Food Network Mania Continues!

I ran out of Next Food Network Star shows to watch, so now I’m watching Chopped.  Gets you in the mood to fool around with food in the kitchen.  Which, BTW, I really think there’s a place for me on the Food Network.  Who else do you know that spends as much time as I do in a kitchen with an open floor area 32 inches by 72 inches!  Yep, I measured it tonight.  Because at one point today, all three dogs were in the kitchen with me, and we were coexisting peacefully!

So on the menu today, I had a Breakfast Fruit Wrap this morning.  Yay for keeping wraps in the freezer.  This was very satisfying, and it held me through to lunch.

For lunch, I had a taco salad with the leftovers from last night.  No cheese, and it was just as delicious.  I also only used one corn tortilla that I cut into strips to put on top of the salad.

Somewhere in there I was making a batch of my homemade yogurt (which I had to strain again,) doing a GIANT load of dishes from the previous day’s experiments, AND I decided to experiment with the frozen yogurt again!

For dinner, I finally got the big package of boneless, skinless chicken breasts out.  I cut them into serving size pieces, and cooked half of them just plain, with salt and pepper, to put into the freezer for a rainy day.  I love having this chicken pre-cooked for salads, or just when its too hot to cook, or I’m too lazy to cook.  The rest I marinated in some lemon juice, garlic, and a little olive oil.  Basically followed that recipe in the comments.  I also cooked up a bunch of brocolli to extend the leftover rice and veggies that I was going to use.  This was very tasty–here’s the final result:

So for a very small investment of time in the kitchen, I have 2 more servings of the lemon rice and chicken, and 4 cooked lemon chicken breast pieces in the freezer, as well as the 4 regular pan seared chicken breast pieces in the freezer.   And hey, lesson learned.  All the dishes I used today are already washed.  Which, BTW, I guess you figured out that in a kitchen that size, I don’t have a dishwasher.

So after controlling myself admirably today with my food choices, as well as taking the long walk with Noah this morning (4 1/2 miles) and a short stroll with all three doggies this evening, I was ready to try my latest froyo experiment.  This one was my most successful so far.  The only criticism I have is that the strawberry taste is way too strong.  It seems I’ve done this before.  I get carried away because I have a lot of strawberries, and because they are lower in calories.  Still, it was quite delicious.

I used 3 containers of Chobani strawberry yogurt, 2 cups of chopped strawberries, 1 cup of whey (leftover from straining my homemade yogurt) and 1/4 cup of sugar.  This actually made too much to put in my ice cream freezer, so I put 1/5 of the recipe into ice cube trays.  I figure it’ll come in handy for smoothies.  I figured the whole recipe was 780 calories, and I figured it would make 8 nice size servings.  But with having to put some of it in the ice cube trays, I got a little confused about the actual calories per scoop.   I just looked again, and those two scoops are probably less than 150 calories (toppings not included.)

Well, I’m off to bed.  Must rest up for the big day tomorrow!


8 thoughts on “Food Network Mania Continues!

  1. HAPPY RETIREMENT DAY!!!!!!!!!! *throws confetti* Hope you have a great last day at work!!!

    You sure were having fun in the kitchen – back in the day when I used to cook a lot more, I loved the satisfaction of making extra items and socking them away in the freezer. Sounds like you are well-stocked! And I love that the dogs were helping you and I’m sure kept the floor very clean. 😉

  2. Go Debby! It’s retirement! Go Debby! It’s retirement! Got to party like it’s your last day!!

    Sounds like retirement is going to be good for your continued experimentation in the kitchen. When I read the fro-yo recipe my first thought was that with summer strawberries – which are so rich in taste and fragrance – I probably would have used vanilla yogurt

  3. I like Chopped, too, but they do have some weird ingredients! 🙂 And I love having pre-cooked, ready-to-go foods in my freezer. It’s saved me from a less-than-good decision many a night. 🙂

    Wishing you a happy, healthy retirement!

  4. Hope today went just as you hoped and was a happy occasion.

    Ironic that Mr. B and I were watching an episode of Chopped as I read this. On this episode, the judges are being BRUTAL. Be glad your personal Chopped scenario didn’t include any judges. Whew!! (Although I think you would’ve done great – those wraps looked delicious)

  5. A day for dancing! Congrats.

    So what’s gonna be the name of your Food Channel show? Big Food from the Little Kitchen, Debby Never Says Diet? Hmmmm.

  6. Happy retirement!!

    I can’t watch Chopped. It makes me nervous! I know that sounds weird. I just feel so bad for the poor folks who flub the food. I get too wrapped up in shows like that. Also, I am soooo not that kind of cook. I need a recipe.

    My husband can cook like that. He is also very artistic. You are very artistic. I think there is a strong correlation between art and food. I can’t draw a stick figure, and can’t put food together the right way without a recipe. Just my little theory.

  7. Congrats!! I’ll be joining you in 12years…. are you going on call?
    My DVR didn’t record all the Next Food Star who got kick off this week?

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