A Different Kind of Day

Today was a different kind of day.  I started my day same as normal.  And then I just didn’t feel like doing anything.  So I gave myself permission to do just that.  Maybe it was this poster I saw this morning.

I dunno.  Maybe I overdid yesterday.  Whatever it was, I stayed in my pajamas all day and was pretty content doing nothing.

Sophie got a little bored.





Noah was a good boy.



Sophie thought the picture needed some improvement.

Some of the recent eats:

I told you guys about this idea for fruit dip/spread a while ago.  This was the first time I made it.  Fixed dinner for my spiritual formation group last night–healthy taco salad (yumm) and strawberries with this dip.  It met with unanimous approval.    People were scraping their plates to get the last of it!   I had some leftover, so topped a white peach with a couple of tablespoons.  Divine!  Recipe for Creamy Fruit Dip.

Tried out that new recipe I mentioned the other day.  This was absolutely divine.  Maybe its been too long since I had the real thing.  But honestly, it tasted like coconut custard pie to me.  I made it this morning, and saved it for dessert tonight.  The rest is safely in the freezer.  Thanks again to the culinary genius of Georgie.  The thing about something like this is that yes, it tastes luxurious like dessert.  But the ingredients are healthy and are fueling your body while you indulge.  Its a win-win situation.

Dinner tonight was scrumptious.  I’m still trying to choose stuff that I don’t have to spend too much time chopping (what was I thinking of, buying a butternut squash,) and I’m still using paper plates (washing dishes is NOT fun) but I’m back to cooking obviously.  Leftover roasted beets, roasted green beans, and a piece of perfectly cooked salmon–yay me.  Too many times I get distracted and overcook it.

Been watching a marathon of Biggest Loser episodes today.  I feel a little guilty admitting to watching it, because I essentially disagree with most of what they do there.  But I pick up a few tidbits.  And today was particularly cathartic.   There was a father/daughter team on there that was particularly close, and I cried really hard a couple of times with their interactions.  And then that same father lost his brother DURING his time at the ranch and he was grieving, and I cried hard again during that episode.  I don’t cry much at all about losing my dad, so I guess I think its good that this happens once in a while.

And now I’m tired from doing nothing all day, so I think I’ll take a shower and head to bed. You all have a great weekend!

15 thoughts on “A Different Kind of Day

  1. I’ll confess to having one of those pajama days last Monday (Labor Day). It was the day we received record breaking rainfall from Tropical Storm Lee and there just never seemed to be any reason to get dressed. Read, surfed and watched movies. Fun day – until the chimney started leaking!!

  2. A Pj day sounds pretty perfect. I may have to make that fruit dip.I would have to just add some of the same ingredients but in single person serving sizes. Can you eat too much cottage cheese? I go through a tub a week, easy..

    I agree about Biggest Loser. I find there is always something that I get or touches me or is redeemable whether it’s a training or food or emotional context. That show misses the mark though as there is so much more they could be showing us and revealing, but instead we get the drama of the contest aspect.

    • Ahhh! The “Miss PJ Geek” seal of approval! Yes, I agree with you about the single serving size. I actually made half that recipe, and it was enough for the four women with half of it leftover.

      Yes, if Biggest Loser would stop doing commercials DURING the show, they would have a lot more time for unprejudiced nutritional segments.

  3. I love pajama days. At least you have the “recovering from surgery” excuse – I just have to go into the “hope no one knocks on my front door” thing whenever I get a pajama day. Honestly, they should be mandatory at least once every few months for all adults.

    I love the Sophie set of pictures. The third one? Title that “dreaming of dinner” – and I love that she just fell asleep in that position! BTW, has she always had a “diamond” collar? It’s entirely appropriate for someone of her standing! 🙂

    Your “plate scraping” fruit topping sounds so good, and I don’t even like cottage cheese, but I’ve made a list of the ingredients for my next grocery shop…that’s how GOOD it sounds!

    I’m glad you took a rest day – remember, your body is healing from surgery, so don’t overdo it!

    • You know, you’re right about making them mandatory every few months. I used to call them “luxury days” and mark them on my calendar. And its not so much that I have to do nothing, but that I can do whatever I want to with no guilt.

      Yes, Sophie (and all my dachshunds) have always had diamond collars. Those things are getting harder and harder to find. I don’t like the nylon ones. They have to be metallic colors. Hers is gold of course LOL.

      Ooh, I’ll be interested to see if a non-cottage cheese person likes it. (see PJ’s comment above–you don’t have to make that big of a recipe to start with)

  4. My jammie day is the opposite. I always love to be showered in the morning, but I have been known to get into my flannel jammies at 6 pm quite often in the cold weather months!

    I think I may have to get my library to order Wheat Belly. Seems like it confirms a lot of what I have been reading by that review you sent me.

  5. Pajama days are the best! I got up thinking that maybe I’d do one today but it’s really gorgeous outside and we aren’t going to get too many more days like this so I’ll get dressed and get out of the house for a bit. Once the cool/dark evenings start, I’ve been known to get home at 5 and be in PJs by 5:05 though.

    OK, I’m off to look at that recipe. I love all things coconut!

  6. Must admit, I try every now and again to watch Biggest Loser. Guilty obsession. I’m attracted to it like you, because of the emotional overlay. I don’t think there’s an area of endeavor more emotionally loaded than weight loss (unless it’s loss maintenance, but that isn’t given any attention in our culture). My husband always changes the channel on me, because he hates to hear me grouse every time they go overboard with the physical training, to the point of abuse. I also ache for the contestants because they sign a gag order and cannot talk about maintenance after the program without approval from the show, so, of course, all we get is a one-dimensional yippy zippy impression (that sells plenty of oatmeal and diet bars). Sometimes a journalist will “out” a past contestant who regained, and that’s even worse. Of course, they handle it with zero sensitivity.

    Yes, I too have mixed feelings about Biggest Loser, mostly negative, actually, but it’s so compelling. If it’s on, I just can’t look away.

  7. Interesting about the gag order. Because there are a few ‘successful’ biggest loser’s and I wondered why they were not talking about their life after. They have also had a few reunion shows, and even had one where the guy had gained back almost all his weight.

    Physical training to the point of abuse–totally agree.

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