I Wanted to go to a Movie

I wanted to go to a movie.  You guys knew that.  So yesterday I checked again.  What’s playing?  Anything worthy?  TOM HANKS!!!  Now we’re talking.  He’s funny and smart and successful.  And he’s my age and still hip.  And he went to the same high school that my cousins went to, at the same time that they were there, so we’re practically best friends.

This morning I woke up at five-stinking-fifteen am.  Even though I knew better, I thought, oh well, get up and start the day.  You’ll get a lot done.  Checked out the blogs and email.  Reading and prayer done.  Take Noah outside for the big brush, because we’re gonna go to dog training, and I still like to have the prettiest dog around.  Leftovers from my dog showing days.

Before I leave, though, I notice that I am wanting to eat a lot.  Uh oh.  Grab some walnuts and raisins (is there anything better than a bite containing a bit of walnut with a bit of raisin?)–not the most low-cal snack.

What?  No dog training today.  Everyone is at the local fourth of July parade in the little local town.  Which would have been fun to go to if I had known.  So Noah and I take a walk in a new place, only Noah smells something very interesting, and I lose my footing and fall flat on my face.  This day is not going well.  We limp through the rest of the walk and head home.  And I think, well if this is going to be an over-eating day, let’s make it about fruit.

Go home and slice into the watermelon.  Mmmm-mmm.  Check a few more blogs, including Ellen’s blog.  Decide to go to the movies, but not until I try out this new recipe from Rocco Dispirito’s book.  Yes, all you bloggers who were giving it away a while ago, NONE of you picked me.  So I had to buy it myself.  The recipe is his take on the black bean brownie, and I figure that he is a chef, and it will be better than anybody else’s black bean brownie.  I haven’t tried them yet.

Okay.  What food do I want for the movies?  Popcorn and M&M’s of course, but I want more.  I grab two cookies from the freezer and head out the door.  In the car I’m thinking about this.  I’m thinking, I just want to eat.  Its not like Ellen was talking about.  Its not because I’m anxious or numb or want to stuff my feelings.  I just want to eat.  And then it hits me like a brick.  The email.  There was an email in the morning’s mail about a situation that makes me anxious.  Its been an undercurrent all day and I hardly realized it.  For sure I didn’t connect it with the eating thing.

Well, now I recognize what is going on, but I decide to continue with the eating and be done with it.  And can I just say that the movie was FAB U LUS!  Everything I want in a Tom Hanks movie.  And Julia Roberts was pretty darn good too.  Oh wait.  Here’s the funniest part.  I’m in line to get my ticket, feeling young and hip, going to see my Tom Hanks in his newest movie.  The three people in  front of me request a senior ticket for the Tom Hanks movie.  Hmmm.  I buy my ticket, which was NOT a senior ticket, buy my popcorn and diet coke (at least by this time I only got a small popcorn) and head into the theatre.  Not a big crowd, and MY GOSH.  I’ve never seen so much silver and white hair in a theatre in my life.  And then it hits me.  Ha!  I’ll fit right in.  I like to think of my hair as blonde, but in the theatre light, it will look just a silvery and white as all these people.  And when I go to stand up at the end of the movie, I will have to stand very slowly, because my knees will be very stiff after sitting that long.

The movie was so good, though.  All about a do-over.  Starting over and doing it even better.  Just like I’m hoping to do.

Stopped at the mailbox on the way home, and guess what was there?  Lori sent me some retirement coffee!!!  Squeeee!!!  Its only 4:30, not too late to have a cup of coffee.  I settle into my chair with my book Fifty Acres and a Poodle and a cup of fantastic coffee, and I drowse and drink coffee.

Thanks Lori!

I won’t let Sophie in my lap, so she settles for touching my leg. Endearing.

Still keeping her eye open for an invitation to the lap.

Finally, a rare moment of sleep for the queen.

I’m done overeating, and I have a plan for a light fresh dinner.  Onward and upward.

Sophie has been staring at me the whole time I've been writing this. Evidently I'm supposed to be doing something else.


10 thoughts on “I Wanted to go to a Movie

  1. Isn’t it interesting when you actually realize what is behind an eating urge? Good job recognizing it – sorry about the distressing email, though.

    Very sweet of Lori to send you some coffee. Looks delicious!

    I’m glad you liked the new Tom Hanks movie – I want to see it and will probably take myself to it next week. And along the lines of you looking around and seeing all of the silver-hairs in the theater, this morning while I was checking in new runners, one very sweet young woman called me “Ma’am” and I was slightly shocked – I mean, I was dressed all hip and cool-like – dang, I guess I can’t fool everyone! Sigh…

    The pictures of Sophie are too cute. She loves you beyond words!!! That last picture? You are her everything. 🙂

  2. Hope, Noah doesn’t read your blog. He will notice quickly that there is no pic of him in his freshly brushed glory. Except for the stress of eating and the fall, sounds like a lovely day to me. Hope no ill effects from the fall. Lori is a good soul – can’t think of a better retirement gift than a good cup a joe!

    • You’re right, Sharon. It did turn out to be a very lovely day. I especially like it when I will sit and read in the afternoon (even if I did doze…) And I took a late walk with Noah last night and all is in fine working order. Lori roasts her own coffee, and it is fantastic. One of those things on my list to learn how to do.

  3. Holy crow that coffee got there fast! I sent it out on Thursday all the way across the country! I forgot to label it as Columbian from a small estate, but I like this one.

    I like Tom Hanks, but I can’t stand Julia Roberts, so I will be missing this movie.

  4. I’m glad to hear your take on the Tom Hanks movie because the professional reviews have been so-so.

    Interesting that you were able to figure out what was behind the eating urge. Also interesting that you just let it ‘be’. I think too many times we can get frantic with stuff like that and it only serves to make matters worse.

  5. I tried the brownies from Rocco’s book, and I have to say it was the worst thing I have ever tasted! I went back over the recipe and also watched a video of Rocco when he was on on one of the morning shows to see if I screwed it up somehow….I did everything right, so I hope you have better luck.

    • Hi Stacy,

      Were they from the Now Eat This Diet book, or the first one? Because these have 3/4 cup of agave nectar in them. And I noticed that on one of the morning shows he had a different recipe that used applesauce and truvia to sweeten it. That recipe did not appeal to me at all. These were very good, but more than twice the calories of the other recipe. I will probably review them tomorrow.

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