The Amazing Flax Seed. And Other Good Stuff.

That amazing flax seed

I can’t stop eating Spackle 2.0.  Its like eating Better-than-Cookie-Dough for breakfast every morning.  In fact, I should re-name it that.  Doesn’t it sound more appetizing?  Its fun to eat, but the real reason I like it is that it keeps me full and not thinking about food for up to six hours.  Very few 300 calorie foods have that effect on me.  Lori noticed the same thing with her one-minute muffin.  (I’ve got to try that again if I can ever stop eating the spackle long enough.)

Besides the filling effect, flax seed meal is touted to have a myriad of health benefits.  Here’s a really good article I found on it.  Be sure to scroll to the end of the article.  There is a fantastic sounding muffin recipe that I am going to try later this week.

But the best part about flax seed meal, aside from its filling benefits and its health benefits, is that it tastes great!  That was really the first thing I noticed about it.  It has a nutty flavor that I really like.  I’ve had it on top of cottage cheese and fruit, used it in an apple dessert, of course my muffin recipe has the whole seeds in it, added it to my scone recipe and really improved the end product, enjoyed it in Miz’s smoothie recipe, and of course there is the spackle.

One thing I have been thinking about (when my thoughts drift to obsession) is that a good thing can be carried too far.  I think it could be possible to eat so much flaxseed that you develop a sensitivity to it, like how so many Americans seemingly have a sensitivity to wheat.  Everything in moderation, people!  But if you haven’t, please give flax seed meal a try.  Its scrumptious!


Okay, I haven’t even listened to it (saving it for my lunchtime listening) but just wanted to shout out about Lynn being on the newest Two Fit Chicks podcast, talking about my favorite subject (besides food):  weight maintenance!!  I’m so excited!!  Lynn is one of my all time most favorite bloggers in the whole world.    Lynn’s the reason I discovered blogs in the first place.  And many thanks to Miz and Dietgirl for their hard work on these podcasts.  I look forward to each and every one.

The Queen’s response

Did anyone notice in the last post–the last comment was from my good friend Juice, who pointed out the study that had found that Dachshunds were the most aggressive breed of all?  The Queen heard this and demanded an audience to defend her heritage.

To the uninformed masses:  I feel the need to defend my heritage.  My ancestors were bred to hunt down one of the most fearless and aggressive animals around–the badger.  In fact, Dachshund means ‘badger dog.’  Although our legs are short (so we can get down into their underground tunnels,) you might notice the extra large chest size –that’s not just a vanity feature–my people have HEART.  We are not just aggressive without reason.  (ed. note:  unfortunately, dachshunds seem to have trouble distinguishing small people from varmints.)

My guardian

This morning Noah and I set out on our walk.  As usual, I told myself, you only have to take a short walk.  After we had walked up one hill I was feeling more energetic so we headed on up the next hill, where there is a nice flat surface at the top.  As we headed up, Noah had that extra alert look that he sometimes gets when there is a dog or a deer ahead of us.  Only I noticed it was a quieter look than when there is a dog ahead.  And then, my guardian dog sat down!  Alrighty then, we won’t go up that hill.  I am so proud of how Noah has grown up.  Here he is at Canine Good Citizen Training class.  Red flag or no, he was the star of the class.  The trainer even used him for a demonstration!

I asked someone to take this picture for a couple of reasons–to have a picture of me and Noah together, and because Noah was freshly bathed, and also to have a ‘truthful’ picture of myself at this current weight.  There is a weird shadow on my face that I don’t like, but other than that it is a good truthful picture.  I wish I weighed less, and I am working on it.  But on the other hand, I still feel comfortable wearing a white tank top.  I think working out so hard gives me more confidence and makes me more comfortable with my body the way it is.  For me, that’s a good thing.


11 thoughts on “The Amazing Flax Seed. And Other Good Stuff.

  1. Am dying over the queen wearing a hat – she looks so earnest in that shot! Doxies get a bad rep about children, but our Jackie, who was raised by two little boys and a mean cat named Mabel, never ever nipped or growled at a child. They could lay on her and while she’d give me a “save me” look, she never did anything to them. I’m sure Sophie is equally perfect. And no, I’m not biased, why do you ask?!? 😉

    And now I have to shout WHAT A GOOD BOY NOAH WAS!!!! So proud of him protecting you! He’s very wise. Great picture of the two of you – is that red ribbon his “red flag”? (I actually am offended by that label on him – now Paco? He deserved a red flag at puppy kindergarten. But Noah? He’s a good boy!)

    • Ha–you know that shot was for you! I got that little hair clip just for fun for myself in Oregon and then realized it made a perfect queen hat, if I could just figure out how to make her wear it. I actually clipped it to her head for a minute! I think dachshunds (and most dogs) are okay if they’re raised with kids. My first dachshund, Celie, had never been around kids, and my niece brought her baby over, and I had to keep Celie away from him–I swear she thought he was a varmint. That’s where that comment came from.

      Noah’s red flaggedness comes more from my nervousness than from him. And like Margy says, he was not bred to be a pet. He was bred to be a guardian. And he does that well. He’s been guarding me from the darn turkeys every morning at 5am…

  2. Okay, dying…DYING…at the Queen’s hat!!! Oh my gosh that totally made my day. And I had no idea dachsunds were bred for that purpose – very interesting! I hope she feels better getting all that off her chest. 😉

    So do you think there was something up that hill that Noah didn’t like? I wonder why he didn’t want to go that way? He’s such a good goggie!! Of course he’s a star!!

    • Yeah! I didn’t think I wrote that clearly enough. Even though that is right on my road, that is a pretty secluded area. I never go up there when I am walking at dusk. And there have been a ton of wild turkeys around. So I always think there might be a mountain lion or coyote lurking around. I was willing to take his word that there might have been something weird up there.

  3. The hat totally makes the picture of the Queen. Besides, don’t all queens wear hats? Love it, love it, love it!

    Noah is such a good boy and obviously loves you very much. What a great workout partner to have.

  4. I about fell out of my chair when I saw the queen with her hat. It’s just PERFECT! And she does look so queenly with it on.

    Jill had the same question as me – how scary to think you might have run into something predatory! (Of course city-girl me thought there was a strange MAN up there. Never would have crossed my mind to think MOUNTAIN LION! Yikes!)

    • You know, one time there WAS a very strange man up there. Almost scarier than a mountain lion. I’ve never actually seen a lion on this road, but I keep hearing sightings, and a close neighbor had a lamb taken by one, so I kind of believe it.

  5. Hi Debby. OMG….that hat?! SOOOO hilarious! And regal!! LOVE the dog photos! Noah is sooooo gorgeous too! Love all the photos. Have a great Friday.

  6. Ohmy goodness! If HM Queen Sophie didn’t look regal before, she surely does today when addressing her public! (I giggled. shhh, don’t tell her that!)

    Good boy, Noah! Glad you have him to guard you on those mountain walks. I’ve only seen bobcats and coyotes in our hills, but there are regular mountain lion sighting alerts sent out. Even an AmazonGal of the Forest like me shudders at the idea…

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