A Different KInd of Creativity

So far, the two most important things in the world have been accomplished first day post-op.

  1. Making a good cup of coffee (for me.)
  2. Fixing the dogs’ food. (Sophie is especially pleased about this one.)

Hey, and guess what?  I’m typing with two hands!  Might pay for it later, we’ll see.  But they said I could use a keyboard.  So I loaded up with Motrin, waited half an hour, and went for it!

Thank you all for the well-wishes–times two!  Everything went according to plan yesterday.  Except they had a little trouble starting an IV (we all decided it was because I was dehydrated d/t two days of pre-fasting.)  Everybody asked what I was having done (a kind of double check for surgery) and when there were three nurses and two doctors around me and I said, I’m so glad you all are asking me this, I was worried that the worse thing that could happen to me was that my hand could get amputated.  No one laughed.  What?  Is that like joking about a bomb in the airport?

Another funny thing that happened during the surgery was that I could feel the doctors touching my hand and talking quietly.  So I stirred a bit, and the nurse anesthetist (I just got fentanyl and versed, two drugs I am very familiar with from the babies,)came over and asked if everything was okay, and I said I’m worried that I will feel it when they cut into my hand, and she said, oh, they’ve already done that.  So I laughed and said, okay I’ll go back to sleep.  That’s my version of what happened, anyway.

They had put a total  numbing block in my hand (it looked like 10cc of lidocaine, I’m not kidding) so afterwards it was just numb and tingly (very familiar to me anyway,) and didn’t hurt at all.  By the time we got home (what good friends do I have–this was the second friend that took me.  I drove to her house in the morning, and her husband followed us home in my car!)–my hand was starting to ache.  So I was most anxious to get some of that vicodin on board.  Oh, come on.  Didn’t you see me in there with my hand all wrapped up?  And you give me one of these safety caps to try to get off with one hand???  Okay, this is where the different kind of creativity comes in.  Before the surgery Loretta had been so kind to encourage me with her experience with carpal tunnel surgery, and she said “you just get creative.”  Which right away relieved me.

Here’s how I figured out how to get into that bottle:

As you can see, Sophie insisted on ‘helping’ with this photo.  The blur in the corner is where she licked the camera lens…

The vicodin totally zonked me.  After a couple of hours, and my tummy growling, I got up to feed the dogs and thought I’d eat one of those banana nut apricot oatmeal bars. I took three bites and was completely nauseated.  Darn it.

To make a long story short, switched to Motrin, went to bed extra early, and so far this morning I am feeling very comfortable.  A little itchy already.  Oh boy, have to keep this dressing on for four days…

Au natural morning photo--the weird light/shadows is the sun coming through the vines in the window.


5 thoughts on “A Different KInd of Creativity

  1. Glad to hear from you and that things are going so well! I busted a gut at both Sophie getting in the picture AND licking the lens. What a dog!!!

    Take good care and keep up with the pain meds – I know you know that, but still. 🙂

  2. Love the picture and isn’t that the infamous robe again??? Hope you’ve been able to eat today. Two days with nothing isn’t the way you want to lose weight.

    So glad one is down – only one left to go!

  3. So glad to hear you on the flip side! And typing already. My goodness. Be a good patient now.

    I would have had the pharmacy open the medication for me before I left LOL.

  4. Glad you’re safely through surgery #1. Good luck learning to live 1 handed for a while! You were so smart to stock up on goodies ahead of time so you’ll be a set. You had me LOL at your method for getting off that darn child-proof cap. Except for the baby-grandchildren I have a few days a week, I’d go all non-childproof caps in a heartbeat.

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