A New Day

Yessiree!  It was a new day at the gym for debby!  My first class.  And it was a doozy! That TRX stuff is not fooling around.  They use those ropes and pulleys to do some serious body-weight weight lifting.  Some pilates type stuff, a few yoga stretches at the end.  I REALLY liked it.  And for those of you who keep track of how much I [don’t] sweat, yep, I was sweating.  I felt like my face must be bright red.  Fortunately, I looked pretty normal in the mirror.  It was a beginning TRX class, and there were only two other older women and the instructor in the room when I got there.  The instructor was an older woman who looked like a really normal person–yay!  I could see when we started working out that she had some serious muscles.  We were joined by one young man.  So it was a nice small class–a nice size for a good learning experience.  The instructor looked vaguely familiar, but I just thought I’d probably seen her around the gym.  At the end I asked if she knew my neighbor (who had recommended the class) and she said–YOU’RE THE ONE WITH THE DOG!  I was a little surprised,  and I looked down at the dog hair on my black workout pants (yes, even though I used the sticky roller just before I left the house, I still arrived at the gym with a little Noah on me.)  Then she said, “I know you from dog training.”  Of course! that’s why she looked familiar.  Isn’t it funny how when you see someone in a different setting you can’t quite place them?

Anyway, I plan to make this a weekly event, and after I get a little better, I will take some of the other TRX classes.  The thing about working out with someone else is that you are challenged (either by the group dynamic, or by your own competitive impulse) to do a little more, to go a little further.

Jumping in the pool after this workout was a real treat.  I only swam for about 25 minutes.  Could have gone longer, but I really needed to get on with the day.

Getting on with the day involved:  taking the car to the mechanic’s.  When I went out to go to the gym this morning, the car was COMPLETELY dead.  I thought for sure I was going to miss the class, and I was so disappointed.  Then I thought of calling my neighbor.  He works, but I thought it was worth a shot.  I tell you, these neighbors have their picture in the dictionary next to the definition of ‘neighbor.’  He came over on his three wheeler, and brought a new battery to give me a jump, because his truck was in the shop, and the three wheeler didn’t have enough juice to jump my SUV.  (His wife is my long-time ‘babysitter.’)

So, as I feared, it was not the battery.  It was the alternator.  And, OF COURSE.  It is in a difficult place to get to or work on, so the repair will cost extra.  But hey.  I have my new retirement budget, and as long as nothing goes wrong next month, this will still be within budget.

Of course that extended time at the mechanic’s was not in my MEAL PLAN.  Ack.  I was hungry.  Held out until I got home, and tried not to inhale the bowl of cherries, yogurt, and granola I threw together.  I am loving this new granola–I have really gotten to be a processed food snob, and I could alway taste the processing stuff in the store-bought granola.  Thanks again Shelley.

I got some fresh basil at the gym (Vicky was selling it.)  Plan to make some tomato/fresh mozarella/basil topped with a little olive oil and balsamic vinegar.  I’ll add something or other to that for dinner.  That’s one good thing about eating so late.  No need for a mid-afternoon snack.

170 calories of YUMM!

We had a wee bit of a cool-down here, so I took advantage of that to get a little gardening done earlier this morning.  One of my Japanese maples desperately needed to be re-potted.  No, July is not usually the month that they recommend for doing that type of thing.  I’ve had good luck in the past though, and re-potting is preferable to going all summer with your roots drying out because you are in too small of a a pot.  I also had a really pretty little hydrangea, and a few asters I had bought.

The little hydrangea--isn't it lovely? I got it at Trader Joe's!

My most favorite groundcover--Corsican Mint. The most lovely smell. Every year I try to grow a pot of it.

Oh!  I had forgotten how lovely it is to garden.  Moving that soil around in my hands (I buy the big bags of Miracle Gro soil when they are on sale at Costco each spring,) and fixing the little plants in place, watering them to give them a good start.  Its such a hopeful process.  Before I was even done, Noah reminded me why I haven’t gardened for a couple of years.  He just picked up that little hydrangea that I had just repotted, and was starting to move it someplace else!!!  I guess he has a pretty soft mouth, because the poor little thing wasn’t damaged.  I found an old tomato guard that fit perfectly over it, at least until it has a chance to put down a few roots.  And then, before I could turn around, there he was with a blue aster in his mouth!  Sophie (who loves all things pink) was eyeing the pink aster!!!  I found a little wire fence to put around the asters.  I am not into building barriers while I am gardening, so that will be the end of my gardening efforts for a while.  I think Noah will get used to new things appearing, and eventually I will be able to garden again.

