Exercise Notes

Little by little, upping the exercise quotient again.  Just walks.  But going longer, and pushing myself.  I still feel very good, and strong too.  Guess what I noticed was missing, when I pushed myself on a longer walk.  Cardio…oops.  My legs didn’t  get tired of walking, but my breathing was pretty labored.  Not as in ‘my lungs hurt,’ but as in ‘Noah looking at me to see what the heck was going on.’  So as much as I despise sweating, that will be addressed.  I’m pretty proud of my blood pressure (106/72 on my day of surgery) and I don’t want to mess with that.

On a couple of my walks I even jogged for a bit.  Daydreamed about picking it up again.  But tonight my knee hurt a little.  These ‘hurts’ that I complain about aren’t the ‘ooh it hurts so good’ that you get after a heavy workout.  They are the ‘something is out of place and not working properly’ hurts. My goal in life  is to never have to have a knee or a hip replacement.  So I’m going to pay attention to what my body is telling me and be content with walking.  And goodness knows, if I do it right,  walking up and down the hills around here is plenty of exercise.  Add in the weights at the gym, and a swim or two, and I do believe I’ve got it covered.  As long as I do SOMETHING fast enough/hard enough to make it cardio.

I am still tracking my exercise on the President’s Challenge.   I am up to 24,000 points out of the 40,000 needed for the bronze award.  With 78 hours for the 18 weeks I’ve tracked it, that evens out to about 4.3 hours per week.  Not bad, but not up to my goal of 5-6 hours per week  (The National Weight Control Registry states that the majority of people who maintain their weight loss exercise an hour a day.  Most of them get that exercise by walking.)  Considering there was over a month in there where I was dealing with my dad’s health and then his death, that number is probably acceptable.

During my Biggest Loser sessions yesterday, they mentioned a Biggest Loser spa.  And I thought, that might be fun to go to.  Followed by, you could do that at home!  And thinking about how I prepared for this hand surgery by cooking ahead of time, and getting all the housework done ahead, I realized that gave me the luxury of a lot of extra time in the day.  So I wrote out a schedule of what it would look like to dedicate a longer period of time for exercise in each day, and I am going to put a ‘spa week’ on my schedule sometime in October.  I’m pretty excited about it.  Anyone want to join me?

Tomorrow I get my stitches out!  I’m anxious to see if I’m doing better than most people at healing (competitive much?) and to ask about when I can be safe lifting weights and swimming.  Swimming!  Can you believe that, as I write, a very cool wind is blowing through the window and rain is falling?  FINALLY!!

8 thoughts on “Exercise Notes

  1. Stay patient! I’ve had hand surgery a couple of times and know how frustrating it is to feel better enough to want to resume normal activities, but still have restrictions. One never realizes how important their hands are until use of them is limited.

    • Oh I think I have a very good notion of how important my hands are. I thought of bringing quilts with me to drape over myself while they were doing surgery LOL.

      But I’ll be good. For sure I don’t want to do anything wrong that might mess up what’s been done! And I think that’s why I had a couple of days where I was really tired “for no reason.” I think I just overdid it the day before.

  2. You crack me up with your knee and hip goals – mine is to never become a “cane lady” like the ones I see at the pool. Good on ya for recognizing what was missing – I fear that is missing in my workouts, too…hard to tell with swimming, since you don’t sweat, but I have a feeling that I’m not hitting the cardio like I should.

    I love your idea of a spa week. Tell me more! Not only would this be fun to do as bloggers, but one day, it would be so neat to do, together – maybe in the wine country? Then we could get Helen to come!

    I hope things go well with the stitch removal. Don’t push yourself with the hand, though…tempting as it must be. Let’s get that baby fully healed!

    • Oh I almost forgot! I don’t want to turn into a walker person!!!

      Oh man, wouldn’t that be great to all go to a spa together? Of course we’d have to break out for a froyo run!

  3. I would love a spa time! I might have to book one for reals.

    Cardio is important and it is easy to get into the routine of walking or biking or whatever and having your body be so used to it that it isn’t cardio anymore, but just part of your life. It is so hard to always push it, though, don’t you think. Because it never ends LOL!

  4. Love to have a spa week with you. I was thinking as I was swimming today that I need to work climbing hills. That will be a good goal for me. I also want to go to the biggest loser spa!

  5. What everyone else said about cardio 🙂 What’s funny to me is that biking for 90 minutes is easier to me than 30 minutes of intense walking, even though cardio-wise I’m working harder when I bike. Walking takes more muscles, I’m sure of it. At least, that’s what I tell myself! Go on with your bad walking self! And I’m glad you’re listening to your body. Which brings me to my next point….

    What every else said about your hand 🙂 I know you know to let it rest completely, but now you know we know you know.

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