Miracles and Other Stuff

Diane wrote a very good post about that ‘Magic Moment,’ referring to the moment that actually started her on her successful weight loss journey.  Other people call it an ‘aha moment.’  I thought  back to when I started this whole weight loss thing.  It never seemed like it was one moment.  It was more of a process.  I think of it as a miracle.  I emailed APJ (accountability partner Jill) and asked her if she thought this was going to be our magic moment.

I grabbed Noah and headed out the door for a nice long walk.  I have so many brilliant bloggy thoughts on my walks.  I should take a tape recorder with me.  What?  They don’t make tape recorders anymore???  Anyway, by the time I get around to writing something, my thoughts have disintegrated a little bit.  And then I go back and read some of my old blog entries, trying to find a reference to something or other, and I see that I was thinking/writing/doing the same old thing TWO YEARS AGO.  And I get all embarrassed and decide never to write another blog.

Well, in essence, what I was thinking about was the decision/effort/goal to re-lose the 19 pounds.  Wondering if this time it was going to ‘take.’  Thinking about all the factors that go into that.  And, thinking about the ‘unknown’ factors about our bodies.  And there are some things that are unknown about our bodies.  You just might as well accept that as fact.  Yesterday at work I sat in on a family conference, similar to many of these family conferences I have sat in on over the years.  They are always heartbreaking.  In fact, the first one I ever sat in, I thought to myself, now I know what it means to have a broken heart.  And I am not even the parent.  Parent People, you better be darn thankful for your perfectly formed children .  Oops, got a little off track there.  The point I wanted to make was this:   in these conferences they will go through the various body systems of the baby, talk about the things that aren’t working, what we have done to try to fix them, and the doctor will say over and over in reference to various problems we don’t know. And that is at a university teaching hospital with some of the most brilliant doctors in the world working together as a team.  Our bodies are fearfully and wonderfully made.

I’m not saying all that as an excuse to fail.  In fact, I’m still feeling very positive about the whole thing.  Hee hee.  Got four whole days under my belt.  What am I doing differently?  I think mostly I’m trying to stretch out the time between meals until I actually feel hungry.  Still eating great food, but not eating for the pure joy of eating.  Thinking twice before I reach for a little snack of this or that.  Except the baby carrots.  I am allowing myself to crunch on those.  Still chewing my food quite a bit.

I took a lot of pictures on our walk today.  Some big and some little miracles.  Some just ‘other stuff.’  First thing I noticed was the beautiful blue sky.  Wonderful to see after almost two weeks of nonstop clouds and rain.

Next thing I heard was some VERY happy froggies.  I looked over, and there was a pond where there used to be just a hollowed out area.  This is never a pond.  How do those frogs find it??  Its  a miracle, I tell you!

Here’s the little stream by our mail boxes.

This is NOT a miracle.  Does anybody know what poison oak looks like?  Is this it?  It grows on the path to ‘my’ little waterfall.  I’m not allergic to poison oak, but I don’t want to test it either.

This is the first time I’ve ventured down to the waterfall since all of our rain.  It was quite wonderful.  I was on the watchout for hobos, bears, and those vicious banana slugs.

Isn’t it pretty?

Walked down a steep hill so I could get a different shot:

Wanted to get a more complete picture of the waterfall and stream, but the darn trees were in the way.

Then I thought about what nature photographers must go through to get just the right shot, and I took a chance.  Put one foot on one of these mossy rocks, the other foot on the other rock, and held onto that little tree trunk (and Noah,)

and got a much better shot!

Oh, this is my favorite shot of the day.  I noticed these little succulent type of plants growing out of this rock wall on the way home.  Isn’t that a little miracle, that plants can grow out of a rock wall?  Love the textures and colors in this picture.

Here’s a picture of the rock wall:

Oh, I saw this on my way home and it cracked me up.  Could be its been there forever, and I haven’t noticed.  Years ago I had a girl at work make me some rabbit signs pointing the way to my house (the ears point the way.)  (Did you all know that I raised angora rabbits for a while?)  Anyway, whether the sign says NO HUNTING RABBITS, or NO HUNTING  SCHNABELS, I agree with its sentiments LOL.

Ohhhh, lookie what time of year it is!

I got a gander of the stick dance that the trainer described:

And then Mom said that was enough of that.

These daffodils STANDING has to be considered a miracle.  This is the same pot I showed in this post.  They got hit by even more snow and rain after that picture was taken.

