Turning the Day Around

I had an extra busy week (for me.)  A few too many appointments.  And out after dark two nights in a row?  Unheard of.  So today was an “at home” day.  I felt like crap when I got up.  Everything just aches.  I don’t know if its the changing weather (which I am loving)  or just some weird clinging damage that I did to (apparently) both legs.  Anyway, I just took it easy this morning.  Ooh, I tried a new recipe–most worthy!  Katie calls it Pumpkin Bread in a Bowl.  I only changed one thing–I used 1/2 cup of almond milk and 1/4 cup of eggbeaters.  I liked it so much I tried to make an “improved version” for lunch.  I tried replacing the cereal with my oatbran/flaxmeal mix.  I didn’t like this as much, but it stuck with me a lot longer.  I might experiment a little bit more.

I pulled out a big quilt that I hadn’t finished quilting before I had to take a break for my hand surgery, and did quite a bit of work on it.  And then I headed down to the gym to take a swim.  I really had to talk myself into this.  But I wanted to get a few groceries for my cooking for spa week tomorrow (ever notice how food is always the deciding factor for me?)  On the way down I started to get sad, or down.  Just a vague feeling.  Maybe because the body aches make me wonder if this is going to be the way it is from now on, or maybe just missing my dad catching up with me.  Or maybe the stars just weren’t aligned quite right.  Whatever.  But I just continued on and got in the pool and did my thing.  Nothing hurts too much in the pool.  I kept swimming until the spa cleared out.  Oh my goodness.  That spa felt so magnificent.  All those lovely little bubbles.  It felt like I was getting a special treatment on every little ache and pain in my body!   And for a while after I got out, everything felt good again.

The doggies and I all went out for a little stroll after dinner (believe me, when Monk’s along, there is no cardio effort involved.  A stroll is all we get.)  And I just made a batch of Roni’s version of Katie’s Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Dip.  I love Katie’s recipes, but sometimes they are a little calorie dense for us umm, well, those of us who DON’T have a problem putting weight on LOL.  So Roni slimmed the recipe down just a bit.   I’m going to have a bit as soon as I get done writing this blog.

And  hey!  Does everybody know about the Shape Best Blogger Awards?  Several of our friends have been nominated, but at the top of my list is BBB (Best Blog Buddy) Jill!!  Go on over and vote for her now!  Jill is the one who got me into this blogging in the first place, and we’ve been buds through thick and thin (LOL) ever since.

I’m thinking about getting these knee bands to tide me over.  My brother swears they are the best thing out there.  Anybody have any experience with this brand?

8 thoughts on “Turning the Day Around

  1. Ooooooh, how was it?!? I’m going to try it for sure this weekend. I’m chucling to myself, because its almost the same as spackle, but with beans instead of oats!

    Oh, and “PDX” was my May trip to see my friend in Portland. I did have a “semi spa day” on Wednesday- had taken a day off for appointments, and ended up getting a $5 buffet breakfast at Alice’s Restaurant on Skyline (yep, they had everything I wanted 😉 and going for a nice jog/walk during the break in the weather. Did you get a lot of rain, too?

    The Shape thing…wow, it’s thrilling how many great blogs I know got picked! Voting is almost like trying to decide which of my kids I love best…good thing we have more than one computer around here…

  2. LOL at having more than one computer to vote with! think of what I could have done had I still been working–we had over 50 computers in the unit. And if I had been ‘action nurse’….well, just sayin’.

    Yep, you and me figured out it was like smooth cookie dough as compared to textured cookie dough. I think I might like spackle better. That’s probably because of my bean sensitivity. This stuff was pretty fun though. Of course I added a few walnuts to it. I also really like Katie’s combo of dates and walnuts ground up to make the ‘dough.’ Again, that stuff is pretty pricy calorie-wise.

    And yes, we got a ton of rain. Really makes things nice around here!

  3. I have been having fun voting. It’s funny how so many of the blogs are in the circle that I comment on!

    I am just not a fan of those blended, refrigerated breakfast oats/cookies/breads or whatever they are calling them. Too mushy. I like a little chew with my breakfast and I don’t care for the cold stuff. If I want cold, I have yogurt. Then again, I have always been a bit picky!

    I hope you have a great time at Spa Week! Self pampering is something we really should do more often.

    • Oh that’s funny–when I took a bite, I thought, “Lori would love this!” How bout that? You DON’T like EVERYTHING pumpkin!

  4. I’m glad that the swimming/spa helped your aches – score one for exercise! 🙂

    One of the runners in our group had some knee pain and after he rested for a week, he showed up to this morning’s run wearing a knee band – said he felt great with it. I wore one years ago and it rolled down my leg – but I was MUCH bigger and I know that the XL was too small. So actually, I’m no help with this! Have you seen a doctor about your knee pain recently?

    • LOL at the band rolling down your leg, cause that’s exactly what I thought about too!

      I haven’t seen the doctor yet. About 5 years ago, I had something that seemed really bad happen to my knee, and after much examination, nothing came of it and it resolved itself. So this doesn’t seem as bad, even though it is hanging on. Its in the back of my mind though.

  5. Thanks for the shout out Debs!! 🙂

    I say try the knee band and see what happens. I probably won’t make things worse, and if it helps then the cost is worth it. Are they expensive? I don’t even know, but I think getting rid of pain is a good thing!

    Sorry you were feeling down – it’s funny how something as simple as a few bubbles can uplift us!!

  6. I have been meaning to get over here for days! I am so glad that you are enjoying the tea, Debby. I appreciate you letting me know 🙂
    And as soon as I read the word ‘pumpkin’ my eyes perked right up. That sounds amazing; may have to try it in the morning. I’m a sucker for anything pumpkin!
    Have a great night.

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