Much Ado About Food

Had some ideas about tweaking recipes and today was the day to try them.  First up is Spackle 2.0 .  Oh yes, I do believe I love this stuff enough  to add it to my recipe page.  I kept thinking about how I could make it a little more cookie-dough-ish and yet not decrease its nutritional value.  The missing ingredient?  Eggs!  You know you all eat raw eggs when you sneak that cookie dough.  But I realized that if I used egg beaters or one of those other egg white products, they would be pasteurized and you wouldn’t have to worry about the raw eggs.  My only criticism of this is that it is almost too filling.  Maybe I could eat half a recipe with a piece of fruit and save the other half to take to work.  Recipe’s over on the other blog.

Next up:  the cauliflower pizza.  I kept thinking about that crust.  And then when I made some protein pancakes I got the idea to use the blender to mix the cauliflower, egg whites, and cheese–it might make it more dough-like.  I even threw in one tablespoon of oatmeal to help it out.  Looks good, doesn’t it?

This time it tasted like baked mashed cauliflower.  Not a bad thing.  But not pizza crust.  I’m just laughing at myself, because when Wendz explained how she jazzed up the W.W. pizza, I said it was too much work.  Ha.  The toppings on this were fabulous–TJ’s pizza sauce, onions, mushrooms, spinach, and mozzarella cheese.  Next time I get the urge for pizza, I will:

  • Use a flat out wrap for a crust,
  • Try ‘pizza in a bowl’–just heat the toppings in a bowl, skip the crust,
  • or, go out for pizza.

Next up:  Fat free ginger cookies, courtesy of Roz. These are simply fabulous.  Only about 50 calories each (I made 40 cookies instead of 48 like the recipe said.)  The only other substitution I made was using spelt flour instead of wheat flour, and I substituted 1/4 cup of flaxseed meal for 1/4 cup of the flour.  These are too sweet for me (as in, I might want to keep eating them. )  I will probably take them to work with me on Saturday.  For now, they are safely in the freezer.  I might experiment a bit to try to decrease the sugar.  I think when you do that, though, you sacrifice a little on the texture.  I could also see that this recipe might be a good base for chocolate crinkle cookies.

This little plate of cookies is waiting for me to finish writing this blog.  I will have them with a cup of tea.

Dinner tonight was very satisfying, and is a good option when you are too tired to cook.  Pretty low in calories too.  Crabmeat cocktail (crab was frozen in serving size baggies in the freezer.  Just thaw under cold running water,) corn on the cob (wrap in a wet paper towel, 3 minutes in the microwave,) and an artichoke (same wet paper towel treatment, usually 5 minutes in the microwave.)  Total calories, about 300.

Noah was enjoying his landscaping efforts today.  I usually put his pillow back in his ‘dog room,’ but I forgot to do that the other day.



He’s a very sweet boy.  And he has taught me to become a dog whisperer!  Literally.  I usually talk to him in a whisper.

That’s all for now.  Have a great day tomorrow.



15 thoughts on “Much Ado About Food

  1. Hi Debby, fun…glad you tried the cookies. Let me know how they turn out if you decrease the sugar!! have a great day, and give Noah a big scratch behind the ears for me. He’s SUCH a cutie!!!

  2. actually the idea of cauliflower crust appealed to me. Because there are times when I think about pizza toppings, and I don’t think a ‘different’ style crust would bother me. do you have proportions written out on your other blog? I looked but couldn’t find it under your categories (wasn’t sure which category).

    • Vicky, the original recipe is over on Lynn’s blog (escape from obesity). I think you might like it. I also thought about using cottage cheese instead of regular cheese in the crust when I mixed it in the blender. That might work better too.

      • thanks!
        also – I left you a note on why I think Sam’s freaked me out so much more than regular grocery. tiny produce section, no healthy options within the canned things I buy (like only sugar added on fruit and applesauce and only with salt on canned tomatoes), HUGE shelves of junk towering over my head, disproportionate amount of processed (vs regular store). I don’t go to public fairs or other things with junk food alleys but I suspect it would be the same feeling for me there.

        thanks for your comments the last couple days, I appreciate them.

  3. I keep thinking about doing that pizza crust, and now you have me thinking even more about doing it. I am just afraid that I will be disappointed that it isn’t pizza.

    I think you will like the magic rolls. They are not a substitute per se, but taste really like cream puff dough (not sweet at all). Go out and buy some vital wheat gluten so you can make them after I get the recipe up later today 😀

  4. Noah is such a good dog. I love him!!

    You know what would be good on that pizza? Roasted broccoli and zuccini!! 😉 You know you want to try it now, don’t you?!?

    Going now to retrieve recipe for spackle 2.0. 🙂

  5. I’m not going anywhere near that cauliflower pizza. It’s not pizza! Seriously there are some things I’d rather just plan for or have a sliver of than substitute.

    I do love how you keep trying though Debby!

  6. Hi Debby,

    I will definitely try the “spackle.” It looks like it would be right up my alley. The cauliflower pizza–not so much! The ginger cookies also looks delicious. Noah looks a little tired in the photos–maybe he’s been working too hard on all that landscaping! What a sweetheart!

  7. I just started weight loss blogging and I’ve been searching for other blogs to read. I like what I’ve read so far. Thanks for posting. I was also wondering if you would be willing to share how you were able to get a good base of readers. I feel like I’m struggling with that part.

  8. Oh, cool new bloggy look!

    I’ll have to try your spackle 2.0. I usually cook the ingredients, but you had me at “cookie dough”. 🙂 Speaking of cookies, have you tried Georgie’s almond cookies? I made them with peanut butter and they were good – of course, I preferred the ones to which I added chocolate chips.

    If you use a Flatout to make pizza, toast it a little bit first, so it doesn’t get too soggy.

    Back to the salt mines… 😉

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