What’s Going On?

What’s going on?  Not much, really.  In case you can’t tell, I’m not much interested in chatting about weight loss these days.  Weight loss?  What is that?  When does that happen?  How does it happen?  I still have some of that ‘weight creep’ hanging on, and I am working more and less consistently at trying to remove it.

  • Eating healthy?  Check with an asterisk. I guess I’d say 80% of my choices and portions are very healthy.  I’d probably lose weight if I could make that 90%.  At least that’s what Jillian Michaels says.
  • Exercising?  Check with an asterisk.  My hand strength is  back, but the incision is taking its sweet time to heal, which is VERY aggravating.  And that little ‘knee hurt’ that I mentioned a few weeks ago?  Maddening, really, that I could injure myself so badly from a few paces at a slow jog.  A jog so slow that Noah didn’t even break his pace.  But it was enough to jar something out of place.  So with only having one good hand and one good leg, I haven’t gone back to the gym.  I have continued to walk once or twice a day through the HORDES OF FLIES.  I’m sure these horrible little things have some reason for being, but for the life of me I can’t imagine what it is.

So most of my blogging’s been about the “and life” section of my subtitle.

The foodie speaks:

A few days ago I experimented with using Bob’s Red Mill Gluten Free Biscuit mix to make my blueberry scones.  Very nice!  A little ‘doughy’ in taste and texture, but I really like them.  Here’s the scones in progress.

At the same time, I had a massive yogurt making operation going on.  Multiple batches, and straining some of the yogurt to make my own ‘Greek style’ yogurt.  I wanted to make extra yogurt to share with my neighbor who shares her vegetables with me.

The finished scone:

And an inside peek to show you the berry to dough ratio!  I put two whole cups of berries in each batch of scones.

Some of the great tomatoes my neighbor shared with me.  I’ve been having them with a splash of balsamic vinegar and some chopped basil.  Very tasty!

As I mentioned, I’m VERY SUGGESTIBLE when it comes to food.  The other day I had planned on a piece of pre-cooked chicken breast and some left-over cooked broccoli for dinner.  That was as far as my planning went.  When reading the blogs that afternoon, Lynn mentioned sprinking some parmesan on her broccoli.  Mmmm.  Then Lyn wrote about some meat lasagne, which got me in the mood for Italian.  Hey!  I had some TJ’s marinara sauce in the freezer.  In about five minutes I had my chicken breast with some marinara sauce and topped with an italian cheese mix, as well as sprinkling some of the cheese on top of my broccoli.  This time being highly suggestible turned out healthy…

My breakfast clafouti, with raspberries in it.  To be honest, it looked better than it tasted.  Raspberries are too strong a taste for me, and so I ate it, but I picked out about half the berries.

And I have already mixed up dinner and have it waiting in the refrigerator.  Love to do this, because most days, by the time dinner rolls around, and the doggies have been fed, I am DONE.  Tonight I am going to finally have the   Apple-Bacon-Chicken Salad that Miz recommended. I followed the general recipe, but just mixed up a single serving.  I took a preview taste, and mmmm-mmm.  Thanks, Miz!  (Edited to add:  This was so delicious.  My easier quicker single serving: 3 oz. pre-cooked chicken breast chopped, 1 medium apple, peeled and chopped, 1 Tbsp pre-cooked bacon, 2 Tbsp yogurt, 1 tsp mustard, and I added 1 Tbsp roasted pepitas, which really added a needed crunch, and I didn’t have any green onions so I left those out.  Served it on a bed of chopped romaine.  Approx. 250 calories.Sorry, I ate it down before I took a pic!)

The Sophie Chronicles:

Since I started hand-quilting again in the evening, Sophie has been in seventh heaven.  She snuggles down right next to me under the quilt I am working on.  This is the most relaxed you will ever see Sophie.   She can almost forget all her worries about ruling the world.

New quiltworks:

I’ve been busy quilting!  This is the ‘quilt kit’ I made to work on post-surgery.  LOVED working on this.  A modern take on the traditional Double Wedding Ring pattern.

Love the backing fabric on this.

I really like this next quilt.  Very simple, but very cheery, to me.

I like the backing fabric on this one too!

These quilts, along with a few others, are on my Etsy site!   I’m getting better at putting the quilts on there.

Well, that’s all the news that’s fit to print around here.  Hope you all are doing well.  Keep making those healthy choices.

15 thoughts on “What’s Going On?

