It’s Friday!

Its Friday.  Wow.  That’s about all I’ve got to say around here.  My hand is fine.  In fact, if I had a third hand, I’d really have this whole recovery thing down pat.  Haven’t quite got a handle on the ‘feeling sorry for myself’ bit.

Anyway, after feeling morose for the better part of two days, I thought maybe I’d try to count my blessings?

1.  A storm  came in last night, and THE FLIES are gone!

2.  I can still walk.  And I am.  I’ve taken a walk every day this week, except the actual day of surgery.  Woo hoo for me.  Noah is especially thrilled, because he is getting pretty tired of the grumpy me.

3.  I am within 50 points of my bronze award on the Presidential Champions Challenge!  I’ve earned almost 40,000 points since April 27.  I guess I’ll keep going and try to get to the silver, and maybe even the gold.  Its a fun way to keep track of my exercise.

4.  For now I am the high bidder on a set of colored pencils on ebay.  We’ll see what happens tomorrow.

5.  I found a bunch of new free Dog Whisperer episodes to watch on the computer via National Geographic.

6.  ‘They’ are still paying me to stay home!  Amazing.

7.  Noah is still white, Sophie still loves me, and Mr. Monk is ever faithful.

I know there are a lot more serious things to be thankful for.  I just thought I’d share the silly things that make me smile in between being grouchy.



9 thoughts on “It’s Friday!

  1. I love that Noah looks like a rug at the foot of your bed!

    Hope you win the colored pencils – I haven’t bought anything from ebay in a long time, but I remember the thrill of watching my bid win. 🙂

    I haven’t watched the Dog Whispererererer for a few years – I should get back to it, although Paco may be sorry!

  2. I just reread my comment and realized that anyone who doesn’t understand the bonds created in BlogLand would think I’d lost my mind. But we all know that the comment made perfect sense.

  3. I kind of forgot about ebay. I am so hooked on amazon!

    Sorry you have a bit of the blues, but that list of all that is good in your life sure sounds pretty good!

  4. I hope you were able to score the colored pencils. LOVE it when I win an auction!
    …and Mr. Monk’s face – OMG, that is a dog with some serious attitude 🙂

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