More Protein?

Here’s a thought process I’ve been going through over the past week or so.

First, I started thinking about eggs.  I wanted to eat more eggs.  Any of you who know me know that this is extremely unusual behavior.  I don’t really like eggs.  I like the shape of eggs.  I like that you can bake delicious things with eggs.  But I don’t like the flavor of eggs.  When I was a kid my mom used to get us to eat eggs once in a while by making eggie reggies.  Scrambled eggs with fried potatoes in them.

Then my brother heard this young man speak at his church.  He is a fitness enthusiast, so of course I had to check out his website.  Pretty nice, and I even listened to some of their podcasts.  I looked at their food plan, and then I looked again.  Man, those people like eggs.  When I looked again, I just realized it was a high protein diet.

THEN, Helen started her paleo challenge.  And other people have been talking about it on the blogs.  And then Kelly (I think) recommended this book to Helen.  So I was checking it out, and basically their theory is to balance your complex carbohydrate intake with protein intake.

All this to say:


Well, not really.  I had a few more thoughts swirling around.  Basically, that I could stand to add a little more protein to my daily diet.  And see whether or not it will decrease my snacking at times I am not really hungry.  We shall see.

In the meantime, I made the best batch of stew that I have had in years.  As you can see, this is plain and simple stew.  That’s how my mom made it growing up, and that’s how I still like it.  I have definitely slimmed down the recipe.  This bowl ended up being 300 calories.  I think the reason it was so tasty was that the beef was grass-fed, from some local growers.

Almost every day I walk outside a different Japanese maple has turned colors.  Here is another one, a little more orange than the first one I showed you (also in this picture.)

And here is a little one that has struggled for the past five years.  It is lime green in the summer.  But its leaves usually died in the summer heat before fall arrived.  I think this is the first year I have seen it turn.  Isn’t it a pretty lemony yellow color?   Now I remember, the name of it is Lemon Lime–maybe referring to its two distinctly different colors.

Well, once again I am too tired to write anything interesting, or even coherent, so I will leave you all and head for the bed AGAIN.


13 thoughts on “More Protein?

  1. eNow why would you think this ISN’T interesting and I found it to be totally coherent! I read something a long time ago about balancing protein with carbs whenever possible and have tried to incorporate that into my meals. I believe that it works in keeping hunger at bay for longer periods of time. In between meal snacking has never been a real issue of mine – if I eat that correct balance at meals, I’m good until the next meal. And thankfully, I love eggs any way you want to fix them!

  2. Should I be concerned that I found this entry to be entirely coherent?

    I love eggs in almost every form except coddled, poached, or baked. Everything else is good, though. 🙂 A couple of scrambled eggs with toast are a perfect filling breakfast (or dinner) for me, and I think it’s because of the balance of protein, carbs, and fat that it’s so satisfying. (Not to mention, that I make mean scrambled eggs.)

    • Now see, Cammy, that’s part of my problem. I have yet to master the scrambled egg. So it irritates me every time I make them that I can’t cook them as well as other people.

  3. Coherent to me too… maybe you wrote it in a special code for middle aged women? Ha!

    Balancing grain/potato/rice type carbs with protein and/or fat is actually low glycemic eating, which is what I intend to move to eventually. I had good success with low glycemic eating and weight loss in the past – so long as I actually ate like I was trying to lose weight! As with other styles of eating low glycemic does not make one immune to overeating of good for you food!

    I love to bake up potatoes for the week then chop a half of one in some scrambled eggs. So good. I imagine after I get a bowl of oats that will be my second non-Paleo breakfast lol!

    • I GUFFAWED when I read your comment about the special code!

      And oh yeah, I hear ya on it being possible to overeat good-for-you foods.

      I might have to try the baked potato trick. The way I do it (cause my mom did it) is to use leftover boiled potatoes (which I never have, so I have to boil specifically for the eggs) and then chop carefully into little triangle shapes and fry before adding the eggs.

  4. I love eggs. Last weekend, I cracked one egg into each of the cups of my muffin tin and baked them in the oven, then I made a breakfast sandwich with them (bacon and a biscuit – so good, but not so healthy). It tasted like a cross between a fried egg and a hard boiled egg. I liked it, so I’ll probably do it again. I need to add more protein too – it’s just that the carby stuff is so much more accessible and easier to prepare – which isn’t necessarily a good thing – but that’s why I tend to NOT eat more protein. It would be such a simple addition/change – just have to actually DO IT.

    I love your Japanese Maple forest!! So pretty!!

    • How bout pre-cooking chicken chunks or chicken tenders. Freeze and then grab one on the way out the door in the morning. By the time lunch has arrived, its thawed just right. I’ve done that a couple of times recently. Believe it or not, that’s what I took on the day of my surgery. I knew that I would want protein (before I had my froyo!) You can even buy pre-cooked chicken at Costco. Not sure of the cost though.

  5. You crack me up, and I understood every word. Helen must be right – you’ve broken the code of middle-aged-women-speak (although I’m not fond of that term, “middle-aged” – pfft to that!).

    I keep hard-boiled eggs on hand for a quick protein hit when I’m either busy or hungry but don’t want (or need!) to eat many calories.

    Your stew looks exactly like how I make mine, except for the peas – oh, I intend to use them, but I normally forget to take them out of the freezer until I’m halfway through my bowl.

    Grass-fed beef. I made meatloaf for my parents when I was there earlier this year and it was by far the best tasting meatloaf I’ve ever made. Good experience. Then when I was at Barbara’s a few months later, she cooked grass-fed steak, and I could not eat it. Now, it was pretty rare (which I usually like), but there was something about the taste that I couldn’t get beyond. So I’m reluctant to try it again. (I know, you wanted a comment left all about MY experiences, lol!)

    Love, love the different colors on the Japanese maples. What a treat!

    • I WISH I liked hard boiled eggs. I’ve had them once or twice and they are okay. Except I don’t like the texture of the whites. Oh, and I don’t like the taste of the yolk. Other than that they’re okay. I really like cracking the shell…

      Interesting about your grass fed beef experience. I’ve only had it twice too–had a steak before this, and it was excellent too. Also from the same growers. I wonder if there’s a difference in the grass they eat, or what?

  6. LOL at everybody’s comments about my coherency. I meant at the end when I stopped writing I was incoherent. So see, I really wasn’t able to convey what I really meant. AT THE END. Must work on making myself clearer.

  7. No problem with coherency here either! Guess we are all just smart women.

    Protein is great for controlling hunger, but I find I need fat with it, too. I loves me some eggs! The only thing I don’t like about eggs is if the whites are runny. I don’t mind runny yolks, but not runny whites.

    Side story, when I went to Japan 15 years ago, at the hotel we were served an “american” breakfast of scrambled eggs. The eggs were runny. Yuck! So when we put in our breakfast choice cards, we all wrote “well done” by the scrambled eggs. You should have seen the servers and kitchen staff trying to figure out what we meant! They did get it, though, and our eggs were fully cooked thereafter.

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