You’ll Never Guess

No you won’t!  You will never be able to guess what this admitted foodie has been doing for the past three Mondays.  Three!  Every Monday for the past three weeks!


I can hardly believe it myself.  Ever since I started this weight loss journey, I would read something in one of my spiritual books (or the Bible) about fasting.  And I would think,  I would like to do that. But to be honest, and this is a little embarrassing, I could not stand the thought of going twenty-four hours without my favorite foods.  So a few weeks ago, I was reading in a book by one of my favorite authors, Mark Buchanan, and he wrote the best chapter I have ever read on fasting.  And I thought I AM GOING TO DO IT.  This Monday.

Now, some of you regulars will remember that I did have to fast before the colonoscopy last fall.  So I knew I could do it.  But that fast had like a visit to the principal’s office attached to it.  I would get in big trouble if I didn’t do it.  But just doing it for myself, or for God even…That was another matter.

Anyway, to be very honest, and this is why I am sharing this with you.  There were two reasons I wanted to fast.  Yes, one was for spiritual reasons.  And I think I accomplished that.  I spent a little more time in prayer.  And I definitely thought a lot about my friends in Africa, for whom this was their every day experience.  And I prayed for them as I thought about them.

But the other reason was for physical and mental reasons.  I wanted to show food that it is NOT ‘the boss of me.’  No, it is not.  And actually, it is almost easier to make no choices about which food to eat or what recipe to try than it was to just not eat.  Today was the hungriest I have been, but it is not that ‘low blood sugar, I’m gonna go nuts’ hungry.  It was just regular gnawing hunger.  And I drank another glass of water and got busy doing something else, and I forgot about it for a while.

These are only 24 hour fasts.  So I have dinner Sunday night, and then I have dinner Monday night.  My brother did this every week for many years.  I asked him if it was for physical or spiritual reasons, and he said mostly physical.  He is very disciplined in the areas of food and fitness.

Anyway, these days have been so good, I thought I’d share the idea with you.  Its amazing how much you can get done, and even how creative you can be when you are not thinking about what the next meal is going to be or if you can fit that snack into your calorie allotment for the day or if you should try that recipe or this recipe.  I am well aware that a lot of my creative energy gets spent on food instead of quilts.  I had plenty of energy, and even went for two walks each day.

Its kind of funny.  Every week I have ended the fast with almost the same meal.  A piece of Vicky’s delicious turkey bread, some kind of vegetable, and a piece of fruit.  Doesn’t get much better or simpler than that.  I think I like the turkey bread because its kind of a treat, but also because there’s no prep or thinking involved.  Here’s what I had for dinner tonight.  Turkey bread, that delicious cauliflower potato bake, and fresh pineapple!

Today was a beautiful day.  Spring is coming, people.  It really is!  We have had SO MUCH RAIN.  The other day I took a walk by the little pond on the road, and I heard a very loud noise.  It was MILLIONS of frogs singing away!  Oh!!!  That reminds me of the little froggie miracle yesterday.  I came home from church, and let all three dogs out.  I noticed a little piece of mud or something on the floor that all three dogs had just trampled over.  To be honest, I thought it was a turd or something.  So I got a piece of paper to pick it up, and I thought, that is a frog-shaped turd! Then I got it closer to my evidently old eyes, and saw, yes, it is a little frozen froggie.  How did he get in the house.  Where did he come from?  Poor little froggie.  Its too cold for little froggies.  (I really like frogs.)  So I was just about to dump him and the paper in the fire (and I was thinking to myself, eeww, what if he was alive.  you will feel terrible burning a frog alive.)  And just then, HE MOVED!!!  And I took him over to the sink and prepared a glass of lukewarm water to warm him up and get the house dust off of him.  And he was very happy, and I took him outside and let him go.  The end.

The view out the front door:

Like I said, I have a lot more time for creating when I am not eating.  I spent a lot of time at the sewing machine.  Noah was in his crate happily chewing on one of those elk antlers, Mr. Monk was asleep in his usual chair, but I noticed Sophie staring at me in her worried kind of way.  I got an old pillow and put it next to where I was sitting at the sewing machine.  That was just what she wanted.


