Eat Your Veggies!

This was the last of the giant batch of zucchini, corn, and onions that I cooked for myself last Thursday!  That means that five days later it still tasted fresh and delicious.  Last night I added a few cherry tomatoes and topped it with some shredded parmesan cheese, and called that dinner.  Completely satisfying, and filling too!

I used to think that cooked vegetables didn’t keep in the refrigerator, but I’ve learned that quite a few vegetable dishes make great leftovers.  When I worked I routinely cooked larger batches of vegetables so I would have stuff to take with me for my work lunches.

I had a question about cooking with olive oil, since I added a couple of teaspoons to these veggies while they were cooking.  Periodically I see negative things being written about cooking with olive oil on the blogs.  So I went to my ultimate blog expert–Georgie–who is an RD.  And she explained that it was the smoke point of olive oil that made it (and many other oils) dangerous.  The smoke point of olive oil is 400 degrees, so no danger of that happening, except the occasional time I forget what I am doing.    While I was on Georgie’s blog, I noticed a couple of really great veggie recipes that I have bookmarked to try.  Both involve pine nuts, which I just happen to have a few of–yumm.  Spinach with toasted pine nuts, and Cauliflower and brussel sprouts with pumpkin seed and pine nut topping.   I also found this recipe for Coconut banana protein bars, which has nothing to do with veggies.  But yumm, I will be making this one soon!  Georgie is really a wonderful reference tool for us healthy living/healthy cooking bloggers!

Anyway, while I am “convalescing,” I am being extra aware of what I am eating.  It would be really easy to succumb to the “I’m bored, must eat” philosophy.  Prepping all that food ahead of time really was helpful.  Continuing with the minimal sugar/flour thing makes it easier.  And writing down what I might eat for the day (subject to change without notice) and tracking my calories is really helpful too.  When I get the munchies, I look at what’s on the plan for the day and think, oh, in just an hour you can eat that.  I always include something that I consider a treat, like my lobars, or one of those chocolate peanut butter protein bars, or even some yogurt and granola.  I am very pleased with my food choices this week.  It could easily have gone another way.

I’m looking forward to a trip to the Farmer’s Market in our little town this afternoon, to get a few more veggies and some fruit too.

Do you have any special vegetable recipes that I need to try?


9 thoughts on “Eat Your Veggies!

  1. Wow Debby, you make veggies look really good! I have a zucchini in my fridge – I’ll have to slice and steam that baby up!

    I’m still wanting to buy a spiralizer for zucchini – I love it steamed, with salt and pepper and parmesean. Haven’t made that final “click” on Amazon yet, though.

    Glad to see that your pre-op prep has paid off so well.

    Oh – don’t you dare try that crow pose anytime soon, Miss “I just had carpal-tunnel surgery”!

    And my pool is indoors, which is good for both hot and cold weather. 🙂

    • Can you believe I didn’t even think about my hand when I looked at that pose??

      Haha on ‘final click’ on the spiralizer. It is still on my wish list at Amazon! Have you tried just using a veggie peeler? It works fine, although I’m sure slower than the spiralizer.

  2. I cook lots of veggies, but I have to admit I’m fairly boring at cooking them. Olive oil, salt and pepper and throw on a cookie tray to roast. Sometimes I add other stuff, depending on the veggie but really you can’t go very wrong with a plain old roasting.

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