All worn out from his morning of "landscaping."

So that’s the events for the day.  Only got a little quilt planning done this morning before I had to leave.  Sometimes the planning is more fun than the doing, though.  Gonna work on it a little more, and then tackle the two clean-up projects I assigned this morning.

P.S.  Just went out to check on the plants, and almost all of the asters were be-headed!!  LOOK at who got caught in the act–

10 thoughts on “A New Day

  1. Oh no on the garden escapades! When I lived in Illinois, we had bunnies that used to think my garden was their personal salad bar. I spent so much time banging on the glass and yelling at them that the neighbors probably thought I was a crazy lady!

    Good for you on the new stuff at the gym. It’s like a new fresh start for you in all aspects of your life now 😀

  2. Oh that bad girl!!! Well, that was my first thought, but then I realized that she was just emulating what you were doing – her teeth were just a little stronger than your hands. Um, I’m sure that’s her story. Yep.

    Ack, I’m sorry it wasn’t just the battery. Hate car repairs, but you sound pretty calm over it so that’s good.

    I am craving your caprese-type salad. Big time. That just looks so fresh and GOOD!!!

    And how wonderful that you liked the TRX class. I am really impressed that you tried it. Looking forward to hearing YOUR workout updates now! 🙂

    • That salad was delish! I didn’t have any pre-cooked meat like I thought in the freezer, so I added a little more cheese, and had some baked beans (power of suggestion! thanks Helen!) Added an artichoke, and it was a DIVINE dinner. 18g protein. I guess that’s enough.

  3. Your posts sound so calm and gentle these days Debby, even with car issues and aster beheading. I love it!

    No pets at my house but I have got a squirrel problem. I came home the other day to find they had dug up my dill and my cilantro. I’m sure the neighbors thought I’d finally lost it as I marched around the patio shaking my fist at the nearby tree and yelling that I was going to buy a BB gun.

    • Kind of like the children of Israel at Jericho? Did it work–did the squirrels fall dead out of the tree. That is too funny, Helen! Hey, did you see that I ate baked beans last night? Bush’s, right out of the can. Those things are GOOD. But kind of pricey, at 140 calories for 1/2 cup.

  4. Yay for the workout and the swimming!! Good to see you get back into the gym habit.

    I have always wanted to try a tomato/mozzarella salad. Never have. Hopefully our tomato plants will survive this horrid heat and give me some nice fat juicy tomatoes so I can try it!

    I wish I could get into the gardening thing. I wish I had the desire to play in the dirt and plant pretty flowers, but I just let my husband do it. Your flowers look so pretty! Do the dogs think they are helping you? Just wonder what’s going on in their little minds!

  5. Be sure you get fresh mozzarella when you do it!

    Oh no, those little monsters do not think they are helping me. They are just having fun. And Sophie loves the taste of pink flowers I guess. But yes. I would like to know what’s going on in their little pea brains.

  6. I exclusively do classes at the gym, that way I figure I’m less likely to be missing whole muscle groups, and don’t have to think about it. I don’t like to sweat, either, but I do. I picked some basil from my yard, as it’s not looking happy from too little sun, made pesto the other day, using nutritional yeast instead of parmesian, I don’t like parmesian, at all. I’ll get some fresh mozzerella and spinach-like substance (like those strange red leaves, or purple streaked green leaves) this weekend at the farmers market, make myself a pasta salad for a few lunches for work next week. Maybe put the leek flowers (after making sure they’re not toxic) in, too. And cherry tomatoes- mine, if they’re ready (no sun recently, so I’ll probably have to buy them too). As the rest of the country has a heat wave, we barely reach 60F, not good for spinach, tomatoes, or anything else in the garden. Forget bathing suits, where’s my gloves? Feh. .

    • Hi Julie! Thanks for the informative comment! I am really interested in that nutritional yeast–I’m going to have to try it sometime.

      I worked out with a personal trainer for over a year, so I feel pretty comfortable doing the weights by myself.

      Yikes, a high of 60 degrees–no wonder you’re not thinking about bathing suits!

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