Back to work tomorrow.  Countdown:  29 shifts left!

P.S.  Some of you will get a chuckle out of this.  The only liquid I allowed myself to have during the fast, besides water, was a cup of coffee first thing in the morning, and a cup of coffee in the early afternoon!


21 thoughts on “You’ll Never Guess

  1. okay, I never would have guessed, and this whole post made me smile.

    I can see this would be very powerful for you on so many levels. And I think it is a very focused and positive experience for you.

    My question is – what have you noticed about Tuesday and the rest of the week? more (easy) focus as part of the process? or harder time?

    I can see that dinner to dinner would be good method so you can sleep. Breakfast to breakfast and you might have a tough time.

    Very interesting post.

    And did you find empowerment in writing about it reflectively (3 weeks in rather than as it happened)?

    • Ha! I woke up thinking about some of the questions I hadn’t answered and you asked them!

      Exactly–Tuesday. It just happens that I have worked every Tuesday afterwards. They have been very good days food-wise. Not extra hungry or extra cravings. The rest of the week…not much difference so far. Mostly on target eating with some off-ramps occasionally. No weight loss, which I absolutely was not looking for.

      Yes, the sleep was pretty important to me. I have a hard time going to bed hungry, or waking up in the middle of the night hungry. But I hope to fast for a longer period occasionally. My brother said it is not hard to sleep as long as you don’t have a headache.

      Yes, I didn’t want to write about it at first. And to be honest, yesterday I was feeling a little weak about the whole thing, so being able to write about it was part of the motivation to ‘just do it.’

  2. I love that you wrote about it. Honesty is what I look for in the blogs I follow closely and the people in BlogLand I consider friends are the ones who just seem very “real” through their writing. Fasting isn’t something I’ve ever practiced, but have always been interested in learning from those who do. Hope you’ll continue to write about it and if you decide to stop, tell us why.

    You made an excellent point that goes along with something I do frequently that helps me so much. When you are fasting, there are no decisions, no thinking about what I can eat next, no push to try something new or cook a new recipe, no time in grocery stores, etc. I am most successful when I adopt this mindset and go back to the strict eating plan which has ALWAYS worked for me. It involves no choices, no decisions and no cooking. I get my five veggies and fruits and lose weight quickly. It’s not sexy and most foodies turn up their noses, but hey, it’s my journey, not theirs!

    I love people who try new things especially when it involves a closer walk with God.

    • Yes, that’s why ‘programs’ with few choices work for so many people to lose weight. There is comfort in that ‘no choice thing.’ Only thing is, you have to transition that no choice thing to the real world and all of its choices at some point. Of course your transition could be to continue on with the limited choices, and that is a valid decision.

      I am continuing most days to try to get in 2 fruits and 5 veggies. Don’t always get 5 veggies…

  3. So much of fasting is mental isn’t it? Because surely most of us carry enough ‘extra’ on our bodies that we could fast for several days with no damage at all. I’m glad you’re enjoying the experience. And doesn’t that first meal when you break your fast taste luscious?!

    Oh, you’ve given me a great idea and I can’t figure out why I never though of it. Ever since we moved into our house 5 years ago, I have wanted to plant daffodils, tulips, and other spring flowers. But the place I could plant is very, very limited and then in the winter the snow plows push all the snow to my side. It takes forever to melt so there’s no way I’d even see the poor bulbs if they managed to come up. But POTS OF tulips and daffodils!! Oh my! I am totally going to do that. Because I could move them to the back of the house in the winter and put them out front in the spring. YAY!

    • Helen, I do all my planting in pots. My experience is that bulbs grown in pots do not continue to do well year after year. I think they can’t get enough nutrients from the soil to regenerate. You might ask a nursery person about that. Maybe if you fed them special food or something it would help. No matter–I buy the big bag of bulbs at Costco or whatever else is on sale each year and re-plant.

      And yes, that first meal is absolutely fabulous. I am very thankful for that meal!

      • I replace the dirt in the pots each year.

