Au Revoir!

And I’m off!  Haven’t talked much about it lately, but I’m finally going on that long-planned-for trip to Whidbey Island to work with quilt artist Marianne Burr!  I’m pretty excited.  A little nervous and intimidated, but mostly looking forward to what I’ll learn.  I’m also excited to visit that area of the country.  I’m sure I’ll come back with a lot of pictures to share.

Here’s a little travel project I put together (HAVE to have a project for the evening.  Kind of the quilter’s version of a security blanket!)

Gonna ‘fill in the blanks’ with hand-stitching.  Here’s my little travel kit.  I love this line of boxes I found at WalMart in the tool section–they are made specifically for women!

Regarding the previous post, I came to the conclusion that the biggest part of the problem is something I already knew about myself–I  am highly suggestible.  Its probably a good idea for me to tread lightly on a few blogs.  Shelley wrote a great blog this morning about knowing what works for you.  Still, there’s a few of those serious subjects that I’d like to explore in more detail.  That will be on the docks when I come back too!

Here’s an update on the rug progress.  I work on this almost every evening.  It is very soothing to work on.  Pretty colors, but just one stitch to remember!  The sky background is from one piece of wool that starts out lavender and fades to a pretty sky blue at the bottom.

Remember this pic?  This is the usual scene in the morning when I am reading, writing, and praying.  I don’t let them get on my lap, so they have contented themselves with being as close as possible on the ottoman in front of the chair I am sitting in.

The big guy observed this for a few days, and then decided if it was good enough for the peewees it was good enough for him.  He kind of hung off both sides, but he seemed very pleased at himself for fitting in.  Sophie is a wee bit horrified at the situation, and hopes it does not repeat itself.

Handsome boy:

Last night I was looking for my passport (where does one put such an important document???)  and I ran across these old pictures.  Sometimes I get intimidated when people refer to me as a successful maintainer, especially now, when I don’t seem to have what it takes to lose SIX MEASLY POUNDS.  So it was actually encouraging to me to see that yes, I have come a long way, and no, I am not back where I started from.  Its interesting to me how very unhealthy I look in these pictures (completely aside from the weight.)

Included this one for Shelley.  This is the diva that started it all!  I only had Celie for three years, but oh how I loved that little dog.  And she loved me right back.

So then I had to double check and MAKE SURE I had not gained all the weight back.  Took this pic late last night with my webcam (is that what you call the camera inside the computer?)  Note the look of sheer panic on Sophie’s face, and the death grip I have on her.  For some reason the photog whore is afraid of the webcam???

Hasta la vista, baby!  Catch you all in a week or so when I return.  Don’t think I’ll be able to connect to the internet where I’m staying.

10 thoughts on “Au Revoir!

  1. Wow – it’s hard to believe that is the same person in those pics!! But then again, it’s not really, you have changed a lot (inside AND outside) don’t you think?

    Have fun on your trip!! Check in if you get a chance! 🙂

  2. OK, first off, I died seeing Noah up on the ottoman – in his mind, he’s no bigger than the other dogs! Sophie looks hacked off, indeed…kind of “are you going to let him sit on MY spot, Mom?!?” So cute. I just love your dogs.

    The before pictures of you are incredible. It just doesn’t look like you! The last shot, with you and the queen – wow. You look amazing. Just so vibrant and beautiful, and YES, much, much healthier!!!

    I swear I have a similar picture of the old me with Jackie as you do with your adoring Celie. Now I’ll have to go look for it.

    Love your nighttime project quilt idea – can’t wait to see what you do with it! And the rug is coming along so beautifully! Hope you have a wonderful time this week. 🙂

    When you wrote you were highly suggestible, that rang a bell with me. There are some blogs that I can’t go to, for that very reason, even though I didn’t identify it as such, just as I felt uncomfortable when I would read them. Interesting – I look forward to reading more of your thoughts when you come back!

  3. No, I’d say you have a few pounds to go before you gain it all back. 🙂 (I have to go through a similar exercise myself sometimes, so I understand the thought process.)

    I hope you have a most wonderful trip! (Too bad I don’t live closer or you could have hired me as your pet sitter!:))

  4. Wow – so much to comment on. First, I love your evening project idea and can’t wait to see what you do with it. Second, the rug looks beautiful! I was just thinking that we are overdue for a picture. Third, Sophie barely tolerates Noah. That cracks me up! Fourth, WOW. Who is that lady in the picture with the dogs? 😉 Your current pic shows the Debby I know and love – vibrant, happy, healthy. Have a wonderful trip!!!

  5. Have fun Debby! Great picture at work of you and all the other retired lucky ones from the party! They put a little story about it on the staff home page! Glad you are already having fun with your freedom!

  6. Hi Debby! Hope you’ve enjoyed your time away! Love the doggie pics. You don’t even look like you in the older pics Debby! You’ve come a LONG way, be proud!!! You are an inspiration!!!

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