I Don’t Think It Rained Today

It’s hard to imagine that we had a day without rain, but I think we did.  When I was out for a walk with the dogs this afternoon,  the sun came out for a couple of minutes.  It freaked me out a little.

Little rivulets of water are running downhill everywhere.  It fascinates me.  Big trees have just fallen over.  There was one on our road with the root end just sticking halfway across the road.  So far I don’t see any leaning trees on my property.

Today I went to a different church.  Is it wrong that a Pinkberry in the vicinity was maybe 10% of the reason I went there?

I don’t think I ever mentioned the first time I went to this church.  They put on a conference called Intersections-Faith and the Arts.  It was SO GOOD.  So good for me to hear other Christian artists talk about their journey.  It made me so excited to be retiring soon and be able to spend more consistent time working at my quilting.  I met this woman, who does pysanky eggs.  Here’s a  picture of some of her work.  Aren’t they fabulous?  I have actually tried this once, so I know how very hard it is to do.

Eggs.  That reminds me.  I have been loving this eggnog flavored tea that I got at Christmas time. It’s by Bigelow–be sure to look for it next year.  I heat up a cup of 1/2 water, 1/2 unsweetened vanilla almond breeze, and steep the teabag in it.  Yummy.  Very calming in the evening.

I worked two days in a row this week.  Granted, one of them was a six hour day.  If every work day was only six hours long, I don’t think I would be retiring right now.  I love those days. I love the way I feel at the end of the work day.  I love the way I feel later that evening.  I feel exactly the opposite about the twelve hour days.  Sometimes I worry that I am being foolish retiring early when I hear my work friends talk about retiring at sixty to get the maximum pension.  But mostly I cannot conceive of working for another 3 1/2 years.  Mostly I can’t conceive of working another 23 shifts LOL.

Well, this was a ramble and a half.  My main reason for writing today was to announce that I am going to give away one book a week.  Gently used books.  Books I’ve read, and know I am not going to read again.  I don’t actually like mailing things, so I bought five mailer envelopes.  Five books are already in the envelopes waiting for the winner’s address.  That way they might actually get mailed out in a decent amount of time…

Today’s book is Rethinking Thin.  I did a little review of this book here.  This book does do a good job of reviewing the history of scientific research about weight loss.  And if you remember what I wrote about it before, I have been chewing my food very thoroughly since reading it.  If any of you want this book just leave a comment.  If more than one of you want the book, I will write your names on scraps of paper and put them in a bowl and have Noah choose one of them.  Then I will pry Noah’s mouth open and try to read the name on the scrap of paper.  (Noah loves paper.  This is actually a daily occurrence in the house…) (p.s. why can’t I EVER spell occurrence correctly?)

16 thoughts on “I Don’t Think It Rained Today

  1. That made me laugh – going to the church near the Pinkberry! 🙂 God is in the small things as well as the great ones, though, no?

    Glad you’re not having tree trouble. So far, we’ve been good on the drive to school (knocks wood). We had a little sun today, too, and some on Friday, so I wasn’t quite as grumpy about more rain tonight.

    • You’re right! God must have been in on the creation of Pinkberry yogurt, because it is heavenly LOL!

      Ooh, those are some big trees on your drive to the school. Do Redwoods have shallow roots? I’ve been surprised at the oaks and pines that have fallen. It looks like they don’t have enough roots.

  2. I would love to have that book. Thought I had it when you wrote about it before, but couldn’t find it so I’d either borrowed it or given my own copy away. I’d love to have yours, especially if you made any notes or comments in the margins!!

    It’s raining here too and the dreaded “s” word has been mentioned for the mountains.

  3. I am too more in the ‘cleaning out’ than the ‘adding to’ phase. So don’t add me (or keep me at the top so noah eats my slip and everyone else is safe).

    our weather has been all over the place too.

    eggs are truly beautiful.

  4. I remember one particularly rainy year while I was still living in the bay area – I was going to college and walked a ton, all over campus…my classes were really spread out, and parking was easily a quarter mile at the minimum from where ever I was lucky enough to find a spot in the lot. While I was in great shape (and of course didn’t realize it), I just remember being wet all the time. Soaked shoes, jeans that wicked water up toward my knees, wet head…it was bad. And that’s what your rainy weather is reminding me of – so when you actually have a “no rain” day, you almost don’t realize it! I sure hope it dries up soon, and stays dry for a while. Geez, you guys have had enough!

    The eggs are beautiful. I have a painted egg from Hungary that reminds me of those.

    I was just telling Jeff about Pinkberry (as we sat at Red Mango) yesterday. GMTA???

    Don’t enter me for this book, but I may enter the next one, depending on what it is. Trying to only enter giveaways when I really want the prize. LOVE your method of choosing the winner – Noah will be so pleased – “Mom WANTS me to eat paper?!?” LOL

    • OMGosh, it was wonderful yesterday. I had coconut and pomegranite sans toppings (thanks to you!) When I checked online, their coconut has the most calories. Still, most worthy.

  5. Ahh those eggs are beautiful! Upteen years ago i tried painting eggs. Not in that style but just however i wanted. I looked back on them later and went to throw them away , so disappointed i was in their quality but hubby dug them out of the trash , miracously unbroken and he has those xmas themed eggs hanging by his desk everyday. When i ask why he says cause i made them…….awwwww…..I just see them as an embarressment because i think i could do better and he thinks i’m too hard on myself….
    You know deb maybe after you’ve been retired a while you’ll find a part time job thats just right up your alley and you’ll enjoy doing. 23 more shifts! Hang in there! I remember when i was counting down my days last fall. It seemed like forever then BAM the last week flew by.
    hugs, deb

  6. Ha! Your comment about the sun coming out (“it freaked me out a little”) got a big laugh out of me!! I’m glad you got a little bit o’ sun though.

    Those eggs are so purty! I don’t think I have the patience for anything like that.

  7. Hi Debby,

    I don’t blame you for going to the “Pinkberry Church.” I wish we had a Pinkberry or any other kind of good frozen yogurt around here. I hope the rain lets up for a good while and may you have some sunshine in your life–at least for a while!

    P.S. Like Vickie, I’m “cleaning out” these days! But yet the title of the book intrigues me.l

  8. Those eggs are very pretty! Don’t enter me into the drawing as I have read that book (good book, btw).

    I don’t blame you about wanting to retire. There are plenty of other things you can do in 3-1/2 years to earn some more money if you want.

  9. Hi Debby,
    I feel the same way when I have an eight hour shift. Throw my name in the mouth (Noah’s) for the book. 🙂

  10. So happy you can do the early retirement thing….. I work for the State of illinois and of course now that I am about a year and a half away from early retirement, it appears they are going to change the rules…. so right now I don’t know what will happen, they want people to work until they are age 67…..

  11. I would love to read that book. I have been on/off this journey for many years. I am now having health concerns (high blood pressure/cholesterol) and would like to get fit and healthy (not thin).

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