A Day in the Life

A day in the life…of the dogs.

Mr. Monk typically starts his day with a good chew.  He can really work a bone, even with his old, somewhat decrepit teeth.

After a bit he takes a break  Not sure what he was thinking here.

So even though there are FIVE other bones scattered around the floor, Noah has been keeping an eagle eye on Monk’s bone.





On this particular morning, Sophie had her way, and was as close as she wants to be–in my lap.

Later that afternoon, after I moved out of ‘their’ chair.  I thought it was funny the way Monk had his rear foot slung casually over Sophie’s back.

Today I brought in a new bed for Sophie and Monk.  Don’t ask me why I got it.  They get to lay on any couch or chair that they want to.  Sophie is taking this situation very seriously.  This is her giving Noah the evil eye.  It is HER bed.  Not meant for monsterdogs.

After setting Noah straight, she seems to really be relaxing in her new bed.  Who knew?

This morning I had an old favorite–protein pancake!  I use Lori’s recipe, bake some chopped walnuts into the pancake, and top with some extra ripe mashed bananas.  Heavenly.  Last week I did a couple of days of NO WHEAT, NO SUGAR.  So I am trying for three days this week.  (The pancakes have oats in them, not wheat.  I’m not as brave as Lori, going completely grain free!)


14 thoughts on “A Day in the Life

  1. Sophie, Mr. Monk, and Noah are adorable. I love the photos! They are very interesting in the way they interact and get what they want. The pancake looks good too!

  2. Oh this post made me laugh so hard Paco got worried! First, Mr. Monk is thinking “I know if I stop chewing that big dog is gonna take my bone…but my jaw is tired!” and then? “Dang. Just like I thought” – so funny that Noah is pictured just laying his chin on it – he’s not even chewing the bone! Mine. All mine.

    Sophie giving him the evil eye is hilarious!!! The queen has a new throne! And such a cute picture of her sleeping. See? She just needed a pretty bed! Well, for now, anyway. 🙂

    I love the close up of Sophie. Glad you acquiesced to her wishes and let her sit in her favorite spot – your lap!

    What kind of bones do you give the kids?

    • Mostly nylabones. Sometimes they get rawhide bones, but then I have to referee, as you can imagine. One Christmas I got them some elk antlers, which were quite expensive. They LOVED them. Again with the refereeing. Now the elk antlers are old hat, and most days Noah prefers the nylabones. They seem to like the nylabones that have ridges.

  3. Mr. Monk is precious. I’m partial to the smooshed face dogs as I had a Boston Terrier for almost 13 years. The other dogs are very nice too. 🙂 Your posts are so enjoyable!

  4. Wow, what a fancy bed! That looks more comfy than mine! 🙂

    I think I need to try one of Lori’s protein pancakes someday too. If I had more time in the mornings I would be able to get more than some yogurt and coffee in my tummy.

  5. Well, you just left me such a nice comment on my blog, and I realized I needed to catch up on yours.

    First of all, thanks for that link to Chris Kresser. (Gives you an idea of how many posts I needed to catch up on, eh?) I hadn’t seen his blog before. I think his summary of the weight management conundrum may be the best I’ve ever read.

    Now, catching up to today. I think that today’s photo sequence with Mr. Monk and Noah could make a children’s book. It’s just too cute! I so love Mr. Monk’s expressions. I relate to him, I suppose. The average Joe just trying to figure it all out, do the right thing, surrounded by a confident princess and a stud, both who pretend to (and seem to) already have it all figured out, whatever “it” is. And then there’s the one who feeds and walks everyone, and vacuums, and brings home surprises. What am I to make of her?

  6. You must take a family portrait of all four of you and post it. Actually, getting that picture taken would be worthy of a YouTube video!!! I’d love to hide and watch.


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