What’s Been Going On

Earth’s crammed with heaven

And every common bush afire with God;

But only he who see, takes off his shoes;

The rest sit around it and pluck blackberries.

Elizabeth Barrett Browning

This morning I read this quote.  Its a favorite of mine.  I grabbed my camera on the way out the door with Noah.  Looking for wonders and springtime.

Look at all the greens in this picture.

Love mossy stumps.

I never saw these bushes with the hanging pods before today.  Today they were everywhere!

A stump with a miniature ‘forest’ on top of it.


And closest!  Doesn’t this remind you of Dr. Seuss?

I’m hungry.  Yep, fourth Monday of fasting.  Its fascinating really.  So much extra time in the day.  And I find I am extra creative with my quilting on these days.

There is so much swirling around in my head, and ideas for  more concise, meaningful  blogs.  But its easier to just write down the thoughts as they come.  Which usually isn’t so organized.  Here’s one of the things I’ve been thinking about.

I have read so much about weight loss and maintenance in the past year or so.  Some of it has led me far afield.  Some of it was encouraging, and some of it was VERY discouraging.  Some of it ‘made’ me gain weight.  Some of it gave me insights into why I might have started overeating as a child.  Probably all of it was useful in some ways.

But here’s the thing.  Yes.  We all KNOW weight loss and especially maintenance is hard.  If you want to maintain the loss, you will have to work at it.  You probably won’t get a break (great post by Diane.)  There will be times you want to stress eat, and times you might re-gain some of the weight (no need to look further than this blog LOL.)

If you want to accomplish something great that is very hard to do, like for example, being a concert pianist, ALWAYS listening to how hard it is might not be the best thing to do.  Its good to be informed.  Its good to know the truth, and to have all the information that is available.  But then, you just have to set your mind to it, look at the positive aspects, and forge your way.

This thing is going to look different for each of us.  The people who insist that their way is the ONLY way are driving me nuts.  Grains have been around for THOUSANDS of years, for goodness sakes.  Some very thin people eat white rice every single day.  The French, doggone it, manage to eat butter on everything evidently.

So I guess I’m saying, I’m gonna stick mostly with reading  books and blogs that will encourage me right now.  I’m not going to take a break.  I’m going to look at what has worked in the past, eliminate what I know does not work, and keep on eating healthy food.  I am going to be open to new information, and willing to try new (healthy) foods.  I am not going to stop enjoying food.  Ever.

Oh, and I am going to continue to exercise in such a way that it is something I can do long term.  For me that means walking at least once a day, and many times two times a day.  Probably at least an hour a day.  Thirty minutes at the gym seems to do it for me.  I can get in a very good workout in thirty minutes. I’m hoping to get back in the pool this summer.  I don’t think I will ever be a cold weather swimmer.  I might try some new things because they say that is helpful for your body.  I have been adding in some different exercises at the gym, and I can tell that new muscles are being challenged.

Doggie pics of the day.  Noah got a bath on Saturday.  Fluffy doggie for at least one day…

The usual suspects.  In the usual chair.

I love this picture of Noah, even if it is fuzzy and there is a shadow on his face.
Hope everyone has a wonderful week.  Back to work tomorrow (27 shifts left!!)

19 thoughts on “What’s Been Going On

  1. Loved and totally agreed with what you said about not constantly filling our heads with the “it’s so hard” message. I agree… get informed and be teachable.

    But it is sooo important what seeds we plant in the garden of our mind. And those studies that insist that only 5% (or whatever the most popular per cent is at the moment) will be able to keep the weight off… those drive me nutso!

    Because… I read the research of a woman who looked into the SOURCE of the facts they used in the first of those “reports” way back when, and that have been quoted and re-quoted, ad nauseam.

    And she discovered the whole hypothesis was based upon people who were in clinics because they had trouble losing weight in the first place… not a cross-section of the general population. THE DATA WAS SCEWED, in other words.

    The actual success per cent is much much higher… can’t remember off the top of my head what she quoted, but I do remember being very encouraged.

    So, hard as it may be… you are aware and determined, and have a great attitude. I am sure you will be successful. 🙂


    • Loretta! What a GREAT phrase–But it is sooo important what seeds we plant in the garden of our mind. Thanks for sharing that.

  2. Such a reflective post. I think it is important to go into a weight loss journey with eyes wide open that it doesn’t end when you get to goal.

    The learning never stops (which is a good thing) and finding what works for each of us as individuals is the important thing.

  3. Paul said in one of his letters that many things are good, but not all things are helpful (that’s my translation via my memory – LOL!). I’ve come to learn that about BlogLand. There are millions of resources/blogs out there, many of which are very, very good. But not all of them are helpful to me. It is up to me to be smart enough to weed out those that don’t provide encouragement. And what is encouraging to me might look very different than what is encouraging to someone else. But, like you, I have the most problem with those who seem trying to convince the rest of us that one particular way is the only way to success. I’m so thankful to have voices of reason like yours, that tell me differently!

  4. I’m still cracking up at the thought of you ODing on B12 from the gummies – that is SO something I would do!

    Thanks for the shout out – I’m glad what I wrote connected.

    And I found it interesting, your take on enjoying food, and the grain haters vs the myriad of other ways of eating, as I’ve seriously been wondering if I should cut out all grains (and not just the whites). But you know what? I managed to lose weight when I was eating multi-grain this and whole wheat that, and quinoa – and I don’t want to not eat all of that. So for me, it’s portion control. It worked then, and I know it will work now. I tell you what – some days, I am just OVER thinking about it – I just want to live and eat simply. Is that so hard?

