Just a Bit of This and That…and Some Color!

Happy Saturday all!  Hope you are having a fun and relaxing weekend.  We are having a VERY quiet day around here so far.  The troops are behaving themselves.  As soon as I get this written, I plan to take Noah out for a walk (just letting lunch digest!)

The other day I parked in my normal spot at the gym and when I came out I noticed that I was parked under the most glorious tree.  As it was a parking lot I couldn’t get a good picture of the entire tree, so I settled on taking some close-ups of the beautiful leaves.



Remember when I said I was the high bidder on some colored pencils on ebay?  Yep!  I won that auction.  I was pretty surprised.  I didn’t get them for free, but I did save about $40 off of the cheapest retail price I could find.  120 colors, and they come in a beautiful wooden box.  I am very happy with them!

Yesterday morning I opened the door to let the doggies out and this greeted me.  This is my oldest dwarf Japanese maple.  Its been with me as long as I’ve lived here–25 years!

Today I got in the mood to experiment.  This was wonderfully tasty.  Let’s see, shall we call it Chicken Broccoli Rice Casserole with a Lemon Yogurt Sauce?    250 calories for that bowl.

And while cleaning out the bottom of my book bag, I found a card that I got on my trip to Washington.  I thought I had left it on the plane, and was very upset, because I just loved the message!  I get cards like this and then frame them so I can look at them for a while.  This one kind of goes along with the discussion I was having with Jill the other day.  I am really trying to take a stand against comparing myself with others.  I don’t want to live like them, and it is just very tiring to be anxious about not living up to a standard that I don’t even want to live up to!

This poster that I ‘pinned’ the other day goes along with that same message to myself.

And just so ya know.  I still have up and down days with my food.  Like Thursday, the day I got my stitches out.  I had to wait over an hour to see the doctor (again) and I got anxious and wandered into the cafeteria.  It was almost funny.  I carefully examined the nutritional stats on all the baggies of candy and nuts that they had, and chose the one with the lowest calories per serving, and figured out that if worse came to worse, and I ate the whole bag, it would only be 600 calories.  So I didn’t eat the whole bag, but that day was definitely a day of overeating.  And then I’ll have a day like yesterday, where I plan each meal, eat exactly what I planned, and go to bed, satisfied, but not stuffed.

15 thoughts on “Just a Bit of This and That…and Some Color!

  1. I love both the pictures and the messages. I too am going up and down on my meal planning (or lack thereof). Yesterday was not a very good day for me but today I’ve planned everything and it’s a beautiful thing. Hope your weekend is the best. 🙂

  2. What great pictures! I love that card and the sentiment. Need to remember it, for sure.

    Your autumnal leaves pictures are so beautiful. And your Japanese maple? Stunning!

    Glad to hear the kids are behaving themselves. Sure makes life easier, right?

    The box of colored pencils look inspiring. Can’t wait to see what you do with them. Funny, I had the urge to buy a coloring book and a box of Crayolas the other day. That’s about my speed when it comes to art, lol!

    • Yes, getting this box of colored pencils was the ‘grown up version’ of the big box of colored crayons! Which I still have the urge to get once in a while!

  3. What a great “read” for first thing Sunday morning, particularly the poster “Everything I have . . .” Thank you! The leaves have been beautiful here, too (E coast) –and lasted a long time this year. RE: maintaining, keep fighting the good fight–there are lots of us in the same boat, and we keep on chugging, with various degrees of success. But the key is to keep on. Have a great week!

    • Can you tell me what variety/name of your maple…also…what time of year is the picture from? Early Spring, perhaps?

      • I don’t know the name of the lace leaf dwarf Japanese maple. The picture was taken in November.

  4. So many beautiful colors in this post. I love the rainbow of the pencils. Almost a piece of art in itself. You should just prop the box open on a shelf.

    I have a lot of up and down days with food. Some days are just snackier than others.

  5. One nice thing about having a 6 year old in the house is that crayons and coloring books are plentiful!! Yes, I get my color on every so often! 🙂

    LOVE that gorgeous Jap Maple. I miss the one we had at our old house, it was perfect. The one we have now is nice, but it’s just not the same.

    Maybe that’s why I’m tired all the time – I’m working too hard at trying to be normal!

  6. Thanks for sharing your gorgeous fall colors. We really did not have any this year and I have to say I did miss it. Stupid hurricane and early snow messed the foliage all up. I think this will be an interesting year weather wise – it’s 60 degrees today.

    I don’t even know what I would do with that box of pencils but they look so pretty I want them 😀

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