And One More Thing…

Can I just rant about one more thing?  That new catch phrase that’s being bandied about hither and yon–“The wheat you’re eating is not the same wheat that your parents and grandparents consumed.”  PEOPLE.  SCIENTIST PEOPLE.  DOCTORS EVEN.  Do I really really need to tell you this?  NOTHING you eat is the same product your parents and grandparents ate.  All those perfect fruits and vegetables in the market?  NOT the same.  That pork chop?  Definitely NOT the same. Oh, and those chickens?  I’ve witnessed them stumbling along and falling over in the sun.  NOT the same.

Oh, and while I’m at it?  Can I tell you that the horses we race, the purebred dogs we love, and for sure some of those crazy show cats are NOT the same.

Man is involved in the production of all of them, and he has a sinful (and selfish) nature.  Oh, and before you think its only the producers with the sinful nature, rest assured that we consumers are also endowed with that same sinful nature.  We want what we want when we want it.  And we don’t want to pay too much for it either.

I like my perfect little fruits and vegetables.  I like my perfect salad in a bag.  I like my $1.99/pound boneless skinless chicken breasts.  Hey there’s an idea.  If you could raise chickens without feathers or skin it would be even cheaper for me.


7 thoughts on “And One More Thing…

  1. Wooo Go Debby!! Get your rant on!!

    “We want what we want when we want it.” That’s why there are things like credit card debt and the HCG diet. Most folks just aren’t patient enough to get things by saving up or working out/eating less.

  2. I’ve wondered to myself (and aloud) about such things. I’ve often thought to myself that the Bible doesn’t refer to a land of “skim milk and honey” and bread is called the staff of life and salt is definitely a good thing. After watching Forks Over Knives (and enjoying it by the way) I said to my daughter that for me it’s going to have to be moderation in things that some consider evil.

  3. ::stands up and applauds:: BRAVA, Debby, brava!!! I love your common sense. More people need to get some of this instead of jumping on the latest bandwagon (juicing is another trend that is starting to drive me crazy).

  4. LOL Rant away! My newest peeve is people who think going “gluten free” is going to magically make them lose weight. Someone was recently raving about the GF pasta and the GF cookies and the GF crackers, etc., she’d just bought. Meanwhile, I just sat there munching on my apple ($0.99/pound at Kroger) and smiling on the inside. 🙂

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