    OK, I didn’t mean to write my own blog post in your comments. 😉 Love the miniature forest on the stump – wonderful that you took the time to notice it! And the dogs – Mr. Monk is so cute, sleeping with his head on the Queen. Love! And Noah, so expressive. He’s a good boy.

  5. My extra girl comes from one of the cultures of the rice eaters. No running water (they carry) and major walking every day and still washing clothes by hand. Her mother opens cans with a knife and a hammer (think of the effort in that! not to mention the danger). Also no heat and no airconditioning, so the body is working year round. And yes, most of them gain weight when they come here and stop moving as much. but my girl still struggles to put on needed weight. she is holding at her low weight. But of her friends, she is the only one. the rest gain at an alarming weight and then have as much of a struggle to get it off as we all do.

    • Exactly. I think a lot of ‘diets’ (even maintenance diets) work because they are ‘food limiting.’ In other words, certain categories of food are just eliminated, so you automatically eat less. Obviously in these countries they eat rice because that is plentiful, and not much else is.

      In Africa where I was, pretty vegetarian diet (just because meat was not as plentiful.) Mostly rice and various beans, actually. And although I was around soccer players a lot, the life was slow there. Plenty of sitting around.

      I imagine when someone comes to this country, the unlimited food choices must be overwhelming. I think the woman who wrote ‘French Women Don’t Get Fat’ experienced this when she came to America.

  6. LOVE.

    That’s what I’m feeling right now. This paragraph alone is worth the whole blog!

    “This thing is going to look different for each of us. The people who insist that their way is the ONLY way are driving me nuts. Grains have been around for THOUSANDS of years, for goodness sakes. Some very thin people eat white rice every single day. The French, doggone it, manage to eat butter on everything evidently.”

    It’s you and Lori and Shelley who give me hope for maintenance. You’re real life maintainers. Not perfect, but perfectly real. Thank you for that.

    I’m sort of sucking at the weight ‘loss’ thing right now but I hope maybe I can give you some exercise inspiration back!

  7. I was thinking about what you said – I think I have mentioned before – I stay totally away from the studies and the stats and anything with the word ‘diet’. One could lose themselves (and their focus) in that data. And honestly, it feels like excuses to me, most of the time.

    I go back to
    what do I mean to be doing?
    what am I actually doing?
    is it working?

    in my own journey. that is focus for me. I don’t get caught up or lost in those 3 sentences. I am perfectly willing to look at my reality.

    I also don’t seem to get lost in working on the ‘inner stuff’. It is not excuses to me. It is dealing with the buried feelings. But it does not impact what I DO to take care of myself. I am not wallowing. It has a lot to do with stripping off all those layers/pounds/fat of protection from the outside world. I guess when I stripped them off, I had to deal with what was there.

    Very good post. you made me think (a lot).

    • I used the word diet in its original definition: “food and drink regularly consumed.” Its too bad when words have been misused for so long that they lose their original meaning.

      • didn’t mean your use of word ‘diet’, I meant media’s use (as you said, used oddly most of the time now). If the media is taking about diet, I avoid it.

  8. I liked this post a lot. Interesting perspective on what we choose to “feed” our minds. That’s why I try to limit my interactions with negative people – I don’t want the brain pollution!

    Love the pics of clean Noah and cuddling M and S. I don’t know if I’ve ever seen them snuggling before!

  9. While I’m definitely NOT a “one way/only way” person (and am as disgusted by them as you), I know I can be Debra Downer, so I forgive you if you have to take a vacation from my ramblings from time to time. These ramblings were necessary for me this year. And I do like the stats. Even when they’re grim, I have found them helpful. Before I knew the stats, I didn’t understand the full ramifications of maintenance. There are far more people (naturally trim, generally) telling us it’s simpler than it is. As with all things Maintenance, however, it’s about balance. Some days you gotta grab the ugly reality, and other days you gotta grab for beauty. That’s real too. (Love your Dr. Seuss stump.)

    Today, I’m fussing about my upcoming colonoscopy, and I need some maintainer friends to jump in. I’ve asked my other community to “back off.” If you have time, drop by, especially if you’ve done the colonoscopy thing yourself. I need advice.

  10. The eye candy you just gave in the form of green, green, green has brightened my day. Nothing like that here but I’m at least now hopeful!
    I love your attitude regarding your weight loss: that you will keep on keeping on. And you are right in that it’s never, ever done. That is a misconception that even I had while I was losing. Each day brings new challenges. We do the best we can do 🙂

  11. Great post, I like when you said ” I am going to continue to exercise in such a way that it is something I can do long term.” I NEED to do the same

  12. Your photos are gorgeous! You must live in a beautiful place. I also agree with what you said about most everything. It’s just good common sense, and that is what saves us when all is said and done. Your thoughts on maintenance are so wise, and good for someone like me to think about, even though I have not reached that milestone yet. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I always enjoy hearing from you, Debby.

  13. I have to take a step to the side now and then, too. Inhale and exhale a bit and remind myself that people mean well when they insist there’s only one right way to eat or move or live.

    I’m so happy you’re staying true to what you know works for you and is good for you and will keep your mind, body, and spirit in the game. That’s my plan, too!

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