And the Winner Is…

I almost forgot to choose the winner of the ‘Rethinking Thin’ book.

Noah takes his responsibilities very seriously.

Feigning indifference to the chore ahead:

Only one winner can be chosen:

Who will it be???

A winner is chosen!

And the winner is:

Deb!!!  Send me your address and I’ll get the book in the mail tomorrow.

Can you guys believe Noah did this for me?  Especially when I am always saying NO!  No paper!!! We even did it a second time to get a second place winner, just in case.  Each time he delicately pulled one paper out of the bowl.  I did crumple them nicely so they were especially attractive to him.  And yes, I practically have to use the jaws of life to extract paper from his mouth.  We’re working on that one still.

7 thoughts on “And the Winner Is…

  1. Whoopsy…….i scrolled down thinking just maybe there was another Deb but…….nope……..sorry Debby i misunderstood. I just left you a comment for the sake of leaving you a comment. I thought we had to tell you ‘in’ the comment that we wanted the book. I’ll be more careful next time. I’m glad you already pulled a second place person. I’m so sorry!! Please give Noah a hug for though for pulling my name but i really wouldn’t read the book.

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