Chilly and Chili

The weather has turned consistently cold around here.  Most days are bright and sunny, with highs in the 50’s and lows in the 30’s.  Cold enough that I keep the woodstove going pretty much all day long.  I tell myself that its good exercise carrying that wood in ONE PIECE AT A TIME…  stupid hands.  Not really.  I am very happy with how well they are working after having this surgery.  The very best, and most unexpected part, is how well I am sleeping.  I truly did not realize that all that discomfort I was having with my arms at night was due to the carpal tunnel.

Back to the topic at hand.  With the advent of the chilly weather, I have been hankering to try making some chili.  I didn’t have all the ingredients for some of the recipes I had bookmarked, so I did a survey of various chili recipes, wrote down all the possible ingredients I could include, and then made up my own recipe.  I was very pleased with the results.  The interesting thing I noticed was that I reverted to my old way of cooking.  No, not my OLD way of cooking–that would have been deep fried chili.  But the old way I learned to cook healthy, which is very low fat.  So in the end, when I analyzed the recipe, it came out to less than 150 calories per cup.  Crazy, huh?  I had it over half of a baked potato, with 3 little fresh mozzarella balls (60 calories) crumbled on top  (no cheddar cheese in the house.)  Again, very satisfactory.  And it ended up making 7 servings, so I have 5 servings safe in the freezer for when the chili urge hits again.  Oh, and you know what else I did?  I was thinking about trying out this recipe for Slumgullion, and I realized that the first ingredients were the same (lean ground beef, onion, garlic, peppers, chicken stock, and  tomatoes) so I separated part of it out before I added the chili powder and the cumin, and I saved to to make the slumgullion the next day.  That was a favorite comfort food of mine from my childhood.  It was immensely satisfying!  Got one more serving of that too!

In other news, I set a goal to go to the gym on this past Wednesday, as that would be a week after the surgery, instead of the ridiculous six weeks that I let pass after the first surgery.  You know how you don’t go for a bit and you get that gym shyness.  Anyway, I went, and I did the exercise bike for 20 minutes, and then went and worked out my legs on the machines for 25 minutes.  I was so happy to have done that.

Today I got my stitches out.  The doctor said no swimming for three weeks, and then told me some horror stories to make sure I behaved myself.  In the meantime, I have to decide if I am really going to swim in the winter, and if I want to invest $75 in a swim jacket.  They’re supposed to keep you from getting so cold in the pool, almost like a wet suit.

You know what?  I just ran out of energy and have been staring at the computer screen for an indeterminate period of time.  So I think I’ll bid you adieu and head off to bed.  Habanada!

12 thoughts on “Chilly and Chili

  1. Your last sentence cracked me up! The time change has done me in and I start staring off into space around 8 p.m. Finally drag myself off to bed at 9. Of course, the other side is that I’m up and wild at 5 a.m. Hopefully, this will moderate in a week or so although I kind of like being up so early. Mornings ROCK!

    I am so glad both of those surgeries are now behind you! My mom put off a hip replacement until two days after she retired. She had the surgery and never looked back!! That was 16 years ago and she still playing golf and doing water aerobics three times a week!

  2. Gym shyness – I know it well. So proud of you for getting back there sooner. And I guess it’s good that our doctors tell us horror stories and really try to delay our getting back to full speed, because there are times when I think “oh screw this, I’ll just go for it” – but then I get my brains back and return to caution. Soon, Debby, you and I will be like the Six-Million Dollar Man – better, stronger, faster!!!

    How nice that your sleeping has improved – nice bonus from the surgery! 🙂

    Can you send me a link to the swim jacket you’re looking at? I was cold yesterday in the pool.

  3. Debby, I don’t know if I mentioned but your blog is one I’m having difficulty commenting on but I have been reading – today I got lucky!

    The line about deep fried chili made me laugh out loud! I’ve been wanting some chili too but Paleo doesn’t allow beans so I’m holding off for now. Not sure how I’d like chili without beans. Would it even be chili? Ahhh the mysteries of life.

    I’m very interested in your surgery and progress. I’ve been having pain in my thumb joints for well over a year and Mr. Helen recently told me he thinks I may have carpal tunnel based on what happened to the Executive Assistant at his job. OY, I hope not!

  4. I made that mistake of going too low on fat in the beginning, too. For the “skinny” recipes (hate that term) that I actually like, I now know to include a salad with yummy dressing or a potato with a smidge of butter. it’s all about the balance, I guess.

    Good for you for getting back to the gym! I’ve been avoiding it in favor of sunny-day walking and massive leaf raking. 🙂

    Have a great weekend, Debby!

    • Yeah, that’s one of the reasons I didn’t include the recipe. It was satisfactory, but not outstanding. Very good on a day I want to indulge in some other fats, though!

  5. So glad your doing so well and feeling better. Hubby thinks he has carpal tunnel but the pain starts in his elbow and runs up his arm to his middle two fingers……..i’m not so sure thats what it is……but anyway……now you’ve made me think of chilli…. i make a turkey chilli thats out of this world, but my recipe is packed who knows where………Stay warm Debby Hugs!deb

  6. That Alton Brown Chili is soooooo goood. So good! I love chili without beans – that is really how it is supposed to be anyway.

    Hooray for better sleep. Isn’t it amazing what good sleep can do for you?

  7. I’ve never heard that recipe called Slumgulion before. I think we just called it chili-mac, but it was not cooked in our house very often.

    So glad that you are getting better sleep!!!!!!!

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