Flower Show

As promised, here is a garden tour of Cambria Pines Lodge.  There are gardens surrounding the main lodge, and you have to walk through the gardens to get to the lodge from your room.  The gardens are separated into ‘rooms’ and each of them has its own theme.  Every day I took a different route to enjoy all of the gardens.  And I just realized that I still missed at least one of them–the rose garden.  Baaah.

This is one of the main garden areas.  I think the gazebo is there so they can have weddings in this garden.

This is a partial shot of the all white garden.

Almost every garden had a water feature, so you always heard running water as you walked along.  I think this is a shade garden.  I just like all the different textures in this picture.  The boulder has water bubbling out of the top.

I walked in this garden and thought, I think it must be a butterfly garden.  And sure enough, when I left, that is what the gate said!

They had quite a few of these birdhouses covered with flowers and plants.  Very fun to look at.

Just some gorgeous close-ups of the flowers.

Can you believe how long some of these foxgloves are?


I really love some of these smaller groupings of flowers.  Does any body know what the large mass of pink flowers are?


And one more crazy birdhouse.

Thanks for all the nice encouraging comments on my project blog yesterday.  Sometimes I think its weird that I share stuff like that.  But I kind of like having it for a personal record too.

Changing the subject rapidly, has anyone seen the movie Super 8?  Or Midnight in Paris?  Or how about Everything Must Go?  My vacation is coming to an end, and I have a yen to go to the movies.  Because when I retire, I will be on a strict entertainment budget LOL.

Well today I think my food intake was okay.  If I am adding correctly.  It seems like I ate a little too much.  I went to my favorite Costless Market and only went to the produce department.  I got four bags of groceries for $15.00!   I think vegetarian is the way to go in retirement.  I was reading a Mother Earth News magazine about living on less, and they mentioned that as a way to save money.

I think I’ll end early and work on my project!  Habanada!

7 thoughts on “Flower Show

  1. Welcome back, Debby! I know I’ve been kind of quiet on the comment front, but I read and missed you when you were gone!

    Wow…I’m drooling over the gorgeous gardens, scenery of Cambria, and your project! I liked that you didn’t stick rigidly to the pattern; you are a true artist, so of course you can extend the roots and use different colors and it will look great!

    • Also meant to say I’m going to have to send my mom a link to this post! My parents love gardens and have enjoyed Cambria in the past, so I think it would do them good to visit there again.

  2. who tends all that beauty? The same people who run the camp and teach the classes? or are guest instructors featured in a wide variety of topics (yoga, all the different hand arts, religion, etc)

    • Hmmm, guess I didn’t explain myself too well. Cambria Pines Lodge is a 25 acre place with all different types of accommodations, from hotel-type rooms (where I stayed) to cabins. They do host various conferences there. Rug Camp is just one of them that rents their facilities for the week. But there are many other people staying there while we are there. And you know, to be honest, the whole time I was there I only saw one gardener. That reminds me of a place in oregon (name escapes me right now) that has even larger gardens spread out over a larger area, and we asked one guy, how many people work on this, and he said ‘just me.’

  3. Wow! Just one gardner……but you know once you get the weeds under contro (thats key i think) and you tend them on a schedule its probably doable……..but not me…..:) My daughter and i saw Super 8 and loved it and she was even skeptical when she went in. A while ago we saw Something Borrowed and enjoyed it too. Hubs and i are looking forward to Green Lantern this weekend. Loved all the flower pics deb! Thanks!

  4. What a gorgeous vacation! Flowers, ocean, wildlife. It doesn’t get any better than that, unless you add art, which you did. Looking forward to someday seeing the final piece.

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