And She’s Off!!!

Just a quick note to say I’m on my way to rug hooking camp.  So excited to be getting away on this fun trip.  I have a date with Starbuck’s this morning and then a lunch date with a wonderful quilt shop in Fresno.  Final destination is Cambria, a beautiful little town right by the ocean.

Just want to say you all are the best.  I’ve had some wonderful encouraging comments and emails in the past few days.  I’ll see you in a week!


6 thoughts on “And She’s Off!!!

  1. is your wrist better? hopefully it mended and will not be a nuisance. Also hope the change of scenery and relaxation is wonderful. have a good week.

  2. Thanks for asking Vickie. I was going to give a detailed report on the trigger thumb (combined with an exacerbation of the old carpal tunnel,) but I ran out of time.

    So I asked my doctor for wrist braces (which also have a thumb splint) and I wear those every night. I’m doing massage and ‘PT’ on my thumb. It is much stronger, although it does not bend without assistance. The referral to ortho offered me an appointment in 6 weeks! which I deemed unacceptable, but which I will probably have to be contented with… In the meantime, I was fortunate to see my favorite PT at work and she said everything I was doing was okay, and gave me a few other things to do.

    Thanks for asking!

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