Feeling the Need to Blog a Bit

Feeling the need to blog a bit.  Even though I should be going to bed.  Tomorrow is our sewing day and I am bringing the lunch.  So exciting.  A sewing day that is safe!  You know what I mean.  Not that there are explosives at sewing day.  Just that there is usually WAY too much tempting food at sewing day.

So here’s my plan.  First, I roasted a whole chicken last night, because whole chickens were on sale.  Do you guys do this?  SO easy, and so much tastier than those rotisserie chickens in the grocery store.  Sometimes I stuff the cavity with lemons and onion, and squirt the lemon juice over the top of the chicken along with some garlic salt.  This time I just sprayed the top with pam and sprinkled  on some italian seasonings.  Scrumptious.  But that’s a lot of chicken for one person.  So the leftovers will be shredded for the salad.  Then I got some fuji apples for 38 cents a pound.  So there will be some chopped apples in the salad.  I got a pack of those romaine hearts at the store–chop chop.  in the salad.  Let’s see, got some almond slivers in the cupboard (impulse purchase from Costco) a few dried cranberries for color, some shredded carrots, and either goat or blue cheese–got both in the cheese drawer.  Must use up before they go bad.

I made some microwave applesauce today.  Does everybody know how to do this?  Basically follow the directions for the pear spread over on my recipe blog.  I peeled and cored some fuji apples (they were on sale, what can I say?)  Then put them in the food processor on chop.  That thing is pretty nifty.  I’m still just learning how to use it.  The apples take longer to cook than the pears, but only 1-3 minutes longer.  I added a lot of cinnamon instead of the ginger and vanilla in the pears.  This was so good mixed in with some cottage cheese and walnuts for lunch.  Sometimes I don’t take pictures of my food because everything, it seems, looks a little like baby food or cat food.  You gotta believe me, it tastes great!  I also had some fresh broccoli for lunch.  There was a method to my madness.   I wanted to have some leftover broccoli for dinner.  This was an excellent combination:  sweet potato topped with sauteed mushrooms and onions, and the broccoli on top.  That’s a little of that leftover roasted chicken on the side.

And for dessert–fage yogurt with one date chopped and a few walnuts chopped up:

Today was an outside day for Noah.  The boy knows how to make himself comfortable.  He drags that giant pillow out of his dog room and places it right in his favorite sleeping spot.  And he brought along his two favorite security sticks.

So as you can tell, I am doing just great with my food choices since arriving home.  I am tracking my food and calories, and am especially trying to wait until I am hungry to eat.  I still need to work on portion size.  Because once its on my plate, its very hard for me to stop eating it.

Gonna end.  Will try to post something a little more informative tomorrow!


13 thoughts on “Feeling the Need to Blog a Bit

  1. I think most anything would look yummy on that beautiful blue china plate! I keep saying I want to find me a pretty plate. After seeing that one, it’s now officially bumped up the priority list. 😉

    Noah looks so relaxed… handsome boy, he is!

    • Loretta–do you have a Home Goods or Ross or Marshall’s nearby? You can buy just one plate or bowl there! I love doing that.

  2. I love to “roast” a chicken on the grill. It tastes so yummy done that way. Ina Garten has a recipe where you actually butterfly the chicken so it’s flat and then roast it. I think I’m going to try that this summer.

    Even though there are two eaters in my household, I sometimes find that we are inundated with leftovers and I get sick of whatever we’ve had. Being tired of the choices I have can be dangerous territory for me. You are clever to use your leftovers to create a safe meal for sewing day!

  3. Love your idea of roasting a chicken with stuffing and spices. I need to do more of that, because we tend to eat out more often than we should. Noah is hilarious and he certainly knows how to practice self-care. We should all be so good at that.

  4. Yummy!! I love all things roasted – I might have to do that this weekend. I love a meal that practically cooks itself! It just occurred to me that I don’t use my oven very much – I use the stove top all the time, but as far actually putting something together and then baking it, not so much. I think I’ll look up some healthy casseroles or something along those lines for the weekend.

    I love how Noah puts things exactly as he wants them. He’s one smart cookie! 🙂

    • Jill, I forgot to say that sometimes I put veggies around the chicken to roast alongside. My friend also puts some chicken broth in the roasting pan, which makes the veggies very tasty too.

  5. I don’t get whole chickens too much because they are much more expensive than the chicken breasts at our local meat place. not sure why that is, but there you go.

    I do like roasted whole chicken, though! I butterfly the bird by just removing the spine and it cooks much faster, but still has most of the bone intact.

    Love the broccoli on sweet tater (minus the mushrooms)

    • Oh, I forgot that! It IS a small tree! He was so proud when he found that one. I don’t know why it was uprooted, but he carried it a long way home, and it is still his most favorite stick in the yard.

  6. WOW…steal on the Fujis!! YAY. Oh Debby, I’m all warm and fuzzy for your Noah. I LOVE those photos and the fact that he dragged his pillow and sticks out there. That’s worthy of today’s biggest AWWWWWWWW!!!!

  7. We love roast chicken! The Mr. got one this week and roasted it in the oven bag with celery and carrots. So tasty! We got a dinner + a lunch + chicken salad for two for lunch today out of it. (Yes, it was a big one.) Your method sounds great, and that salad is going to be awesome!

    I sure have missed commenting! Not something I can do as easily on the iPhone, because I do most of my reading through Google Reader.

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