Me and Exercise and a Little Goal

So since spa week, I have been exercising a little more.  I have declared war on the flies (or is it a peacefire, I’m not sure.)  Anyway, I cannot walk through them any more.  The other day I looked down and Noah was blinking his eyes to keep the stinkin’ flies at bay and I thought, he’s not enjoying this any more than I am.  So we take a short 20-30 minute walk just before it gets dark.  And even then there are some crazy kamikaze flies trying to get in my mouth.

So, I have been going to the gym a little more.  I have discovered the joys of the exercise bike (especially while watching the Food Network LOL.)  More swimming, and more time in the weights room.  And  the biggest change is that I am back to exercising in my living room.  Pretty much ever since joining the gym, I haven’t exercised at home.  But there are lots of days I just don’t want to drive to the gym (its a 25 minute drive.)  So the Queen and her Bodyguard have to go outside for a while (the Court Jester is already out there,) and I do mostly bodyweight exercises, as well as using those dumbells that have been living under the woodstove for the last two years!

My knee is definitely on the mend, and last week I was thinking and walking and somehow my age came up.  I will be 57 in a month or so.  That is darn close to 60.  Can you believe it?????  Anyway, so far I have not had any crises about turning a certain age, but I have heard from some of my friends that 60 can be traumatizing.  And I thought, what if I could turn 60 and be just a bit more fit than I am currently?  Cause I am pretty fit right now (knee notwithstanding.)   To be a physically fit 60 YEAR OLD WOMAN would be awesome.  So that is my little goal.

Now that I am back to exercising a bit more, I realize (again) that I like how I feel.  Yes, I am sore and stiff, but it is a good sore and stiff.  If I don’t exercise, I am still sore and stiff, but it is a VERY BAD, crippled old lady sore and stiff.  I’ll take the former, thank you.


14 thoughts on “Me and Exercise and a Little Goal

  1. I have the same irony with watching Food Network while on the elliptical at the gym. It’s funny, isn’t it? Happy to see a post about someone else thoroughly annoyed by bugs outside. I love the outdoors, but I hate bugs, goopy sunscreen, and being hot. Those are pretty big obstacles.

    • LOL at your obstacles. I don’t like to be hot or to sweat either. And I am thinking that as soon as it is cold enough for the flies to disappear, I will be complaining about how cold it is outside!

  2. What’s up with the flies?!? How nice that you noticed Noah was bugged by them as well…somehow, knowing that it’s not just you helps, you know?

    How cool that a lasting effect of spa week is more exercise! And I completely agree with you about being a fit person, no matter what age (although 57 is a long way from 60!). Ageless, fit, healthy and happy…that’s all I want. And a pony.

    • Oh these little flies, I presume they are from the deer. But they don’t bite, just try to get into your mouth. Ick. Yes, it helps a great deal that at 2 years old, Noah has turned into an 80% couch potato. LOL, he would LIKE to be a couch potato. He is a floor potato.

      Yes, I agree, that is what I hoped spa week would do–give me that jump start that I needed. And thank you for saying 57 is a long way from 60. You are my new best friend.

      “And a pony.” LOLOLOL

  3. I just read a great quote: “I’m not as young as I used to be, and not as old as I’m gonna be, so I might as well enjoy life now.”

    What we need is a slogan. I used “fit by 50” when I was in loss phase. I’m not sure what works for 60. There’s “sexy by 60”, but that implies you’re not sexy now. What’s a fitness S-word? Or we could just cheat and go with ‘Fitter by 58’ and let 60 slide on by. 🙂

    • Ha! I tried to look up similar words to ‘fit’ in the thesaurus. The closest one to what I mean was ‘sound.’ Because that word has a lot of meaning to me from my time in the world of dog showing. How ’bout sprightly LOL. Sturdy? Stalwart? It goes downhill from there. Uncrippled. Non-disabled. Oh brother. I guess the thesaurus didn’t know we were referring to ourselves at 60, but really…

  4. That’s a bummer that the flies are keeping you indoors especially since pretty soon a lot of us will have no choice but to be indoors for exercise.

    I love your goal – I’m calling it Sexy Sixty! You can do it Debby.

  5. How ironic – I had already set a personal goal to be lighter and fitter by next spring when I’m going to get to spend some time with another blog friend!! LOL!!

    • Hmmm. You notice I did not say anything about ‘lighter’ in that goal up there. If it happens, that will be an extra added surprise splendiferous bonus.

  6. I hate the clouds of gnats, especially when biking as you never see them coming until you hit them and get a bunch in your mouth. Ick!

    I like your goal. Very doable, for sure!

  7. Just think after the first freeze the flies should be gone and you can get back to your walking routine. 🙂 Lifting weights and body weight exercises are always a good thing and so, so important. Hugs!deb

  8. I am SO glad to hear that your knee is on the mend. That will make exercising even that much easier. And your goal to be a physically fit 60 year old is the best attitude I’ve seen all day. Your age may be close to 60 but that body will say otherwise!!

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