Its Official…I’m Pooped.


Me and Noah near the end of the long walk today.  (no makeup allowed at Spa Week)

We were both pretty pooped at this point.  But let me go back to where I last left you.  I believe I was on my way to the gym yesterday afternoon.  As usual, I completely forgot that the pool is closed between 1 and 3pm for physical therapy.  This turned out to be a good thing, because it forced me to go upstairs and FACE THE MACHINES.  Hadn’t been near them since before my hand surgery.  And guess what?  I had a great workout!  50 minutes.  Lighter weights than when I left off, but not bad.  I also went in the free weights room BEFORE ANY  MEN SHOWED UP and did 3 sets of 10 reps of bench chest presses with the bar–go me!  That was the true test of my left hand working.  The machines didn’t really use my palm that much.  The other thing I did that extended my workout time was to get on the stationary bike and bike for 3 minutes between each exercise.  I really like doing that, but seldom take the time to do it.  Then it was time to get in the pool.  I only lasted 20 minutes running in the pool and swimming IN THE RAIN.  Then I got in the spa–its like the carrot that gets me into the pool in the first place.  And can you believe it, the bubbles would not turn on?

Last night’s dinner (taco soup with fresh tomatoes, cilantro, and avocado added):

The obligatory candles were lit in the evening.  Haven’t quite coordinated the bath by candlelight thing yet.

Today was as bright and sunny as yesterday was cloudy and rainy!  I decided to change things up a bit, and start the walking with all three dogs.  Here’s the scene that greeted  us.

Sophie was not amused by the wet roads.

The queen prefers her paws to remain mud free.

Practicing her queenly domination.

Mr. Monk didn’t seem to mind the mud:

"Its all good."

This is about my only attempt at planting flowers this year.  These are on the back deck.

THIS is why I haven’t planted much in the front yard.  (can you see he is sitting in one of my planting barrels?)

THIS is why I can't garden in the front yard...

After taking a short walk with the little guys, we brought them home.  I took a short break and ate my mid-morning snack and headed out with Noah for the long walk.  It was LOOONNNNGGG.  But we made it.  Also, surprisingly, my legs are feeling better and better.   And that’s before I’ve even gotten those knee bands.

As soon as I hit publish, I will be off to the gym for a long swim session.  If I can make myself do it, I plan to get on a stationary cycle for about 20 minutes before hitting the pool.  And then, once again, I will be done for the day.

Here’s today’s menu:

  • Breakfast:  Gluten free blueberry scone.
  • Mid-morning snack:  Greek yogurt and granola
  • Lunch:  Spaghetti sauce over veggies, and honeydew melon
  • Afternoon snack:  Banana apricot oatmeal bar
  • Dinner:  Green smoothie, sweet potato fries, and tomatoes
  • Dessert:  Gluten free Coconut cashew cookies by Vicky






Spa photo (I’m wearing that shirt that I got that says “DO SOMETHING” for the first time!

18 thoughts on “Its Official…I’m Pooped.

  1. The Queen says it’s not so much the muddy paws that bother her as it is the wet tum-tum.

    I love how she’s “holding” Noah down – my gosh, that boy has big paws!!! His sits are so funny. He really makes me laugh, and that first shot of the two of you? He’s got a bit of the white-eye going, like “is she gonna keep walking?!?”

    You really are Doing Something. Love watching your spa week unfold! 🙂

    • See? This is the real reason I put my dogs on the blog–so I can get your interpretation of what they are doing! You are SO right about Sophie’s poor little bald tummy. I do feel bad for her sometimes. I’m working on making her a little ‘bathroom’ under the eaves so she won’t have to get wet this winter!

      And Noah and the white eye–he is very distrustful of my posed shots, where I want to kneel next to him. ‘Inappropriate position.’

    • Aw, thanks Cammy. I actually don’t wear much makeup, because I’m allergic to most of it. But I look a little washed out with nothing on.

  2. Hi there. I’m new to your blog — it comes highly recommended from reliable sources. 😉 Anyway, that taco soup looks wonderful. What a great idea!!

  3. Well done on that great exercise! I laughed a bit when you wrote about going into the free weights before the men came, that’s always been my strategy too! Whenever one of the buff and bloated fellas arrive, I feel awkward and find something else to do! :p

    Lovelovelove your dogs! I desperately want one myself, and I have to tell you I flat out giggled when I realized which on is Mr.Monk! What a brilliant name 😀

    • Hi MargieAnne! Wow. I wasn’t FEELING sparkly, but I’ll take it LOL. I think it would be great to have a Spa Week in New Zealand!

  4. That photo of Sophie and Noah cracks me up!! She’s actually doing a Queen pose there!! She looks like she’s saying “wait, wait, get my regal side!”

    I love the little bird next to your candles. I like fat round birds like that. 🙂

    I have often wondered if I would take better care of my skin if I couldn’t wear makeup – I think I probably would. I love the idea of no makeup for spa week!!

  5. I just never get tired of your puppy photos. They all look so darned adorable. And go YOU for getting your exercise in! All three dogs?? You should get a medal for that one.

    • They are actually pretty well behaved on walks. Noah on one side, Mr. Monk and Sophie on the other. Controlled sniffing is allowed!

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