The Dogs Insist on Having a Say

And what all three of them are saying in these photos is:

“Was it really necessary to get that angry?”

In my defense, they were being really awful this morning.  They had already been fed.  I had spent some ‘quality time’ with them,   And finally, I had settled into my chair with a second cup of good coffee for my reading and prayer time.  I don’t know who started it, but between Sophie and Noah, an awful lot of noise and commotion ensued, and then Monk feels that he must mediate the fray, which only excites the other two even more…  lets just say some things were said that are not appropriate for prayer time…


12 thoughts on “The Dogs Insist on Having a Say

  1. My guess is they were still upset because your last post contained no mention of pictures of any of them! In one way or another, they will get the last word!

  2. I was laughing at myself by the time I snapped the pictures of them!

    And in their defense, there was a VERY DANGEROUS TOW TRUCK going by.

  3. I think I’ve seen those looks on my kids’ faces after “mommy has had it!!”. 🙂

    Yes, we must be very cautious of those DANGEROUS TOW TRUCKS!! There’s no telling what they could do if we don’t all raise a ruckus!! heehee!!

  4. This post made me laugh, and I understand it SOOOOOOOOOO much. Sometimes? They just drive you insane. The best part about when you lose it and yell at a dog? They forgive and forget so quickly.

    Noah is thinking about sticks already.
    Mr. Monk is still wondering if he needs to referee.
    Sophie – well, she needs a cookie. THEN she will forget. 😉

  5. LOL! Pets really can drive you crazy because you just wish they understood English – or at the very least remembered what you said the last time!

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