Dogs and Food

Seriously.  Should I re-title my blog?  Because that’s all it seems like I blog about these days.  Dogs and food.  Why yes, Dr. Berkeley, I am involved with my food.  Why, you might even say I am obsessed with food.  Oh, darn it.  I was going to leave that article alone.  But I just couldn’t.  I don’t agree with a lot of what she says.*  Our American abundance of food is typical of an affluent society.  The last twenty years in America is certainly not the first time in history that a society has had an excess of food and was obsessed with the enjoyment of decadent preparations of said food.  And we are not innocent victims who have been seduced.  Our society is consumer-driven.  Those evil industrialists are just giving us consumers exactly what we want.  But I’ve had this same argument with others in the blog world.  I’m just like a dog on a bone.  Speaking of which, and changing the topic rapidly to something much more pleasant, here’s the view from my chair this afternoon as I enjoyed a cup of coffee and tried to read a couple of new books that I got.


As soon as I got up, the two culprits claimed their ‘rightful’ place.

When I move to the sewing machine, Sophie is so pleased that I stash their doggie beds under the table where I sew.


The other  night I made up a big pan of carmelized onions a la Lori, and froze most of them, but added a few of the onions to some sauteed veggies that I topped a nice piece of pre-cooked chicken with.  Yummy.  Healthy.

Yesterday I hit up the thrift store for their end of the month half-price sale.  Man, I love that store.  I bought this tee shirt for a dollar just because I loved what it said.  That seems to be something I need to hear these days.  I decided to hang it up in my room instead of folding it and putting it away.

Today’s lunch was super-sensational.  I saw some cantaloupes at the store this morning.  I am very suspicious of fruits that come out earlier than usual.  But these looked like they just might actually be ripe.  Wowza!  Cantaloupe, cherries, cottage cheese, and walnuts.   Yummy.  And healthy.

I stayed on track all day today with my food choices, and after a really great salad for dinner, decided to treat myself with a healthy dessert.  I made that clafouti, dessert style, with a combination of fresh pineapple and pears.  Quite tasty.  Oh, and healthy.

Here’s how I really ate it.

Just so you know.  My eating is quite uneven these days.  A day like today is followed by a day that is not my norm.  Where I say, who cares?  What’s the difference?  And I eat whatever I feel like.  All quite tasty.  Not so healthy.  And like the shirt says, I am doing something.  Haven’t gone back to the gym, but I am pretty pleased that I have filled the gap with some intensive walks.  I only need 36,000 more points to win the Bronze Award on the President’s Fitness Challenge LOL.  And, today, for about the first time since my dad died, I did some serious de-cluttering.  And I was rewarded with finding my buttons!!  Did I tell you how crazed I was that I had lost my baggie of buttons?

Over and out.  I’m hoping for some sun tomorrow so Noah and I can get in a good long walk.

*Oh, I almost forgot.  I did want to say that I agree with a lot of what Dr. Berkeley says.  I do think that a key to successful weight loss maintenance is choosing to eat a diet of primarily healthy, whole foods.  In reasonable amounts.


14 thoughts on “Dogs and Food

  1. What better to write about?! I love the unfolding drama of manipulative dogs, especially their satisfied expressions once they regain their rightful place after displacing the human from couch or chair.

  2. Canteloupe and cottage cheese is one of my alltime FAVORITE things to eat.

    I think Michael Pollan was the first to say, “Eat real food, not too much….” I have found myself agreeing with that more and more and more.

    I thought of you last night when I was reading the June issue of Hamptons magazine. There was a recipe for Claffouti and it looked just like yours! Only it had a cup (or maybe 2) of heavy cream in it. Talk about eating real food!

  3. Two of my favorite things in the world are cantaloupe and cherries. That looks so tasty!

    I love how the dogs are just WAITING for you to move!! “sigh, is she done yet? Can you hurry it along Mom? We’ve got some serious napping to do!!”

    Love that tshirt! One of my mantras is “something is better than nothing” – so perfect!

  4. Oh, Happy Birthday to ME! Thank you for posting the “earnest Sophie” picture – I love that look!!! I think the thing is, is that you make your chair look so comfortable when you are sitting in it that they want to emulate you. Or else they just want your spot. 😉

    Do you have a cherry pitter? I had one in my hands at TJ Maxx the other day, but it was still $7 (Oxo brand) so I didn’t buy it. Might make your clafloouti dish easier when I finally make it. (and yes I know that is spelled wrong – too lazy to scroll up).

    I think all the eating we do is a choice. There has been crap in grocery stores my entire lifetime – it’s my decision to buy it. Shoot, even in the health food stores, there’s healthy crap (gourmet chocolate bars are still not real food, nor are organic pop tarts, despite what they claim).

  5. I really like that t-shirt. And LOVED the pics of Monk and Sophie just waitin’ for you to move so they could steal your warm seat. 🙂

    I didn’t know you could freeze carmelized onions! Gotta try that.

  6. Love your new shirt–and such a bargain. Dr. Berkeley got it right, but I think you do too–dogs and food and doing things–that works. You are so restrained about your count down to retirement–I think I may be more excited for you than you are–is that possible? Isn’t decluttering satisfying? I found a long lost book journal that I assumed was gone forever. Very satisfying.

  7. Debby, you are the most “balanced” blogger I know, I think. You are balanced between faith, dogs, quilts, outdoors and, yes, food. (Did I get the order right?) Africa falls into a subhead under faith. And your pictures, indeed, qualify as “food porn,” as Dr. B. would say. I drool over your pictures, and make naughty noises that I dare not admit. I enjoy YOUR food more than my own, I think. And I now freeze my trying-to-go-bad bananas in ice cube trays because of you.

  8. Hey, I resembled Dr. Berkeley’s remarks. 😉 Can a clearly “eat to live” doctor truly relate to what it’s like to be either fully or somewhat or even a “recovering” “live to eat” person? I was kind of irked by that post, too, but probably because I’m afraid that what she said is true for me, one of the food-fixated: that even after a couple of years of scrabbling on this slippery slope of maintenance, I’m scared that it won’t last and I’ll come crashing down (or, rather, up). I guess part of it is sort of what you said about me eating nuts that one time: even when I’m obsessing about NOT obsessing about food, I’m obsessing about food. I think you’ve got a good approach, though, in that you channel your interest in food to be an interest in finding healthy foods to enjoy, but that won’t trigger you to go crazy with portions. I can relate to that search.

    I also think my eardrums shattered at Thing 2 squeeeing over the doggies; she’s still pug-obsessed. When I went for my “wog” today, she asked, “Did you see any pugs, Mama?” (And I did! A cute black one.)

    You could rename your blog DsFAQ: Dogs, Food, Africa, Quilting. Sort of a play on D’s FAQ? Just kidding, I love your blog and you just the way you are.

  9. Hi Debby, you can put photos of your dogs on here every day. They’re GORGEOUS!!! Hope you have a great weekend.

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