Good grief, I don’t really feel like “whee!”  Whee that I can type though.  My surgery got cancelled at the last minute.  It takes an hour and a half to drive there, and 15 minutes before I arrived the doctor got called to an emergency surgery.  So annoying on so many levels.  I can’t really be mad because I know how often this kind of thing happens.  And if I was the emergency, I would certainly want the doctor to work on me instead of the woman who put off the carpal tunnel surgery for ten years.  Heck, I myself am glad that he could work on that emergency.  Its just disappointing and disconcerting to have your plan diverted at the last minute like that.  I had to sit and think and think about what to do.  Fortunately, I got ahold of my friend before she left the parking garage (yeah, there was also that–my friend had taken her whole day to take me to and from…)  Anyway, in the end, I am re-scheduled for tomorrow morning (another morning without coffee) and a different friend will take me to and from.  So many of you wished me well, I thought I should let you know.

On the foodie front, once I got over my coffee-less shock this morning, I cooked up a storm!  First I cooked three pounds of chicken!  Have you guys tried Montreal Chicken seasoning?  Very tasty, and a friend of mind cut the raw chicken into bite sized pieces and cooked it in that seasoning for salads.  Yumm.  So I have about 6 little three ounce packets of chicken ready to top my salads with.  Plus a couple of other big pieces for whatever.  As soon as the chicken was done, I cooked up a big pot of zucchini that my neighbor had given me, along with some onion and corn.  I love that combo.  And THEN I cooked a head of cauliflower and made some mashed cauliflower.  I know!  Can you believe I did that much cooking on a morning I couldn’t eat?

Well, listen, you guys don’t have to comment or wish me well—there’s been plenty of that already.  But I wanted to let you know what’s going on.  The good thing is, presuming no emergency, it will be over sooner in the day tomorrow!


8 thoughts on “Whee!

  1. Thanks for checking in – and I’m sorry you got rescheduled…good thing you are so flexible and understanding. Sorry for another coffee-less morning tomorrow! My continued good wishes are going your way…hopefully tomorrow you can check in with a “i m ok” post (that was typed with my right hand only, lol).

  2. I was so surprised to see a comment from you on my blog. I thought “Is Debby typing one-handed already?”

    Hopefully the ER surgery was successful. And I hope you get a good night’s sleep.

  3. Oh good grief! What a letdown and I agree that the worst part is having to go coffee-less two days in a row. Good luck today – let us know when it’s over!

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