Wildflower Walk

Hi all!  Don’t have much time to post, but I wanted to say a HUGE thank you for all the wise, wonderful, kind comments you left on my previous post.  My original thought in posting was that it might be helpful to someone.  But I was the one who received help.

So today was as bright and sunny a day as yesterday was “foggy.”  I mentioned to Jill in an email that I might try for the 5 1/2 mile walk.  Miz was the one who pushed me out the door.  All last week I kept walking, but I felt terrible, like decrepit.  Don’t know if that was all the time I spent in  the car, or the long periods I spent sitting and hooking my rug.  Or maybe just getting used to the hill walking again.  Whatever it was, I was a little disconcerted by it.  So to take my old long walk and feel strong and sure of myself was really a great thing.  Granted, I was pretty achy by the end of the walk.

Grabbed my camera and kept my eyes peeled for anything that might be worth shooting.  It seemed to be a wildflower kind of day.  These flowers have a long snaky stem.  Kinda cool looking.

These tiny purple flowers were everywhere.  Had a very intense color in spite of their small size.

This one had an unusual lemon-lime coloring.

Found these beauties on the way home.  I think they’re wild sweet peas.

The park was really beautiful this morning.  There was a bench in the middle of these yellow daisies.  We walked out there and sat for just a minute before starting home.

Noah was a trooper.  Unlike me, he napped for several hours after we got home.

Stealth-cam catches the Queen ACTING LIKE A DOG!

And last but not least, Shelley encouraged me to post a picture of my new Montrail Molokinis with my new orchid nail polish to match  These flip flops are extremely comfortable, and they are sturdy enough that I have worn them on our evening stroll a couple of times.  On my gravely dirt road, that is quite a recommendation.

11 thoughts on “Wildflower Walk

  1. You must live in a very beautiful place. My environment is beautiful also, and I feel so blessed to wake up every day surrounded by nature’s beauty–even in the winter.

  2. Oh my gosh I love your toenail color!! So pretty!! My sister ordered some of those flip flops too, but I don’t know if she got them in yet.

    All your wildflower pics are beautiful! Have you ever printed and framed any of them? It would be interesting to change out the photos from time to time so it would look different, depending on what was growing. I can see a collection of about 5 or 6 frames on your wall, and you could change them out once a month or when the seasons change, or whatever. Hmmm… I think that would be a good project for my own house!! 🙂

    • Oh,I’ll be interested in what your sister thinks of them. It still slays me that I paid $50 for flip flops. So I’m kind of judgemental of them, like I’m waiting for them to fall apart any minute. But the truth is, I wear them more than any other shoe already, so if they just last the summer, that will be darn good.

      Oh, that makes me happy that you like my toenail color!

      Love the idea of the rotating pictures in a grouping. I actually had seventeen 8X10s printed of some of my favorite inspirational prints (more about that later.) I can start with those, and then print out some of my wildflower photos.

  3. I just love your cute little feet! The nail polish goes so perfectly with the flip flops – and I know, it was a lot to spend on them, but think of them as sandals and maybe that will help. Plus I figure that I’ve already worn mine for more than 50 days, so I’m working on less than a dollar day for them…and honestly, they don’t look like they’re going to fall apart anytime soon (knock wood!).

    Your flower pictures are so pretty – you notice the nicest things, and take such great pictures of them, too! Love that Noah sat and rested with you – he’s really maturing. The queen and her bone – how funny!

  4. everytime you post pictures of the nature you live and walk in, I want to move. California, here I come! now if I can just find a few million dollars lying around somewhere, I can make that happen. ha.

    Best flip flops ever. Did you get those after I wrote about them? or was that just a coincidence? I wore mine at Disney world for hours and hours, and they never gave me problems. I wear them everywhere. they will last for years. you’ll never own another pair of flip flops!

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