings of vegetables.  Today’s salad was, well to repeat myself, it was perfection.  I had gotten two big containers of Chevy’s salsa (thanks, Costco) so you have to be a little creative to figure out ways to eat a lot of salsa without eating it on chips.  Salad is a great way to use it.  And there is no need for salad dressing if you use salsa.  Most salsa is very innocent, containing only vegetables (sometimes fruits) and spices.

I cooked four ounces of ground sirloin, and then added just a sprinkle of taco seasoning and a bit of water to make taco meat.  I used half of the meat on this salad and saved the other half for another day.

The rest of the salad contained:  romaine lettuce, avocado, jicama, tomatoes, carrots, and roasted pepitos.  Really wonderful, and quite filling.

Tonight’s dinner was another of my strange combinations, but it was exactly what I wanted, and was very satisfying.  Some roasted cauliflower, half of a pear, and a small bowl of raisin bran with almond milk.

I was talking about the book “Thin  for Life” the other day and wanted to add a few thoughts.  This book was written in the nineties, and its main focus is low-fat food and cooking.  It doesn’t say that is the only way to lose weight and keep it off.  In fact it makes the point that there are numerous ways that people have lost weight, and numerous ways that they have kept it off.  But it has a definite bias in that direction.  Now I think this is interesting, mostly because it shows another successful way of maintaining weight loss besides some of the current prejudice against carbs that I see being bantied about the blog world.  But I also think it is important to read this book (and any book, for that matter) and keep in mind that you can take some of the wisdom from it and personalize it so that it is useful in your particular life.  As we are coming to realize, there is more than one reason that people are overweight, and so it stands to reason that there would be more than one way to lose the weight and keep it off. In fact, here is a quote from the book that says basically the same thing:

More often than no the masters [that’s what she calls the people who have maintained a weight loss]  lose weight by coming up with their own personal plans, which vary from person to person.

I am going through this book again, both for the helpful information and the encouragement that it provides.  I’ll probably be sharing a bit from it in the next few weeks.  (P.S.  I changed my blog theme because, frankly, it was too hard for me to read my own blog LOL!  Ah, its great to get older.)

I’ll end with another candid Monk shot:  Mr. Monk couldn’t quite get comfortable.


17 thoughts on “Good Stuff

  1. I like the new blog colors – very fresh!

    Very cool that nut butter is so simple to make. You are inspiring me to try it…and also to make a “taco” salad – yours looks delicious!

    • Yep – with a silly video included, and you might notice that I had my hair cut into layers and it’s pretty curly now! Going as well as it can be, although tomorrow we get the results of the three day scan, so hoping there is no more bad news.

    • I just put some walnuts in the food processor–maybe a cup and a half, whirled it for a while. It turns grainy and then starts sticking together. That’s when I added a pinch of salt and maybe 1/2 tsp agave nectar. Whirled some more until it was a little sticky. I think the longer you whirl it, the more liquidy it becomes?

      Maybe I’ll post a recipe or two when I get more experience!

  2. Love the new design! I totally get the Whole “Paycheck” Foods thing. Buy one thing in there? Yeah…right. So all you did was process walnuts with some nuts and agave? Hmmm…I wonder if that would work with almonds, too?

    I reread parts of “Thin for Life” a lot, too. There are so few books (two, maybe?) out there on life after weight loss. I wish she’d do an updated version.

  3. Your words about being so tired after work made me wonder how the retirement plans are coming along?? Isn’t that date getting closer and closer?

    Will enjoy reading your insights on Thin For Life. My battered copy has come out of the book archives (meaning a box in the basement) and is back on the shelf!!

  4. Oooh, you’ve reminded me how much I like Taco salad… may have to put that on the menu this week!

    I love how that author says the most successful maintainers eventually come up with their own plan. I think that’s what we now call “developing a lifestyle.”

    I’m liking your new layout!

  5. Oooh, the pretty colors!!! I like!!

    Mmmm, taco salad sounds great! I think I know what I’m having for lunch today – thanks!

    And who knew how easy it would be to make nut butter?! I’ll bet your walnut butter is really tasty.

    I’ll be so glad when the world realizes that there is no “one right way” to lose weight. We all put it on differently, we all take it off differently, we all keep it off differently. People are so different, it only makes sense that each person has to find their own box to fit in!

    • Yes it is very tasty. But I forgot to say that I think all nut butters tasted surprisingly alike. Which is disappointing to me. I thought almond butter would have that distinct almond taste. And, of course, walnuts being my favorite, I thought walnut butter would be wonderful. They all taste surprisingly peanut buttery to me. Maybe my sense of taste is not what it should be! But still. I really liked the texture of it. And it was fun to whir up a small batch for myself. I might get dangerous and develop a chocolate walnut butter recipe!!!

  6. I like the new blog look!

    Walnut and pecan butters are the quickest and easiest ones to make. Peanut takes longer and almond butter takes forever! I find it is much cheaper to make our own cashew and almond butter, but for peanut butter, we have gone back to buying Teddie brand as it is just as cheap as we could do it for and very tasty 😀

    Regarding the magic rolls versus oopsies, the magic rolls are sturdier and more like a cream puff texture with a firmer outer crust. The oopsies are fragile and delicate. Of course, the difference is gluten. I’ll post the recipe on Thursday.

    • I might try it on the omelets. Hard for me to eat egg stuff. Once I do, I like it just fine. And since I liked that cauliflower pizza that I said tasted more like an omelet, I’ve been thinking about making more omelets, with pizza flavor and the taco flavor.

    • For diabetics, I will defer to Pubsgal. My head hurts when I start trying to read how a diabetic should eat. They actually have to watch EVERYTHING they eat.

      But insulin resistant is still actually a theory.

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