Home Again, Home Again

Oh its good to be home again.  Except for the unpacking, the washing, the doggie smell to deal with, the dust.  Oh my, the dust.  Yes it is very dusty here in sunny California.  No misty mornings to keep everything looking nice and clean.

Well, you know I want to talk about the food.  I rented a little cottage for the five days I would be on Whidbey Island, so I could cook a bit and fix my own  breakfasts and lunches.  Plus, I love being able to spread out, even if it is only me.  I know I’ve talked about this before, but if you are interested, just google ‘vacation rentals.’   Many times the vacation rental is very closely priced to a hotel room.  I stayed at Cozy Harbor Cottage, and it was just as advertised. (Ha!  I googled cozy harbor cottage, and came up with a little place on the coast of Maine.  That just might be my next destination!)

Here’s the sign they had on the living room wall.  It proved to be an accurate prediction.

But let me backtrack just a wee bit.  I am pretty organized when I travel now, and there are two things I do consistently.  I try to take some of ‘my’ food with me.  And I google maps and directions for everywhere I am going to go.  Since I was flying this time, there was a limit to the food I could take.  But I decided I could take most of the fixin’s for my Spackle 2.0.  That stuff is a nice treat, and it definitely holds me from breakfast to lunch, which I figured might be important while I had my art quilting lessons each day.  So I packed a container of the oat bran/flaxseed meal combo, whipped up some walnut butter (figured it could be unrefrigerated for 24 hours,) and packed some walnuts and chocolate chips.  I also took a few ‘energy bars,’ which I don’t routinely use any more, but they are pretty good for traveling, and maybe a little better than a candy bar.  So using all my mapquests and directions, I found my way from the Seattle Airport to Whidbey Island, and I even took a side trip to a quilt shop (imagine that!)  The only wrong direction I took landed me right at the grocery store that Marianne had recommended, so I stocked up on food before I even got to the cottage!  Fruits and veggies, cottage cheese and yogurt, some honey and granola, and a couple of steaks as a treat for dinners.

I met Marianne for coffee shortly after arriving.  We had been corresponding by email for almost a year, and had only spoken on the phone once, but it was almost like meeting an old friend, similar to how it is when bloggers meet up.  [For those of you who have not been following along, Marianne is a quilt artist whose work I noticed in a magazine, and after corresponding for a while, I asked her if she would be willing to give me some private lessons.  So that is what this trip was all about.]

Okay, don’t worry, I am not going to give you a blow by blow of every second of my trip.  I did want to include the stuff about food to show that it is possible to travel and eat real food.  (BTW, finally saw that Oprah episode with Michael Pollan, where he ends with his famous statement “Eat food.  Not too much.  Mostly plants.”)

I LOVED Whidbey Island.  It reminded me of one of my favorite childhood books, “Anne of Green Gables,”  which was about farm life on an island.

Here’s a scene along the shore early in the morning.  That dot of a bird was a very large heron, who was there every morning as I went by.

The town of Coupeville was very small, and quite charming.  Here’s a picture of some of the typical flowers in these Washington towns.  I thought Lori might like to see them.

Every day at lunch I took a walk.  Here’s just one of the scenes I saw.

Marianne had a beautiful perennial garden that was home to a LOT of beautiful birds, and also a mother deer with two fawns!  Isn’t this a lovely treatment–the way the tree is pruned makes a perfect frame of the bay beyond.

Another day I walked from Marianne’s house into a forest!

One day, after my lessons were over, I headed up to Deception Pass State Park, up at the top edge of Whidbey Island.  It was quite beautiful and wild.


I decided to take  a hike up to Gooseneck Point, which they SAID was only 1.2 miles.  Ha!  Of course, being a “Point” it was straight uphill the whole way to the top.  And when you don’t know where you’re going, did you ever notice it seems a lot farther?  halfway up they nicely provided this bench for us old folks.  Ha!  I didn’t need that.

