This is a photo essay from my trip to Africa last January that I never published.  As is obvious, I like shoes.  I was so touched by the shoes these little kids from the slums wore.  It was obvious to me, that even though this was a “soccer tournament,” most of these little kids were dressed in their best clothes for the American visitors.  Some of the little girls had a real sense of style and did the best with what they had.  You can see in the last photo that the pile of shoes that we brought with us was definitely the most popular with the soccer coaches, even though there was a whole roomful of sports equipment and clothing strewn about.

So last week I was at a meeting at church, and a young couple, who I admire very much, each had an idea for ministry that I got very excited about.  The husband happens to work at the same University hospital that I worked at, and he said that on a recent trip to the downtown area, he noticed the shoes of a homeless woman, and thought to himself that no one should have to wear shoes like that.  So he had the idea to collect good comfortable walking shoes and take them to homeless people on his lunch break!

Then his wife shared that she had been trying to figure out how we could set up a sponsorship program for the kids in a church in Haiti that our church has partnered with!

Both of these ideas are things that I feel passionately about.  Just that day I had been feeling so lost–what am I doing that is worthy? etc.  I know that there are some things volunteer-wise that I want to do that require the use of my hands, so that will have to wait until after I have my right hand surgery done.  But these two things are things I can do now!  I was so excited after that night.

Back to our regularly scheduled blogging tomorrow!

9 thoughts on “Shoes

  1. One of my favorite shoe charities happens at major road races: Shoes4Africa. They collect old running shoes (which always have lots of good wear left but are not necessarily the best for running) and get them shipped over there to people that have no shoes at all. Most people here do not understand how vital a pair of shoes can be, especially in preventing things like hookworm. Lovely essay Debby!

    • Wow, that’s neat to hear about! That’s what I kept thinking about when I was in Africa–what we deem unacceptable is actually a luxury somewhere else. That applies to a lot more than shoes!

  2. So can I send you my old shoes so your friend can take them to the homeless folks? I’ve got lots and my husband would be thrilled to see less shoes in my closet!

  3. Don’t you just love that moment when the light bulb comes on and something you’ve been considering in your heart becomes clear? What a worthy project. I love the pictures. They say it all.

  4. I love that you can do something for people right there in your own downtown. I agree with Lori, we really take for granted how good we have it here in the good old USA! Loved the photo essay.

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