Gonna sign off.  And make myself a bowl of the apple blackberry sour cream pie in a bowl. Habanada!

16 thoughts on “Miracles and Other Stuff

  1. “I was on the watchout for hobos, bears, and those vicious banana slugs.”

    Not sure I have seen someone (weight loss/maintenance blog land) use the word hobo before today.

    Loved all the pics

  2. How incredibly lucky you are to be able to WALK to views like this. I have to drive 45 minutes to see water like that and still consider myself lucky to be so close. But to be able to walk….I’d never get anything productive done!!

    I’m rooting for you on the 19 pounds. I bet you’ll get it done!

    • Sharon, that is a tiny little waterfall. But still beautiful IMO. I think of it as my alternative to having a water feature in my own yard. A lot less work and a lot more beautiful.

  3. Debby- it sure is beautiful where you live. I would so love to go out there and take a walk with you.

    My mind has been in such a swirl with health information and nutrition and then seeing so many people committing to things lately. I may just have to do a go ’round myself.

    I laughed when you said you were saying and doing the same things 2 years ago because I notice the same thing with my blog and wonder why I have any readers at all LOL!

  4. Every time I go to name a blog post I think I should also go back and check to see if I’ve already named one that. As I said in my blog the other day, “There’s nothing new under the sun.” What goes around will eventually come back around but it’s all good, right?

    I think maybe you’ll know you have your click or whatever you want to call it when you’re able to stick it out once the going gets rougher.

    Beautiful photos as usual. I love daffodils – they’re so determined!

  5. They make little digital tape recorders – not very expensive, and quite handy. My parents got one to take to all of my mom’s doctor appointments because, as you know, what you hear is not always what you hear. But it would be perfect for your walks, plus you would look like Maxwell Smart every time you whipped it out to talk into it. 🙂

    You live in such a gorgeous area. Almost looks worth the snow you have to deal with! And stick-boy looks pretty happy…love that!

  6. Gorgeous photo’s!! I had to smile when you were talking about a tape recorder. I use the recorder on my phone when i’m on walks to record blog thoughts because otherwise i totally forget them.

  7. Okay, first, I love being referred to as APJ. Love it!

    Second, my mp3 player has a voice recorder on it. I’ve never used it, but I think I might. Oh, and you know what? My phone has one too! There’s no telling what sort of things I could record – I talk to myself all the time.

    And yes, I am very fortunate to have 3 well-formed childrens. I often wonder how it is that God decided to give ME such great kids.

    I stepped on a slug once. And then I cried a little because it was so icky. I don’t like icky things. Bah!

    The sky is blue? It’s been gray and cloudy here for so long that I had forgotten what color it is. Le sigh.

    I am so envious of the scenery you live amongst. I’ll have to take a photo journey of my “scenery” for you sometime so you will be appreciate how beautiful yours is compared to mine!

    Okay, now that I’ve commented on every single sentence of your post, I’ll stop. 🙂

  8. Oh, I *am* thankful. Your post reminded me of when I was in the hospital (just before our son was born), and there was some pretty heartbreaking stuff happening to another couple in the other side of the room from me. Gave my kids some huge hugs after reading this post.

    And what a lovely waterfall! I do love a good water feature. 🙂

    Mr. H&H saw one od Noah’s kindred souls on the drive home from school the other day: a dog carrying a small log of a stick, he said the stick appeared to be about 5 inches in diameter.

    I’m not sure how deep redwood roots run, but they must be deep. There have been some trees down on the smaller roads, but the main highway has been okay so far. Whew!

    And you have some truly miraculous daffodils. Snails ate mine, but left the narcissus. Go figure!

  9. DVRs … (Digital Voice Recorders) with a neckstrap… light, maybe a little pricey, but I SO know what you mean about having great topics to write about and then somehow the thoughts disappear like dew in the morning (not that we have dew in Arizona… ha!).

    Fabulous pictures… I love my part of the desert, but ooohhhh.. to have moss, and a stream somewhere close enough to be taking pictures while walking the dog… that is fabulous and beautiful.

    AP ~ hmmmm… food for thought ~ to have an accountability partner… Last season’s Food Network Star winner had an accountability group, which, from her blog http://www.aartipaarti.com/ she talks about quite a bit; and lookie… she has achieved her dream!! What a great thing ♥.

    I just found you site, and love it!
    ♫ ♪ C in Arizona

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