How to Lose Weight without Counting Calories or Using a Scale

I know some of you really chafe at the thought of counting and weighing.  I’m here to tell you there are a number of successful ways to lose weight without counting calories or points or even using a scale.  Really!  I did it and I’m ready to share my success secrets.  Between the years 1980 and 1982 I successfully lost 84 pounds using all of these methods.  My starting weight was 204 pounds, and I finished up at 124 pounds.  Which, BTW, for those of you who are not content with your current weight, or your lowest weight–I was not content at 124 pounds.  At 5′ 1/2″, my ‘goal weight’ was 110 pounds.  I doubt I would have been content at that weight either.  But I digress.  I wanted to share my secrets of success.  Here are the various methods I used to successfully lose weight without counting or weighing.

  • Liquid protein.  Quick and easy.  Forget what they say about not drinking your calories!
  • Eat only apples and walnuts until dinner.  Then you can have a normal dinner, and you can even have dessert.
  • The Atkins diet.  Mmmmm….cream.
  • Always skip breakfast.  And sometimes skip lunch.
  • Continue to decrease portions until you are having two pieces of okra, three string beans, and two bites of whatever meat is being served.  Okay, this sounds a little like counting,  but still.  Its a lot easier than checking out the calorie count in a little book (hey, we didn’t have computers back then.  Is that weird or what??)

You can use one of these methods or all of them (one at a time, of course,) and I GUARANTEE you will lose weight.

(Disclaimer:  I cannot guarantee how long you will keep the weight off using these methods, because by 1983  I had regained the 84 pounds plus an extra bonus 10 pounds.  I did not keep track of my methods for regaining the weight.  Somehow I didn’t think anyone would be interested in that ‘secret of success.’)



11 thoughts on “How to Lose Weight without Counting Calories or Using a Scale

  1. Hey Deb!

    Love the new look of your blog! Nice to have more free time to do stuff like that huh?? You are so right on the diet stuff. Its easy to get caught up in it and go crazy. But you end up putting it all back on and then some…..Hugs!deb

  2. HI Debby!

    I finally saw your comment on my blog. Thanks so much for stopping by! I tried to find an email address for you but couldn’t so i hope you see this! I use plain old Crayola. I’d like to try prismacolors or i think fabercastell is another one. A nice set is definately on my Christmas wish list. I find paint intimidating for some reason so this is a happy medium. Although over coming my fear of paint is definitely something i want to accomplish. LOL!

  3. Hey Debby,
    Thanks for the “reciepes” for success! I am happy to hear that you are enjoying retirement! Miss you here at work…

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