Subject to Change Without Notice

Very quick post tonight!  I have spent a good part of the day planning my trip to Whidbey Island this summer.  A lot of details are taken care of.  Like the dates and the people.  But I am a little frustrated with the other reservations.  I’ll get it done in the next couple of days I am sure.  I had the flight and car rental completely done, and at the last minute Hotwire said, that flight is not available.  But then they said it looks like you’ve booked a flight already, and my bank account has something weird going on, like a hold on the funds or something…aaargh.  Like I said, in the next couple of days I’ll get it done.  So aside from that frustration, I am VERY EXCITED about this trip.  It is going to be just wonderful.  More about that later.

Today I had some most excellent food.  Ha.  Big surprise.  I’m trying to choose food that is satisfying and will also hold me for a long time.  So for breakfast I had that Fabulous Quinoa Breakfast.  And can I just say–it was FAB-U-LOUS!!!  You’d think I was getting royalties for coercing you guys trying my recipes.

Did a bunch of chores after breakfast and headed out for a walk with Noah.  Wanted to do the three mile loop and try race-walking the whole way.  Its hard to race-walk up and down hills.  But we really trucked it.  Still took a whole hour.  Unbelievably, I was not thinking about what I wanted to eat for lunch the whole time.  I still didn’t have an idea when I got home, except I didn’t want to spend a lot of time fixing it.  I checked a couple of blogs and came across MIz’s smoothie recipe (that I had bookmarked.)  I followed the general outline of the recipe, and tried not to think too much about how many calories were in it.  All great foods.  Anyway, it was FAB-U-LOUS too!  I had a fresh mango that I used in it, and a couple of frozen banana cubes, spinach for the greens.  I had a toasted magic roll with it.   That kept me full until dinner time.  Now that’s a good smoothie.

Okay, here’s the part that’s subject to change without notice.  I want to get back down to the 100 pounds lost (that would be a goal of 155 for me.)  Remember, I had adjusted my goal up to 168 back in the fall?  And then I gained 6 pounds over Christmas/Africa?  Yeah.  174.  Don’t think I’ve printed those exact numbers on this blog.  But something happened.  Well, a couple of things happened.  Helen asked how people lost their weight.  Which made me think back on what had worked for me.  And then good buddy Jill (I don’t know why I talk like that.  Sounds like a trucker or something.  I would never say that in person.)  ANYWAY, Jill wrote a blog about how she is ready to ‘get it done.’ And we are going to be accountability partners!  So fun!

I really don’t agree with setting dates for weight loss.  But I’m gonna do it anyway.  The day we started was Saturday the 26th.  And it just so happens that I am leaving for Washington on July 26.  Exactly 4 months.  That gives me four months to lose 19 pounds.  I know it can be done, but not without a LOT of diligence.  We shall see.

Noah has a good friend, Mr. Taylor, who writes a blog about his owner’s rug hooking and other activities.  Here’s a link to a particularly hilarious entry.

10 thoughts on “Subject to Change Without Notice

  1. “Whidbey Island (historical spelling Whidby) is one of nine islands located in Island County, Washington, in the United States. Whidbey is located about 30 miles (48 km) north of Seattle, and lies between the Olympic Peninsula and the I-5 corridor of western Washington. The island forms the northern boundary of Puget Sound.”

    When I clicked on the link and saw the beautiful picture, I thought you were on your way to England.

    I have been writing (for a long time now) that It took me 6 mos almost exactly to lose my last 20lbs. But as I just sat and counted on my fingers, I think it was actually 5 mos.

    I took it on (those last pounds) sort of like it was a full time job. (Not saying you can’t do it in 4 mos, but you might have to put in some over time.)

    It will be very interesting to read about what you sort of ‘rediscover’ through this process. About your food and exercise of course, but also about change in your body and how you feel this time around with so many years of experience.

    My last 20lbs was calmer. It was more focused. I had a lot more faith in myself. I was on a mission. Much more get in, get it done, settle back into maintenance.

    • Oops, I did say Washington later in the post, but I didn’t connect the two. I’m also going to Victoria, which is on Vancouver Island (BC) and that might be even more like the British Isles. It is a very beautiful place.

      I think there might be some differences since this is the same 19 and not the last 20. I know that the times before when I have gone from 168 to 155 I really had to pay attention and work it (not quite full time LOL) and it very well might be harder this time. And I also know a little better what I will have to do to maintain that weight. We’ll see.

  2. Breaker breaker one-nine good buddy. We got a convoy up ahead and watch out for that smokey.
    Everything I learned about trucker talk came out of the 70’s. My dad used to have a cb radio (who didn’t?) and his handle was Haystack, so mine was Haystack, Jr. I still don’t know what that means, but at the time I thought it was fun!

    I don’t like setting dates for a weight either, but it does help with the focus, don’t you think?

    When did you decide to do this Whidbey trip? Is this just for fun or for something else?

    That Mr. Taylor is a hoot! Now I want to make some mice for my cat Lucy. I think she would love them!

    • Haha, thanks for the am trucker talk.

      Yeah, the whole thing about the date. Well, the date is already there (I’m leaving then) so its kind of just fun to think about weighing less by then.

      The Whidbey trip is the one where I am going to take private lessons from Marianne Burr, that quilter that I have referred to several times. Then I added on a little more vacation to it. Got the flight and car reservations done this morning! And have just about decided where to stay (its very expensive up there.)

      Aren’t those miceys cute?

  3. Nothing like a good old accountability partner to keep you on the up and up. You can do this, I know you can. Remember, eat real food, in smaller portions – and you have permission to skip the liver and lima beans!

  4. I think you can achieve your goal if you truly want to, and that is a question only you can answer.

    I am toying with this myself about losing some more weight. I got the Christmas weight off, why can I not continue on with that?

  5. How come I picture you saying “FAB-U-LOUS” in a high-pitched voice? LOL

    Nice new goal! I’ve been contemplating trying to get a bit more weight off, myself. I guess we all have to find our comfort zone, and decide if we are ready to leave it. Good luck – I bet you reach your goal before your vacation. 🙂

  6. Oooo, that sounds like a wonderful trip! Glad you get to go and learn in such a beautiful place!

    Good luck to you & Jill with your goals! I like Cammy’s take on it – how much better you’ll feel with being on track. I’ve been feeling a bit like I’m coasting – just doing the minimal things – but maybe it’s time to buckle back down again and see where it takes me….

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