Yep.  I’ve been pondering my own blog post.  Ever since I wrote that last one.  I feel fitter and healthier than I ever have.  But when I catch a glimpse of myself in a window or the mirrors at the gym, or horrors, some very unflattering picture that some other blogger posted on their blog (NO, I am not providing a link to that blog, LOL,) it does not match how I feel.  So can I be content with that being the image that others see me as, and only the inner knowledge that I am fit and healthy?  I think my brother’s words were wiser than I first thought–“Don’t settle.”

Yesterday I went for a walk–the four mile version.  I went for a walk the day before that. Today I will go for another walk.  I am still tracking all my activities on the  President’s Challenge:  I have earned 10,000 points since April 27.  Almost all of those points are from walking.  You have to earn 40,000 points for the bronze award.  I’m aiming to earn the bronze award by the end of the year.  In case anyone is interested, that works out to approximately 101 miles walked in the past two months.

I think a lot about my time these days.  Having three dogs takes quite a bit of time.  In and out. Out and in.  Take this collar off, put that collar off.  Really, its time to eat AGAIN?  I started feeding all my dogs twice a day.  Sophie was glad that I finally caught on that it is also best for doggies to eat small frequent meals throughout the day.  Did I ever tell you that when I went to get Mr. Monk, they had a female pug that had come in at the same time as him?  I was willing to adopt both of them, but the female had already been reserved.  Good thing for me.  Can you imagine if I had a Dowager Empress in the house competing with the Queen for top spot?

Me thinks not.

I do believe those Rocco Dispirito brownies are the best healthy brownies I have ever made.  I think Rocco went overboard trying to make healthy brownies, because I found a different recipe online that was only 53 calories per brownie, and from the looks of that recipe, that is all they would taste like.  I think he developed this recipe second.  It is definitely worthy.  I gave most of them away, to two Weight Watcher friends, to get their opinion.  One of them said they were almost too rich.  Her non-dieting husband ate all the rest of them.  He didn’t know til afterwards that they were ‘black bean brownies.’  Anyway, I found them to be rich and fudgy, and definitely satisfying to have just one.  135 calories with 1/4 cup of raisins and 1/4 cup of walnuts added.  I read somewhere about someone taking the time to remove the skins off of the beans.  This might improve the texture a little bit, but I don’t know that it would be worth the time.  I think the secret is really pulverizing those beans in the blender or the food processor.

The last brownie.

Yesterday on the walk, I challenged myself to walk as quickly as I could up the steep hill with no stops or slowdowns.  I counted the steps–275.  That’s the same as going up 11 flights of stairs without stopping!  Me and Noah did 4 miles.  That’s cause we got out before 7:30, before it got too hot.  On the way home I saw a baby bird just sitting on the road.  It looked a little stunned.  I nudged it a bit, and thankfully,  it flew up into a nearby branch.  I bet it crash landed on its first flight out of the nest.

Did I tell you I did take my first swim of the year?  that was a relief to get that over with.  And I couldn’t believe how out of swimming shape I was.  I did four laps and thought I couldn’t go any longer!  I did keep swimming for about 20 minutes.  Does anybody else have the experience of swimming making them extra hungry?

The scale seems to be moving slowly in the right direction.  I am cautiously optimistic.  I will let you know when I reach ‘goal’ again.

Well, those are the random thoughts for the past few days.  Here is Noah’s blinky face.  We need to get out for a walk before it gets too hot, and before I have to leave for my long-awaited appointment at the ortho doctor (for my hands.)

Have a great weekend everyone!

14 thoughts on “Pondering

  1. Swimming always made me really hungry as well. I always thought it was because I swallowed a lot of air, which made my stomach feel more empty. At least that was my unprofessional opinion LOL!

    I am so struggling with what is good enough right now. I feel so close and just can’t get there. John said to me last night that he wished I could see myself the way he saw me instead feeling chubby, or being overweight or whatever. I know i am awesomely fit, but it look that way. Not sure why that matters to me.

    Anyhoo – sorry about that novel LOL!

    • Lori, you are ‘there’ now. It will be interesting to see, though, if you lose that last bit, if you ‘feel’ you are ‘there.’ Its such an interesting topic, isn’t it?

  2. Gotta try those brownies again. My first attempt was NOT good, but then, rarely are my attempts at cooking! However, I generally am able to follow a recipe. LOL! I’d sampled some of the black bean brownies at a healthy eating seminar I attended and so hoped mine would taste like those. NOT!! But you’ve given me incentive to try again.

    I am not a swimmer, but I sure can verify that hiking leaves me famished for days!

    • Yes, I’ve tried other black bean brownies and found them definitely lacking. I think the ones I tried were a cake mix with beans. Too beany for me. Plus I like this one from scratch. Think the ingredients are a tad more healthful.

  3. I really enjoyed this pondering post Debby! I like how you’re thinking these days.

    I would love to try the black bean brownies (I even have the cookbook). But with my luck, I’d make them – Mr. Helen would eat too many and I’d never ‘hear’ the end of it. Bah! I am cracking myself up today!

  4. You are my activity (and dog momma) hero – wow, that’s a lot of walking! And I love your doggie pictures, too…I need to post more pictures of Alouysius Pug on my site.

    Thank you so much for your lovely, supportive comment on my blog – I really appreciate the support.

  5. I’m not sure we’re the best judges of our external images. At least, I’m not. When I was about halfway through my loss , I was walking into a department store one day and saw a woman’s reflection in the plate glass window. I remember thinking, “If I could only be HER size, I’d be happy.” It’s probably no surprise that when I got closer to the door, I saw that I was HER! LOL I remind myself of that day whenever I’m feeling blobby.

  6. Swimming makes me starving. I don’t swallow air, because I don’t put my face in the water, so I don’t think that’s it – rather, you’re just using every part of your body when you swim and that takes a lot out of you! And you know, when I first started swimming, my goal was 10 laps…and I about died, doing that. You’ll build up your endurance pretty quickly, though. 🙂

    I had a similar experience as Cammy – I saw myself in a store window (in Los Gatos!) and thought “I look like a normal person” – still surprised at that, because I feel so fat most of the time.

    I’m excited for you and the President’s Challenge. That is a really neat goal, and I know you’ll make it!

  7. Ha! Cammy and Shelley–I had the opposite experience. When I saw that pic of myself on the other blog I thought, now who’s that person? and it was me. But I wasn’t thinking, who’s that skinny or normal person… hehe.

  8. congrats on your goal anniv post. (I read it, and cheered for you, but I think I was on the way out the door and didn’t have a minute to comment)

    I could actually smell brownies (as I very quickly skimmed through that section).

    I have used those types of recipes with beans and you are exactly right – pulverizing them works great. Ditto with cauliflower substituted for potato. I can’t quite picture peeling beans. . .

    we were at a famer’s market last night and I thought of you. The Henna lady had figured out how to put her henna in plastic paint bottles to make it easier on her hands. She said she has to plan/allot her ‘hand useage’ carefully as she is having a lot of issues.

    I remember those days. (I had to stop hand quilting and then eventually stop cross stitching.) But the pain (and sleeping in brace) did all go away. I am able to do bead work now with no problems as it doesn’t have that ‘grip/squeeze’ hold. I am sure my problem (long ago) was I was just doing a disproportionate amount (hours and hours and hours).

    I hope doc is able to figure something out for you. I know how painful it is.

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