A Few Tidbits

Sorry I’ve been MIA for the last few days.  You probably figured out that as my hand improved, I would find more things to do besides type blog entries!  Here’s just a few pics from the last few days.

Friends?  Hard to tell.  Sophie comes and sits by Noah quite often.  When she’s not trying to boss him around, or refusing to play with him, or stealing his bone, I guess they could be considered friends.  Not exactly the character traits I look for in a friend…

One of the things I still can’t do with my hands is cut the dogs toenails.

Please! Will someone give me a manicure?

The other night I couldn’t find Monk anywhere.

The answer to the question "Where's Monk?"

The latest almost finished quilt.  Another thing I can’t do very well with my hand is use the rotary cutter.  So I will be waiting a few days to finish and put the binding on this quilt.  Then it will be listed on my Etsy shop!

Backing fabric flipped over:

Somehow Noah discovered the joys of the couch.  He started by just sitting his butt on the couch, thinking I wouldn’t notice.  Then he started jumping up on it to chew his bone.  That is not going to happen.  Don’t talk to me about doggie unions.  Some things in life aren’t fair.

Other news:  My stitches are out!  It felt a lot better to have them out.  They said I can swim and lift weights in another week.  And they said I could sew by hand.  I started working on some of my hand quilting that same night.  I haven’t hand quilted in 4 months!

I’ve been getting some good cardio walks in since my last entry!

Found a new recipe, Paleo Berry Cobbler, and it is definitely worthy!  No grains and no sugar. But definitely a dessert.  Check it out.  I made it with fresh peaches, and it was scrumptious.  If you make it into 6 servings, it will be  about 250 calories.  I would increase the ratio of fruit to topping the next time I make it, which will bring the calories down.    Don’t worry, I’m not turning into a carnivore.  But I like the idea of trying new foods (almond flour) and I like the idea of baking a dessert without grains and sugar!  BTW, the almond flour that I got at Trader Joe’s was extremely cheap compared to what I’ve seen locally.

I picked up some gluten free baking mix at the store today and am going to try making my scone recipe with that tomorrow morning.  I’ll let you know how that turns out!



12 thoughts on “A Few Tidbits

  1. This is my first time on your blog, but clearly you hurt your arm :s I hope you’re feeling better now and glad to hear the stitches are out.

  2. So…I can’t steal your bone or boss you around? Is that a deal breaker for our friendship? 😉 Heehee

    LOVE the quilt, the colors are so cheerful!

    And Noah just looks like he BELONGS on the couch! He’s so funny.

    • No. My bones are mine, all mine! Come to think of it, I’m a lot like Sophie. Short legs, and always trying to boss people around…

      Yes, when he gets entirely on the couch (and he takes the WHOLE couch) he does look like he belongs. Its hard not to just let him stay there.

  3. Not sure if it’s “friends” or if Sophie is owning Noah, what with trapping his arm like she’s doing. Maybe he’s just another one of her toys? The shot of Noah sitting on the couch is so funny – that dog does not realize his size, does he? I really think he thinks he’s just like Sophie and Mr. Monk! What a funny boy. 🙂

    Woo hoo to moving on – bet that seeing how well the recovery has gone with your left hand is giving you confidence for the next surgery. I’m glad you’re progressing, but still, take it easy. We don’t want any backsliding.

  4. OMGosh, why do you get my dogs so much better than I do? That is EXACTLY what Sophie is doing! And you’re right about Noah too. He looks so puzzled when he wants to do ‘crazy puppy play’ in the morning, and Sophie just tells him off (and I make him stop because I’m afraid he’s gonna inadvertently injure her.) Monk is the wise one. He just goes and sits in the corner until the craziness is done.

  5. You know, I knew Noah was a big dog, but seeing him next to Sophie really gives it a sense of scale. Not to mention the “who, me?” sofa shot…that cracked me up!

    And speaking of dogs, I feel for you on the black dog toenails! Our Bela had those, and man, were they hard to cut! Luckily we kept a bunch of styptic powder handy.

    And so glad your recovery is going well!

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