A Day in the Life of… The Monk

It has been brought to my attention recently that The Monk has gotten short shrift on the blog.  You guys are sworn to secrecy–DO NOT TELL THE OTHER TWO DOGS THIS–Mr. Monk is one of my ALL-TIME favorite dogs.  All time.  And believe me, that is a lot of dogs–over 70 if my count is correct (I used to raise and show dogs.)  So I decided to follow The Monk around for 24 hours and let you in on why there might not be so many pictures of him on the blog.  I tell you the truth, these were taken over a 24 hour period, and all of them are of completely separate events.  I took over 70 pictures to document this day–aren’t you glad that I thinned them down to the most important events?

Let’s see.  The day started at about 3pm yesterday afternoon.  I was probably looking at the computer or reading, so Monk was in the bed under the desk getting a good chew in.

Chewing is actually hard work, so after a short while he takes a little break.

He spends almost every evening in “his” chair.

And every night I pick him up and carry him upside down to bed (this was a hard picture to take, because The Monk probably weighs 20 pounds and I usually carry him with both arms–had to balance him in one arm and try to snap the pic with the other!)

Bright and early the next morning its time for breakfast.  Of course, her Majesty has been tapping back and forth between the chair where I am reading, her crate, and the kitchen for at least an hour, TRYING to communicate to me that IT IS TIME TO EAT ITISTIMETOEAT EAT EAT EAT WE MUST HAVE FOOD STARVING DOGS HERE HAVEN’T EATEN FOR DAYS WEEKS MONTHS FEEDUSFEEDUSFEEEEEEEDUS!!!  As you can see, when I finally get up to fix their food, Monk waits patiently like the gentleman he is.

After breakfast we all head outside to “take care of business.”  Monk stands by the front door insisting he doesn’t have to “go potty.”

Finally, he ambles over to the yard.  He is a man of action once he gets going!

Back inside for the morning chew while mom checks her email.

When I move to my quilting table, Monk likes to position himself under that table.  He discovered this place, and I gladly provided beds for them under there.

Lunchtime (at the computer) and he shares his bed with Sophie.

BACK outside for another potty break.

And a nice little siesta in the sunshine.  No need to overdo.

When I call the dogs in, the other two come racing.  Not Monk.  He carefully makes his way into the house, often walking the same pathway, just like the original Mr. Monk trying not to “step on the crack.”

And, tonight’s chew, after dinner.

And this last picture is just one of the reasons I love this little man so much.  He very willingly gives up the place of honor to Her Majesty 95% of the time.  But every evening when I am laying on the sofa, after a while he gets off his easy chair and comes over and politely ASKS if he can get in my lap for a little while.

So there you have it.  A special sneak peek into the life and times of a very special dog.  (and BTW, I realize I have given you more of a sneak peek into the reality of my humble abode than I normally would have.  All in the name of good journalism I suppose.)

12 thoughts on “A Day in the Life of… The Monk

  1. What a wonderful post Debby! I giggled out loud when i saw that pic of Mr. Monk upside down. He must really love and trust you. Thank you so much for brightening my day so early in the morning. Its bound to be a great day! Hugs! deb

  2. Love this! See, isn’t retirement fun! You’d never have had time for a post like this. And BTW, I love the insider look at your place. Looks so comfortable. And what’s that in the bowl we got a glimpse of in one of the first pictures?

  3. All I can say is it’s a good thing the Queen doesn’t have access to the internet – she would be crushed! (notice I did not say she can’t read – of COURSE she can read!)

    OK, I actually have more to say. Surprised? LOL

    The upside down picture of Mr. Monk is awesome. That is one relaxed dog! Also, he trusts you implicitly. So sweet. And I absolutely get Sophie’s food dance. What if you FORGET to feed her?!? It might happen. It could! 😉

    Jackie used to do that same “potty denial” thing – like it’s such an inconvenience. Cracks me up that he takes the same slow path back to the door. He’s quite confident that you’re going to wait for him, and I like that.

    Love the nighttime couch snuggle. He needs his mom time. What a sweet pup.

  4. That is such a sweet post. I didn’t know he was your favorite (and I’ll take that secret with me to the grave!). How wonderful that you adopted a senior dog thinking of doing him a kindness and in turn he has exceeded your original gift. I love when life turns out like that.

    • Well, I don’t know exactly how to explain this–I don’t think he’s my favorite of the three, I think I love them all equally. But he is such an unexpected pleasure, and so good (and being a good dog is BIG in my books) that he has made the ALL TIME favorites list. Does that make sense?

  5. I will say the Mr. Monk has always been my favorite. I think he knows full well that he came into a very good home and seems to be enjoying his ‘retirement’ years very much!

  6. Guess what Thing 2’s bedtime story was tonight? 🙂 She had been feeling kind of tired and moody, and this cheered her right up. Thank you, Blog Angel-with-a-Pug! Although, much as we enjoyed reading about a day in the life of Mr. Monk, it was the part about Sophie doing her food dance that got the giggles and “read that again, Mommy!” Looooove the Monkey Man!!!

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