We All Need a Little Help Sometimes

And this morning I needed more than a little help.  Here’s where I found it.  Thought I’d share–it might come back to you when you are having a tough day.  I won’t go into details about yesterday, but will say that it involved a health crisis with my dad (he’s okay now,) driving a total of seven hours, extreme stress, and starting my day at 4am, finishing at midnight.

This morning Noah woke me up when it started to get light outside, so I toddled out to the computer and turned it on.  When my coffee was done, I checked my emails.

There was an email waiting from my BIF Jill (I just learned that term from Helen).  I was so happy to see it!  We like to converse about various and sundry things going on on the internet, and I poured out my tale of woe to her via an email.  She also gave me some good advice about blog reading (more about that later.)

Next I checked my morning blogs.  Caught up on yesterdays entries too, and there were two particularly encouraging blogs from Miz.  One about life tips from Dr. Seuss, and another about aging gracefully.  I actually printed them out to read over a few times.

Next, I headed over to my other chair, where I do my spiritual reading and spend some time in prayer. I think I mentioned I am going through a book called Journey with Jesus , and the author is trying to make me understand how very much I am loved by God.  This morning’s reading was from John 10:15-16, and its that passage talking about us being sheep and Jesus being the good Shepherd.  Well, for whatever reason, this really spoke to me.  It was just what I needed, when I was feeling so insecure and vulnerable (you know, sheep-like.)

After I spent some time there, I called my BFF on the phone to update her on the goings on of the day before.  She is always so encouraging, and at the end of our conversation she said, I am so proud of you for how you are handling all of this.  That means a lot to me.

Lastly, I made myself get dressed and get out there and take Noah for a walk.  A day like yesterday is hard for him too, because he doesn’t get the exercise he needs.  So even though I didn’t want to, I took my umbrella and set out on the three mile loop.  Exercise is weird to me.  I couldn’t really say I like it.  Kind of like I couldn’t really say I like brushing my teeth.  But I couldn’t imagine NOT doing either of those things.  So every single time I head out on a walk, I think, well, I’m only going to go this far.  And every singly time (almost,) I walk for a lot longer than that.  This walk was particularly gratifying, because when I got to the ‘big hill,’ I really really wanted to turn around.  But I kept going.  Just counted the steps up the big hill (400 this time) and then when I get to the top is the bonus–a nice easy level to slightly downhill walk for the next half mile.  Here’s the best part.  I was noticing that there were a few sticks on the road from all the storms we are having, and I thought, oh, stick season is coming!  But then I thought, well, maybe Noah has grown out of that stage.  So on the way home, he was busily sniffing a little stream of water on the side of the road, and he came to a GIANT stick, and picked it up.  It had just the right handle on it, and he had it just exactly organized so that it did not trip me or him.  And he carried that darn stick all the way home–over a mile.  Its easier for him to trot with the sticks, so I ran as much as I could, and then walked as fast as I could.  I ended up getting a great aerobic workout on that walk.

So there you have it.  Five different ways to get a little help when you need it.  I wasn’t really looking for help this morning.  In fact, when I need it the most, I usually resist it.  I am blessed beyond measure, and I am thankful for all that I have.

Want to mention a couple of other blog links that might appeal to some of you.  I actually have ordered all three books by these three women.  Ann Voskamp writes beautifully about her God-filled life here.  She is also a beautiful photographer.  Her book is called One Thousand Gifts. Tsh Oxenreider writes a blog on simple living (mostly for moms) here.  And her book is called Organized Simplicity. Last book is called Made to Crave, Satisfying your Deepest Desires with God, not Food. I usually veer away from books like this, but I liked her chapter titles, and I like her writing style on her blog.

I feel weird not including a picture on the blog.  I had to stop writing to go eat because I was starving to death lol so I took a picture of lunch.  My version of Vicky’s ‘California Chef’s Salad’:  hearts of romaine, chicken, orange segments,carrots, blue cheese, and sliced almonds.  She uses poppy seed dressing, which is the absolutely perfect finishing touch.  I didn’t have that, but my own concoction of equal parts olive oil, mustard, honey, and balsamic vinegar worked pretty good.


14 thoughts on “We All Need a Little Help Sometimes

  1. I love the sentiment of this post and am honored you included my writing in it.

    I’m now off to call my BFF.
    I need it! 🙂

  2. BIF = Best Imaginary Friend? 😉

    I’m so glad my silly little email cheered you up!

    I’ve heard of that Crave book and it’s free for Kindle (which I just ordered for myself for my 40th birthday! Squee!), so I’m going to download it and read it.

    Can’t wait for Stick Season!!

    • SQUEEE SQUEEE SQUEEE!!!!! A kindle!!! So excited vicariously!!

      Best imaginary friend–I DO think that sometimes. I think its supposed to stand for best INTERNET friend.

      • BIF – I figured it stood for INTERNET, but I think it’s funny to have a best imaginary friend too! 😉

      • Of course, everyone who doesn’t have BIFs figures that your internet friends *are* imaginary…unless until they show up at your house for brunch! 😉

  3. Sorry you had a rough time. You can always email me,too – I am on the puter 24/7 it seems 😀

    Sounds like exercise is really a habit for you now, which is why it feels funny when you don’t do it. That’s a good thing 🙂

    • I guess that’s what it is. How about that? A GOOD habit!

      And that is so sweet of you–the offer of email. I am off to email you right now!

  4. I think it’s Best Internet Friend, although I usually butcher it to IBF…

    You know, back when I was running (so long ago, it feels like), on my short runs I often used to think “I’ll only go this far” when I started, but most of the time, once I got going, I was able to convince myself to do more…your walk with Noah reminded me of me, in that regard. So nice that he was able to find the perfect stick – I just love that you indulge him like that! 🙂

  5. What a wonderful way to beat a bad day. Victory is all over you.

    It’s kind of sad that Noah is growing up but I bet it’s a relief for you.

    Glad to hear your Dad is OK again. That’s a long stress filled drive. I wish there was an easier way for you.


  6. Best Internet Friend it is! Sometimes it just happens like that doesn’t it and aren’t they wonderful to have?

    You know what I found fascinating here? The fact that you counted your steps to get up that hill…. because that is the EXACT tactic that one of my running friends used on the monster hill at mile 8 during the half last Saturday. When she said that I tucked it away for future use. Amazing how a little trick like that can take your mind off the part of your brain telling you to stop!

  7. Oh, man, Debby! I’m sorry to hear that your dad had a health scare, but glad he’s doing okay now. I’m also glad to hear that you found comfort from the presence of friends – and yes, email and blogs and phone count as presence! As much as I long for in-person time with my BFF, for example, I’m so glad we can be “present” for each other via phone, like you are with yours.

    I know I’ve been a bit absent blog-wise lately – it’s almost absurd how crazy and weird life is getting right now – but I’m always here if you want another BIF to email. 🙂

    Noah and his sticks – that made me grin!

  8. so sorry you are dealing with health issues with your dad. I can’t imagine how much the distance complicates things. he has done remarkably well up to now, hasn’t he?

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