  1. It sounds to me like you’re doing lots, Debbie. Quilting, trying out new recipes, loving on your pooches, following blogs, walking, and continuing to write an inspiring, upbeat blog with lots of pretty pix. I can see you’re enjoying your retirement. Ain’t life grand??

  2. Hmmm, I don’t normally like chicken salad, but after looking at this recipe, I’m thinking my aversion might be the mayo usually used. This recipe looks quite tasty!

    Let me know if you need to get rid of any leftover scones and I’ll send you my address. 🙂

    • Yes, I HATE mayonaise, so have always avoided chicken salad like the plague. And sometimes if something is a substitute for mayo, I don’t like that either. So I was skeptical of the yogurt/mustard combo. But I thoroughly enjoyed this. Plus it was way more solid stuff and not much sauce.

      I wish I could mail order market my scones. I think they are quite tasty and nutritious too!

  3. Debby i sure wish you would come cook for me! My poor , poor husband cooking is at the bottome of what i want to do list. LOL! Love all your lovely quilting! Sophie looks like she is absolutely in heaven.

  4. I’m so sorry that you’re still having issues with that knee. Why IS it that when we want to live our best it seems something like this happens? And then, of course, add in age and there you have longer to recover than normal. Glad to hear you’ve been able to continue walking even though the hordes of flies!

    I think being high suggestible when it comes to food is a good thing – makes for much more adventurous meals!

  5. I love that cheery heart quilt – so pretty!!

    You hate mayo? How is that even possible? I just don’t understand you California hippie types! 😉 Here in the south, mayo is practically a food group (obesity problem? what obesity problem?).

    Miss Sophie – all is right with the world again!

    • I never liked mayo, but then one time (when I was a kid) we were at some friend’s house, and I was forced to be polite and eat a turkey sandwich made with mayo, and I think I had a touch of flu, so then I threw it up. YUCK. Mayo will never pass my lips again.

  6. Thank you Debby for sharing your quilts. I just made the ugliest quilt on the planet. Used Jan Patek fabrics that are very dark, I thought it was going to be pretty… not so much. Ive been hand quilting my quilts also the problem is do you hand quilt something ugly??

  7. Aw, Sophie looks so cute, especially in that last picture! And peaceful!

    Ugh, that’s such a bummer, having to deal with flies. Hope you get some relief from the dust & flies soon!

    And I agree with the commenter who said being suggestible with respect to food isn’t necessarily a bad thing, especially when its all that healthy food! I think your tomato probably inspired me subconsciously to buy the tomato the farm stand guy recommended, and it WAS good!

    And count me in as a fellow non-mayo fan, although I do like it in tuna or chicken salad, as long as there are enough other flavors going on and it’s not too heavy.

    Hope you’re having a good weekend!

  8. It sounds like you are still adjusting to retirement, with the added frustration of the hand and knee. I’ll bet when they calm down you will find your rhythm, you’ll soon have some new “thoughts on weight loss” to share. In the meantime, I love seeing your quilts!

    Sophie is so photogenic! 😀 My favorite was the middle one, with her peeking from the blankies.

  9. Love love love the wedding ring quilt! And love how snuggly Sophie looks. Be patient with yourself. That hand will heal eventually. All in good time.

  10. Well, as you’ll note from my stale comment way down the page, several posts back, today I caught up with you. Have been busy with my orientation and first classes. I’m trying to be a good student.

    Thoughts, after reading several posts: 1. Didn’t realize that you, too, are radically limiting your grains. Or at least that’s what I’ve deduced. If so, Hooray! I have a kindred spirit. At first that felt weird to me. My body really craved grains, but now I’ve adjusted and am feeling better, especially in my joints. Good luck to you on your quest to avoid a joint replacement. I have a gut feeling I’m going to have to get one. (Cue “Jaws” theme music.)

    2. I’m so excited that you have an Etsy site! As you know, I love, love, love your quilts. So much character and soul. I don’t have occasion just now to buy one, but I’ve filed the idea in my mental cabinet. I didn’t notice an Etsy link button on your main page. Can you do that? If so, please do, so when I get my “eureka” reason to buy I’ll be able to get there.

    3. While I adore the queen (who is beyond adorable in today’s series) and the handsome Noah, Mr. Monk needs to get over his camera aversion, or something. I love him so. Every picture. And he’s not in as many as the other two.

    4. Prayers with you as you continue to recover from surgery. It can be frustrating how slow our bodies recover now. My 14-year-old gets a scratch and it seems like I can just stand in place and watch it knit together and heal.

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