Lighter Fare

Just a quickie, to pass along a couple of new “recipes” that I’ve really enjoyed the past few days.  I put recipes in quotes because they were more assemblages than full recipes.  One was for my own version of chicken salad, which I realized today was “Chicken Waldorf Salad!”  So simple to make and so refreshing (and filling.)  Sorry, no pictures.  I’m not quite back in the groove since my return home.

The second was a VERY SIMPLE Asian Chicken Salad .  The very simple came in because I simply didn’t have too many ingredients to add to it.  I was really surprised at how very tasty this was.  I practically licked my plate.  And again, filling.

True to my exercise plan, I went to the gym Sunday and today (no, I didn’t get in the pool, Shelley.  I’m a wimp.)  I did have a great workout, both on the bike and on the weight machines.  It feels great to be able to use my hands on the machines and free weights again.  And yesterday I took the three mile loop with Noah.

Tonight is one of those rare peaceful nights.  I mean, I feel really really peaceful.  I picked up a new little quilt project and knew exactly what I wanted to stitch on it.  Monk was in his favorite chair, Noah was down for the count stretched out full length on the floor, and of course Sophie was very happy to be nestled right next to me on the couch.  I listened to the last session of Dallas Willard and John Ortberg.  My friends like to joke that I am in love with Dallas Willard.  Yes, I know how to pick ‘safe’ men.  70 year old married men.  Anyway, seriously, there is no one more challenging AND encouraging to me in my walk with Jesus.  This was a question and answer session on the topics of pain and suffering.  But the conversation ranged far and wide around those topics.  I had a little trouble with the videos, but no problem with the podcast.

Hope you all are having an enjoyable and peaceful after-Thanksgiving week.

A dog who knows the meaning of peace.

10 thoughts on “Lighter Fare

  1. I’m always looking for another chicken salad recipe as it’s one of my favorite things to eat. I’ll have to give your Asian one a try!

    Love a quiet peacful evening. Love.

  2. You can have Dallas. I’ll take John. Anybody that has the courage to write a book about being
    “normal” has my admiration. Especially when it turns out the book is about the fact that NOBODY is normal!!

    • LOL, I read “You can have Dallas.” this morning, and for a second I couldn’t figure out what you were talking about. I used to live near Dallas (the city.) Anyway, I am a huge fan of John Ortberg. One of his other books he wanted to subtitle “Dallas for Dummies.” Just love his humor AND his spirit. But Dallas is still ‘the man.’

  3. I love that shot of Mr. Monk – I don’t think I’ve ever seen him laying on his side like that…he DOES look zonked!

    Pool. Cold. I’m beginning to think I’m a warm-weather swimmer, so don’t feel bad about not getting in. This morning I spent almost the entire time (well, when I wasn’t worrying that I was going to be blown up by the new fire heaters they were trying to light – see, that building IS cold!) thinking about how long I had to swim before I could get out.

  4. Asian chicken salad looks YUM, Debby. Thanks for sharing. Love the fact that you were in the creative ‘zone’. I’ve had those peaceful moments where I could paint and never stop. They are rare, but it makes them extra special.

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