Happy Birthday, My Imaginary Friend!

My BIF, Jill, turned 40 today!  I had to use *my* imagination to remember that year.  I think it was a good one!  (For those of you who don’t know Jill, she was the blogger who pushed me gently into starting my own blog, saying All the cool kids are doing it!)

Noah says, “May you find the stick of your dreams!

Mr. Monk recommends a LOOOONNNNG snooze on a very soft sofa.

And Sophie says, “Always think most highly of yourself.  Don’t take any crap from the minions.  And eventually they will recognize you for the Queen that you are.”


Have a great day, Jill!  And have a…NO that is not a margarita!…have a fruit smoothie to celebrate!   (and maybe a cupcake…)



8 thoughts on “Happy Birthday, My Imaginary Friend!

  1. Happy Birthday Jill! What a sweet post, Debby – oh, and I cracked up at your “if you can make granola” comment…so true, so true. And so rare that I actually cooked (baked?) anything!

  2. Happy Birthday Jill. LOVE the dog shots and I cracked up at “may you find the stick of your dreams!” Have a great day Debby

  3. Aw Debs, you’re gonna make me get all misty!!! Thank you so much for sweet birthday post – you are the best imaginary friend I ever had! 😉 I love all the advice from the goggies and I plan on taking Sophie’s words to heart!

  4. Lyn (escape from Obesity) Wrote:
    Yes, we lay tracks for the dogs to follow our scent from one “article” (glove, wallet, sock etc with our scent on it) to another article. For puppy training you put cut up hot dogs or cheese every few feet so they learn to follow the scent track, and they always get treats at the final article. We make the tracks longer and more complex (difficult terrain, turns, length and age of track) and less treats along the way as they progress. So yes, basically learning to track a person’s scent 🙂 Very fun!

    Vickie adds:
    Obviously forget this if you have major hot dog issues, but thought of you immediately as something you might like to do. If he likes to hunt for sticks, he might well enjoy this training.

    • Thanks for thinking of me Vickie. I have a friend that does tracking, and she and her dogs love it. My main issue is time. That kind of training is not something I am willing to invest in right now. Sophie might like it better than Noah! He seems to operate more by sight than by scent, which fascinates me. I’ve never had a dog like that.

  5. Happy birthday to all March babies! I love your doggie photos. Bella and I just returned from a romp through the woods at lunch time. What a thrill and a half. (We don’t get out enough, obviously.)
    Happy bday to Jill. My bday was on the 9th. Yay. But I am WAY older than 40. Dammit.

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