        Another benefit to pots is careful placement can protect from squirrels. We planted over 500 bulbs one year (ground) and they ate them all. The next year, they brought one bulb from someone else’s yard and planted it in mine (could tell by the color) and they have left that one alone every since (yes, I think they are thumbing their noses at me).

  4. Wow – fasting, and by choice LOL! That is admirable.

    I would probably be constantly thinking about food if I wasn’t eating. I like to plan my day’s food and then I don’t have to think about it until it is time to eat.

    Did your coffee have anything in it?

    Thank you for the daffodils. I know it is darkest before the dawn, and I have to remember that for spring (as we are still shoveling today…)

    • Oh yes. Another thing I forgot to mention. My coffee had its usual half and half in it. So probably 80 calories total during the fast LOL. But I thoroughly enjoyed them.

      And yes, I was thinking of you when I took the pics of the daffodils.

  5. I loved your little froggie story! So cute, and I’m so glad you rescued him. We have a fish pond in our back yard and every summer the frogs start singing their song! We have some really big bullfrogs that live in our pond – it’s a blast trying to sneak up on them to see how close we can get before they LEAP into the water. Yes, we are easily amused out here on the Ponderosa! 🙂

    I’m very impressed with your fasting! I have a friend who is of the Bahai faith and I remember he used to do a fast during the day. He could only eat before sunrise or after sunset, so he would get up at like 5:00 in the morning and eat a huge breakfast, and then eat dinner as soon as the sun went down. That’s about the only experience I have with fasting (and it wasn’t even my experience). I think fasting is a fascinating idea though.

    Recently when I did Phase 1 of South Beach, I also found it somewhat comforting that I didn’t have a lot of choices. I think I need to come up with my own healthy food list and just stick to it! Too many choices make me crazy! 🙂

    You sound so happy today! Love it! 🙂

    • Oh thank goodness somebody liked my froggie story! I thought it was the highlight of the post LOL! YEs, I would LOVE to see your bullfrogs.

      Yes, I was very happy yesterday. Today I think I’m happy too (too early to tell, but I got called off work, so it should be a good day!) My moods have been quite up and down lately. Trying to figure out why…

  6. Wow Debby, I’m totally impressed. Great post today. I’ve added that book to my “to-read” list. You sound like you are in a really great place. 🙂

    • Hi Juice!!!

      Did you see that you could get that book used for 56 cents on Amazon? Of course they charge $4 shipping.

  7. Very impressive with the fasting, I haven’t done that in years. Very mental!
    Love the froggie rescue story 🙂

  8. Wow. You surprise me! Fasting dinner to dinner sounds doable – I’ve tried breakfast to breakfast, but that was really hard and I felt sick the next day. You’ve given me something to ponder now.

    So happy you made the Queen comfy. That is your duty in life – to cater to her every need. You knew that, right? 😉

    Very sweet frog story. You are such a kind soul.

  9. What are you working on? I’m in a quilting block (like a writer’s block) Feeling very uncreative . I would fast if it got my creative juices rolling!:)

  10. Wow, that’s interesting! I’ve never done a 24-hour food fast before. I’ve done sort of limited fasting, such as no-meat Fridays and “sweets”/desserts fasting during Lent, and even that level can be a very contemplative experience. (Were I to consider doing a 24-hour fast, I would think that it would be much more doable going dinner-to-dinner.)

    And yeay, you saved a froggie! They’re so cute. The ones here have been reeeeally happy and loud lately, with all the rain and not-quite-as-cold weather as we had last week.

    Sophie reminds me so much of Bela, with her big-ol’ worry eyes. I remember watching a show on corgis, and one gal they interviewed talked about “worried corgis” vs. “happy corgis.” We definitely got a worrier.

  11. I still haven’t recovered from the colonoscopy fast and that was three years ago. 🙂

    A friend of mine does a ‘bread fast’ for a week every now and then. It sounded interesting to me until he informed me that the bread is one small, hard roll 3 times/day. No butter, no peanut butter, no turkey & cheese with mustard. Just the hard roll. He did a mission trip years ago and that’s how the locals ate, so he adopted it as a periodic reminder of the abundance he has in food choices.

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