A Little Quilting and Some Seriously Good Food

Ahhh.  Back to normal, talking about what I do best–quilting and food.

Here’s dessert from a couple of nights ago–fantabulous.  Apple topped with a wedge of laughing cow lite, walnuts, and those little things are some cinnamon chips.  Yummy.  This made me think of all the crazy fancy caramel apples that are out there ($9.99 at the grocery store the other day!)  You could make your own lower calorie version any number of ways!

I was in a little quilting stall.  Couldn’t quite figure out what direction to go it after my spa week and the big quilt show.  Decided the best thing to do was to finish a project.  This is the little quilt  (probably 14″X16″) based on the drawings by the little 8 year old girl that I sponsor through Compassion.  She is quite the artist and I hope to make more of her drawings into quilts as she grows!




This next food pictured is so scrumptious–my new favorite fall food.  I used the base of Katie’s recipe for “Pumpkin Bread in a Bowl.”  After trying it, I realized I loved the liquid part, but don’ t really want to eat cereal that much.  I used her recipe as is, except for using 1/4 cup  eggbeaters and 1/2 cup of almond breeze.  I guess that means I didn’t use her recipe as is and should publish my own.  Maybe later.  Anyway, it is kind of a thick liquid, like a dessert soup, and then floated some greek yogurt in the middle and topped with pumpkin granola.  Last night, I eliminated the yogurt and just had the ‘soup’ topped with granola for dessert.  Serious yummmm!

Yesterday morning I did some batch cooking.  Its always fun to try a new recipe.  In my never ending quest to TRY to like bean creations, I had bookmarked this recipe.  It is very different than what I usually would do myself, and I really had to talk myself into making it instead of another chocolate chip type creation.  These are Healthy Cookies with Rosemary, Raisins, and Chickpeas.  And this time I followed the recipe.  Oh, wait.  I had to substitute some stuff cause I didn’t have what it asked for.  Basically, had to make some nut butter before I even started–had a bag of cashews in the cupboard.  Saved 1/4 cup to chop and add to the balls, and made cashew butter for the recipe.  I also didn’t have rice flour, so used oat flour.  And, I decided to try peeling the beans, to see if that made a difference.  Because one of the reasons I don’t like beans is the texture.  Anyway, these were a HUGE SUCCESS.  Really quite wonderful.  I love the texture.  The rosemary is very mild, and the raisins are just the right additive.  I can see using this base recipe to make a lot of other ‘cookies.’  They remind me of shortbread.


Here’s the question, though.  They are not calorie free, due to the nut butter, and the generous additives of raisins and nuts.  180 calories per ball.  Sometimes I make/eat something like this and I think, why are you doing this.  A cookie of a similar size would be about the same amount of calories.  And then I think, well, you are never happy with one cookie, and besides when you eat this, you are actually eating something that is nourishing for you.  What do you all think about this?

18 thoughts on “A Little Quilting and Some Seriously Good Food

  1. oh WOW! These look amazing! I love the chocolate additions (uh – yum!) and so glad they worked for you! The great things about this is its fairly forgiving since its not really chemistry-like-baking. Beautiful balls – beautiful needlework! Thanks for the kind mention 🙂

  2. I am in love with the little quilt – so impressed with how you can take a child’s drawing and turn it into something dimensional and so artsy! That would be cute to display with the actual drawing framed next to it.

    I’m with you on the “healthy” version of treats – many ARE nearly as high in calories as the regular versions, and unless you have a diet restriction (like gluten), I say just go for the regular treat…but you know I never bake and keep treats in my house (not even the freezer) because I just can’t stop at one…so I only have treats when we go out (and most of the time I even split them with Jeff).

    • Well you kind of inadvertently answered the question for me. I really do love baking, and this kind of recipe fills that need without having a freezerful of cookies that I can’t stay away from. So I guess I’ll continue my quest for the perfect healthy cookie!

  3. The quilts.. oh my. What a gift you have! I would love to learn one day, but it seems so very difficult! 🙂

    As for the treats.. I steer clear. I know that I can’t stop at one, or two – or even three.. so I have to stop full stop. Maybe some day in the future I can change that, but not yet. 🙂

  4. Yummy looking food. 🙂 I FINALLY tried your homemade yogurt yesterday and it is great. Not only does it taste good but it was so easy and one dish. I probably will retire my little yogurt maker now. I’ve gotten my money’s worth out of it having used it for two years and it was only $18. Thanks for the recipe.

    • Oh I’m so excited someone tried my yogurt recipe and it worked and they liked it! I have been eating store boughten yogurt for a few weeks now, and can hardly wait to make my own again next weekend.

  5. I adore that quilt!!
    The design, colors, textures… all of it. So full of life and joy.

    I agree, definitely include the original drawing when you display it. I love art that has a “story” about it. And it reminds me of one of my favorite things, crewel embroidery. Love it!

  6. Okay seriously…I want that quilt on my daughters’ wall. It is just so cute and whimsical!!! I’m pretty sure I couldn’t afford to pay you what you deserve for that quilt, but if you ever decide to let go of it, I want first dibs!! 🙂

  7. With the cookie thing, I think it really depends on how you view the cookies. Are “healthy” ones you are more likely to eat a lot more of because you think they are better for you (and then consuming more calories anyway)? Or do you truly love the taste of them. Sometimes I really like those sub things, like my coconut biscuits and protein waffles, all on their own merit and not just because they are some how better, even though calories are the same as a similar product.

    Oh, and those cinnamon chips? Really good on oatmeal that you cook some apples and craisins in. Just sayin’

    • LOL at the cinnamon chip suggestion. I’m sure I would have come up with that one on my own eventually. Those things would be good on just about anything!!!

      And yeah, you know it has to taste good for me to be bothered eating it. I’m not as tempted to overeat them. I have to be careful not to have too many in the house though. Too many choices makes me want to sample all of them every day…

  8. Another beautiful quilt, Debby!

    Some recipes I won’t bother with, because the “healthier” version is really just a lower calorie treat, without much nutritional benefit. I’d rather just go for the higher calorie indulgence than go through the trouble. 🙂 Some things, though, like my version of a pancake recipe Lori gave me, are worth making and enjoying both for the flavor and the health push.

  9. Love love love the quilt. Won’t your sponsored child feel so special that you considered her art worthy of memorializing? Great idea!

  10. Was that wool in your quilt? I’m in love with wool! I haven’t used it much but I want to. Have you see Sue Spargo’s quilts? She has a blog check them out…

    • Yes! Its wool. I have quite a ‘stash’ of wool, due to my sideline hobby of rug hooking. I plan to do more with wool in the future. Yes I know and love Sue Spargo’s quilts. I’ve got to put her blog on my list to check up with occasionally!

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