Creativity in the House

Liz asked what I had been working on, so I thought I’d show you some of the latest creativity happening in the house.  You guys have seen this quilt in various stages of construction.  I really started this one just as a learning experiment, but I became quite fond of working on all the hand stitching.  I call it my ‘faux Marianne Burr quilt’ because that is where the original idea came from.  I am looking forward to visiting and learning from Marianne this summer!

Close-ups of the various blocks.




Another ‘non-project’ I work on at various times:  Cutting out two inch squares.  I have quite a collection going.  Some of them I sew together in various colorways.  Others I hand-sew (English paper piecing) around little hexagonal forms, and then sew the hexagons together.  These are usually seen in the grandmother’s flower garden quilts (I used some of them in the ‘pay it forward quilts’) but right now I am just using them to sew together into color drifts.  Not sure of the final project for these.  But aren’t they pretty?  Freddy and Gwen, two of my favorite quilters, call this the “parts department.”


Yesterday I worked on cleaning out my sewing cupboards, and re-organizing projects in various stages of being finished (or unfinished, depending on your point of view.) I found these little abstract fans that I had put together quite a while ago.  They were from a series of small quilts that I did using up small scraps from one original quilt. So tonight I arranged them on a background and sewed them down (raw edge applique, using zig-zag stitch.)  I have some strips cut to make a couple of borders, and then I will finish and quilt it.

In the evening when I really want to relax, I like to have a hand quilting project going.  Mr. Monk likes it when I have a hand-quilting project going too….

I love the colors in this quilt. Reminds me of summertime.  Hydrangeas and brick pathways in a garden.  It is a bed-sized quilt.

Mr. Monk seemed to be particularly photogenic today.  Pictures from this morning:



And Noah, on his mesh ‘chaise lounge’ out in the front ‘courtyard.’  Quite messy out there.  I’m waiting for Noah to stop landscaping.  It might be a long wait.

Shhh.  Don’t tell The Queen that she was not included in this post.  It could make life quite miserable around here for the rest of us.


21 thoughts on “Creativity in the House

  1. LOVE all the quilts pictured, but especially the first one- beautiful. I can see why you would love the handwork, it looks relaxing to do.

    I have taken classes with Gwen (long time ago).

  2. I am not a dog person, at all! BUT the last picture of Noah sleeping on that mesh bed is really something. It just makes you smile. Debby, you are one of my favorite bloggers. I am always wishing for a friend who gets me and if we ever met, you and Baby Steps Vickie would be the people. I enjoy reading your blog and always learn something new. You write in a way that conveys a joyful person.

    • Thanks so much, Ohio Girl. Do you have a blog? It is wonderful having blogger friends, but it does leave you wishing you could meet in person. Someday I hope to do ‘the great blogger tour’–maybe 2012 will be the year!

  3. Last night as I drove to choir practice, I passed a house and noticed three adorable dogs stretched out in various places on the front porch. My mind immediately went to your three because these were exactly the same variety of sizes and shapes. Not the same breeds as your three, but same contrast. I drive by this house almost daily and had NEVER seen this trio outside before. All three were most definitely in a state of total relaxation!!

  4. Those are just lovely, Debby.

    I love Mr. Monk so! He just looks like a dog that loves hugs and cuddles. It is so cute how he sleeps almost with his nose face down in the quilt.

    • Mr. Monk does love to hug and cuddle! He gets so excited that he licks and then scrapes his teeth on your chin. I wish I could get an action shot of him. But he is also contented sleeping on a chair across the room from me, which I also like (unlike some dogs who will remain unnamed, who are only happy when they are touching me LOL)

  5. What beautiful quilts Debby! I had a ‘what i’m crafting on’ post not too long ago too. Mr Monk is adorable as always. You really got some good pictures of him and Noah! he looks totally zonked! 🙂 Thanks for the smile! deb

  6. I love that third square down… everything about it – the pattern, the colors – just make me happy. Also the hyrdrangea quilt. I adore that color of blue/purple.

    See? This is why the world needs people like you Debby. So people like me can have something beautiful to look at – and to buy lol!

  7. I am in LOVE with the first quilt – absolutely gorgeous, Debby! The details are so fun to look at…what a beautiful, beautiful piece.

    The others? So lovely as well! I love the color drifts of the hexagons (and I learned a new term!). Really fun to get a glimpse into your art. 🙂

    Is there nothing cuter than curled up dogs, sleeping? Mr. Monk with his nose planted face down is too cute, and Noah looks so happy – how can a dog smile when he’s asleep? He can when he’s so well-loved, as he obviously is. You’re a good mama!

    • I forgot until this morning that that picture was from Tuesday, when I took Noah for a 5 mile hike! He was zonked!! Even slept through cars driving by.

  8. love the first quilt,do not know marrianne burr but have found details on the web,great work,dogs are just fun,i have a shih tzu name of zorro who has just had a hair cut today and looks great.

  9. Okay, you really should frame that pic of Mr. Monk sitting up and posing for you! So cute! And poor Noah was all tuckered out, wasn’t he?!

    Those quilts are so beautiful!! Love that first one. And the summer hydrangea/brick walkway one too. And the little squares. Well, I love them all! 🙂

  10. I love your Burr quilt – the handwork is lovely! I can see how that must have been a joy to create. And Noah looks like an angel in that picture. Funny how pictures never tell the whole story, huh?

  11. Thanks so much for sharing these with us, Debby! I love seeing your creations. The “Burr” quilt is just exquisite – I especially love the colorful embroidery! And I really like the one with the fans, too.

    I’ll definitely be showing the Mr. Monk gallery to Thing 2 this evening. She came down with a nasty stomach bug that “manifested” itself fully last night, so it was a rough night in Casa del Opposite Family.

  12. Oh, I’m in love!! I adore your embroidered quilt so much. I remember going to Marianne’s site and oohing and ahhing over her painted quilts when you shared the link before. I liked them immensely.

    But I have to say, in all honesty, I love your quilt even more!! You gave it that 3D effect with the embroidery. And I love detailed design and texture and color, and this has it all!

    Fantastic creative work, thank you for sharing it here.

  13. P.S. The pix of the doggies cheered Thing2 greatly! She also loved seeing the quilts. When I explained about the embroidery, she said, “Wow, that’s a lot of work!” Happy to report that she’s feeling a lot better today!

  14. Thank you Debby,
    love what you are working on. Gwen Marston is my favorite quilter. Saw her in Sisters a few years ago I told her I was one of her groupies.:) Her work has greatly influenced me. Love the top quilt .You have put a lot of work into that. Thank you for sharing.

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