Official Results

And the official weight loss for one week of the Bobay plan?  Drum roll please….3.8 pounds!  Real weight.  Not Thanksgiving or travel weight.  (if I counted that it would be 5.2 pounds!)  I am hooked.  Especially considering I weighed myself all week long since I was worried I was eating too much.  With a little imagination, its not so hard to get that much protein in.  I am thrilled.  I haven’t lost that much weight in a single week since I first started dieting almost 7 years ago.

This week is my busiest week before Christmas.  After that its clear sailing.  Two birthday lunches out Monday and Tuesday.  Our sewing day party on Thursday (guess who’s bringing the salad!), and then I signed up for a small craft show with my quilts on Friday and Saturday.  I can bring my food to that, but there will be treats there.  My plan is to follow this plan except for the specific meals that I am eating out.  Most likely won’t be a loss this week (ya think?)  But if I continue to practice eating this way, it will start to become habit.  Today, being my real birthday (just a day at home) I still planned to allow myself a day off from dieting.  (BTW, please ignore my constant use of the word diet and dieting.  I am just using that word to describe that I am eating a little differently than my normal healthy ‘lifestyle’ type of eating.)Turns out I wanted to eat mostly what I had already been eating–with the addition of a couple of birthday treats.

Plus, I stuck to my exercise regime.  It feels so good to be back at the gym using the weight machines and free weights.  I am also liking the exercise bike more and more.  I think I just might be a fair weather swimmer.  Have not been able to make myself get in the water since mid-October.  I don’t want to spend $75 on a swim jacket if I’m not going in the water on a regular basis.

So today, I just wanted to RELAX.  That turned out to be a little difficult.  Started out with a lot more acitivity than normal in the neighborhood, which got Noah really riled up.  Then this afternoon, when it seemed things were settling down, the plumber showed up.  Oh man.  Noah does not like strange men clomping around on HIS property.  After the plumber left, I tried again to relax.  To relax WITHOUT LITTLE DOGS CLIMBING ALL OVER ME, and a big dog NOSING ME for attention.  Serenity now…

Here is the scene when I summoned my best Dog Whisperer impersonation.  I am sitting in the red recliner right next to them.

Awww.  She LOOKS sooo innocent, doesn’t she?

And here we go.  That’s enough relaxing Mom.

They win.  As usual.  (Please ignore the unflattering cameral angle.)

And so it goes.  Even though it was a ‘rest’ day, I got up, put the shoes back on, and took everybody out for a stroll.  No  cardio benefit from this one.  Unless walking in the COOOLD weather can raise your heart rate.  They all behaved nicely after dinner, which they usually do, so I have no complaints.


11 thoughts on “Official Results

  1. Happiest birthday, Debby!!! It sounds like you had a good one, even without quite as much relaxation time during the day. (And as for walks in cold weather, well, I think that they maybe burn a few more calories, because our bodies are burning them to keep warm? Of course, if that were true, I’d be less of a “fair weather swimmer” myself….)

    And glad your weight loss plan is working well for you and keeping you feeling satisfied, too! I think that it wouldn’t take me too many adjustments to do something similar…now just need to find a way to distract my Inner Toddler. Pity that “look, a horse!” doesn’t work anymore. 😉

  2. Hi Debbi!

    I love reading your blogs! I wanted to ask how to get information about Bobay plan? I have been to the website but have not seen where I can get more details about the plan and what to do. it sounds as if it is working so well for you and I am interested in getting on board. any info you can give me will be appreciated!

    Thank you,

  3. Looks like a nice relaxing day for the most part! And although I’m not a day late, Happy, Happy Birthday! I love the birthdays with no special agendas!

    Great news on the plan! How ironic that both of us “non-dieters” found and started something new within a couple of days of each other. And how wonderful that both seems to be working! I’m off to check yours out more closely!

    Enjoy your lunch today! Practice those well established good habits!

  4. Funny how just sticking to something – no matter what the plan – gets results. Huh whoda thunk?!

    Believe me, I know how excited you feel… pounds off are so much harder in mid life aren’t they?

  5. Have a happy birthday!!

    And congrats on the loss. Protein rocks. I am so excited to see all these great results on blogs lately, especially with what time of year it is!

    (LOL at serenity now… I say that a lot)

  6. Awww, your pups just LOVE you! If Sophie is the Queen, then you are the Queen Mother, beloved by all. Just look at the adoration on their faces! 🙂

    I am both thrilled and inspired by your weight loss – congratulations!!! What a great birthday gift, right?

    I think I’m more of a fair-weather swimmer than I realized – all I know, is that I sure enjoyed it a heck of a lot more when it wasn’t so dang cold in the mornings! Good on ya for connecting with the exercise bike. I’ll find my (new) love connection (there, I just dated myself) soon.

  7. HAPPY BIRTHDAY BIF!!! I’m glad you got to spend the day with those who love you the most!! 🙂

    You got a nice shout-out from Bobay Fitness on Facebook today! 🙂

  8. Happy belated birthday! sorry I didn’t see this sooner – was out of town and not checking blogs. Hope this is your best year yet!

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