Home Again!

Hi all!  I missed you all!  I’ve visited most of your blogs, but there’s no way I can catch up on commenting.  I think I’ll just continue on from here.  That was almost an entire week with no access to a computer!  (Of course my friend has a computer, but I told her ahead of time I was going to take a break from email and blogging.)

I haven’t driven up to Oregon in the springtime for quite a long time.  We used to go up there for dog shows every year, and I loved all the blooming trees and bushes along the roadside and even at the rest stops.

People always ask, “What are you going to DO?  Well, when me and my best friend are together, it actually doesn’t matter that much what we are going to DO.  We just enjoy each other’s company no matter what we do.  That said, we do spend a good part of our time sewing, quilting, looking at fabric, reading quilting books, and taking quilting classes.  Oh, and we watch A LOT of movies, and eat quite a bit of popcorn.

Almost every visit, my BFF offers to let me quilt one of my big quilt tops on her long arm machine.  We both think it is SUCH a good idea.  After this year we pinkie swore that we would never do this again.  I’m telling you, its like trying to produce fine art with a jackhammer.  I have such admiration for my BFF and other longarm quilters who do such beautiful work.  It doesn’t seem like much exercise, but the muscles you have to use to hold very still have to count for something!  Here’s a picture of the kind of machine I was working on.

All that said, I did get one quilt top basted and ready to be quilted, and I completely quilted another large quilt top (I’ll show you some pictures in the next day or so.)

So.  I usually take a ton of pictures when I am in Oregon.  But my BFF has moved from the country to the city, and there just didn’t seem to be the photo opportunities that I found at her last house.  The only picture I took was on the drive home today.  This was such a gorgeous scene, and there was a place to pull off the highway right there.  Otherwise, I just enjoyed all the gorgeous scenery without recording it.  Sorry ’bout that.

And here’s the scenes from the couch tonight:

Sophie was snoring more than Mr. Monk!

Noah will be home tomorrow, and I’ll probably be more coherent then too.

Food and exercise report:  Only got in two good walks, and of course the intensive upper body workout on the longarm machine LOL.  I took the fixin’s for the Spackle 2.0 with me, and I had that every single day for breakfast.  This stuff can hold me for 6 hours, and for 320 calories, that’s a good deal.  For lunch I had yogurt or cottage cheese with fruit and walnuts almost every single day.  We fixed dinner at home a couple of nights, and ate out a few nights.  Overall, I’d give myself a ‘B’ for food choices and volume consumed.  That said, I do not plan to weigh myself until Saturday.  Gonna give myself a chance to ‘even out.’


13 thoughts on “Home Again!

  1. Welcome home Debby! I’m so happy you had such a nice time. We are planning a trip to Austin next month. They are have an Art Festival . Woohoo! Never been to one so i’m excited. Now if gas prices would just come down. Hugs! deb

  2. missed you! very glad you had a good time. I agree – smart to just let everything wash out for a couple days before getting on the scale. for a minute, I thought it was time for Sister’s Quilt show (but then looked it up and realized that is in middle of summer).

  3. Glad you’re home – and that you had such a wonderful visit! That long arm machine and the contraption surrounding it looks scary to me. Y’all are brave women to tackle it!

    Love the picture of curled up Sophie – her fur looks so smooth, I feel like I can reach into my computer screen and pet her!

  4. That is such a dear picture of Mr. Monk. And I’ll be real interested in seeing that quilt. Love the colors. A bunch of folks from my church went to the MCC sale (Mennonite Central Committee) in central Kansas last weekend. I’m going to try to go next year. Really fab quilts.

  5. Welcome Home Debby!!!! (I’ve missed your blog, had some browser issues and was only able to view your titles – glad I’m sorted out now and can come back to visit. And just have to say…AWWWWW…..the dogs are sooo cute. have a great day

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