Cooking and Preparing for Spa Week

Well, you all know I like cooking better than cleaning.  So I started with the cooking.  I got out all the vegetables I was planning to use:  carrots, onion, mushrooms, zucchini and summer squash, corn on the cob, and some chopped frozen tomatoes.

I have a regular way I cook these vegetables now.  I mean, I chop and cook them in a certain order, starting with the ones that require the longest cooking time, so I can get them in the pan first, and continue chopping and adding in order of needed cooking time.  First the onion went into the pan.  I used a big onion.  Then I decided I wanted to cook two different combos of veggies, so I split the partially cooked onions into two pans.  To one pan I added chopped summer and zucchini squash, and corn cut off the cob.  To the other pan I added mushrooms, and peeled zucchini and carrots.

After the veggies were all cooked, I cleaned one of the pans quickly, and then cooked the chopped sirloin.  I added half of it to the Spaghetti sauce withBacon that I had taken out of the freezer, and the other half I left in the pan to make into taco soup.  Added the taco seasoning and some chopped tomatoes that were in the freezer and about half of the already cooked chopped veggies.  The ‘peeled’ veggies are to use with the spaghetti sauce.

And then I realized I had enough food to feed an army.  And there is only me coming to this spa week.  Fortunately, my neighbor, who has given me most of my veggies all summer, is going through a bit of a tough time right now, and she had mentioned that she isn’t cooking much these days.  Bingo!  I called her and she was happy to take some of the extra food off my hands!

Anyway, probably some of you moms and other organized people are used to cooking in bulk like this.  But I don’t do it that often.  It was really fun, and I have plenty of food for at least a week, even after giving some of it away.  It took two hours from start to finish, and that included washing a lot of dishes.

Then it was on to housecleaning and clothes washing.

I felt pretty good all day today.  Planned what I was going to eat, and stuck to it.  In the afternoon I set out for a long walk with Noah, and we made the 3 mile loop.  We took the nightly ‘Monk speed’ stroll after dinner.  All this makes for a VERY RELAXED EVENING.

Noah has to rearrange the rug before he falls asleep.

Doesn’t Sophie have the cutest little pink belly?

And last, but not least, the FACE.

Spa week starts tomorrow!  I’m planning on long walks in the morning, and gym sessions in the afternoon.  I went ahead and ordered those knee bands and paid extra for one day delivery.  I forgot to get epsom salts for the bath, so will pick those up tomorrow–its so soothing to take a bath with that.  I have scented candles, Shelley!


8 thoughts on “Cooking and Preparing for Spa Week

  1. You were up late, young lady!

    I’m excited about your spa week! That was nice that you could share some food with your neighbor. I’m sure she appreciated it.

    Glad you got the knee bands!! I hope they help. I would love to take an epsom salts bath, but the only bathtub we have is in my kids bathroom. Clearing away all the barbies and plastic toys would totally kill any spa-vibe I had going – I haven’t had a relaxing soak in YEARS. Sad, I know.

    • Still chuckling about the barbies killing the spa-vibe. Wow, you’re the opposite of me. For 9 years I lived in this house with ONLY a bathtub.

  2. Glad you are set with the scent! 😉

    I used to cook in bulk and it was a very satisfying feeling, at the end of a tiring cooking session, to know that I wouldn’t have to cook for many meals, thanks to that effort. You sure were energized yesterday – I find that the idea of prepping veggies just wears me out. Nice that you have everything ready!

    Hope you have a wonderful spa week and I also think part of it should include cuddling each of your sweet pups – they are so adorable!!!

  3. That is a lot of food and how nice of you to share that with your neighbor. I usually only cook bulk proteins up ahead of time – or caramelized onions.

    The FACE – Love!!!

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