Why, when you photograph a hill, does it never look as steep as it is in real life?

Here’s a little doodle I did at Marianne’s. The gold is a resist glue so you can paint on silk and the colors will remain separate.





And here are a few more views from my last lunchtime walk.


And with that, I left Whidbey Island for the next leg of my trip.  These ferries are quite common over there.  It sure is a different way of traveling–just drive your car onto the ferry.  I kept thinking I had to organize my stuff, but no, I could just leave it spread out in the car!

And a little teaser for those of you who might want to look at millions of garden/flower pictures–I went to Buchart Gardens, and I think I only took 300 pictures LOL.

Here is the little doodle after I painted it.  I have started stitching on it.  It will be a nice memento of my time with Marianne.  Marianne is a true artist, and was so generous in sharing her knowledge with me.  My brain is kind of overloaded with inspiration right now.  I’m sure it will all come out eventually.

Back home, I stopped last night for a few staples at Walmart.  I even made my first batch of homemade yogurt last night, and let it set all night–first time I have done that.  It came out great!  This morning, before picking up Noah, I went to the grocery store and got a BUNCH of great looking vegetables.  I’m back in business!

16 thoughts on “Home Again, Home Again

  1. Home again , home again jiggety jig! LOL! First thing that came to mind. 🙂 You know me i just LOVE that doodle! composition, color EVERYTHING! Welcome home girl! Hugs! deb

  2. Welcome home!!! What a lovely place to visit – do you want to move there now? Or is the farm in Oregon still beckoning? How serendipitous that you got lost and ended up at a grocery store! I really admire your sense of adventure and the way you travel by yourself – you are a brave woman. Glad you had such a great time! The “doodle” you created is gorgeous – your painting skills are just as beautiful as your quilting skills! That shouldn’t surprise me – you are an artist through and through.

    Has the queen forgiven you for leaving her yet?

    • No, it was a nice place to visit–I even found my ‘dream house.’ But I still like the idea of the farm in Oregon. And of course, I still like the idea of staying just where I am and fixing it up–a LOT.

      Haha. I was forgiven for leaving, but she is still somewhat perturbed by the amount of attention I gave to Mr. Monk when I first got home.

  3. Sounds like a wonderful trip. 🙂

    I remember your previous post about Marianne Burr, and LOVED her art. I remember looking and looking, and trying to figure out how she did it, and wondered if she painted the fabric first.

    I am totally looking forward to seeing how your little “doodle” piece turns out. So far I’m loving it!

    • Yes, she paints the fabric first. But there are so many layers to what she does that you cannot see in a picture, even though I did study her pictures quite strenuously. There is an excellence to her work that has garnered it international acclaim.

  4. Welcome home! Man that looks like the best vacation! I always feel relaxed when I see your pictures of vacations or your walks. I guess because you never took pictures at your work LOL!

    Hills never every look as steep in pictures. It isn’t fair!

    • Ha–that is funny. I got a note from a former co-worker who applied for retirement after seeing how relaxed and rested I looked after just three weeks off of work LOL.

  5. Welcome home! What a lovely vacation. Sounds so soulful and centering. And that “doodle” is a work of art, my friend. Can’t wait to see what else you create from this vacation.

  6. Welcome back Debby! This was just absolutely lovely. Thank you so much for sharing it with us. You know me and my love of pink is all over your ‘doodle!’ I can’t wait to see where this new inspiration takes you.

  7. I am SO VERY GLAD you are back!! I can’t wait to see what new creations you come up with after this trip.

    Good job on the food stuff. I know that can be an anxiety producing thing, but I think you handled it great.

    I’ll bet the goggies were super happy to see you!! 🙂

  8. Hi Debby, glad you had a lovely vacation. Whitby Island is beautiful. As are Butchart Gardens!! (I grew up in Victoria, my folks still live there. Glad you had a chance to go to the gardens!) All the best.

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